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Sling recommendations - poss boba 4g or ergo?

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Poppytime Wed 27-May-15 08:47:46

Due dc2 end sept/early oct - dd1 will be just over 2 so definitely want a good sling for no.2, especially for first few months. Have been recommended the boba 4g and an ergo one - had the baby bjorn for dd1 and really didn't get on with it, it started to hurt my shoulders after about 15 mins and I barely used it. Want something that spreads the weight more evenly and more comfy/supportive for baby - any recommendations between these two slings or any other brands? I want to be able to use it from newborn ideally. Thanks in advance!

Indomitable Wed 27-May-15 08:59:47

DS is 4 and we still occasionally use the ergo I bought when he was 4 months. Best bit for me is the front pocket - just big enough for a spare nappy & small bag of wipes, meant we could pop out at short notice with nothing else (at some points, not in the early days. Also handy for spare pants and wipes later on!)

However, a friend has an ergo and says they've changed the waist belt on newer models, and it's not so comfy.

Friends have had Bobas and been v happy.

I recommend finding a local sling library and trying a few.

theowlandthebear Wed 27-May-15 16:52:36

Both are good slings, the ergo fits a bigger build better, so if you are petite you might find the straps slipping off your shoulders a bit. I love my Ergo until my baby weigh goes and then it is too big.

Slings hold their value well, so if you buy one and want to change it later on then you should get quite a bit of your money back.

Other good slings are Manduca: very adjustable, they come in more standard looking designs. Tula: bit like the ergo but fit a smaller build better. Rose and Rebellion: just really nice slings, bit simpler but they look really good. Connecta: really simple sling, they fold up really small which is great when your DC wants to walk.

The Manduca and the connecta fit from birth without you having to buy a newborn insert...I'm not sure about the R&R, the Tula and Ergo both need a newborn insert which is actually quite cosy.

ODog Wed 27-May-15 18:48:56

I have a connecta for my 1yo which is fab, but would reccommend popping to a sling library if you can.

maymow Wed 27-May-15 19:25:14

One big advantage of the Ergo 360 is that baby can face forwards (I don't think the Boba can do this). DD (7 months) absolutely loves facing out and seeing the world, she waggles her legs in excitement and we 'chat' away as her head is at chest height, it's lovely.

omama Wed 27-May-15 21:56:58

I cant comment on the boba or ergo as never had one, but could def recommend a close caboo for the first few months. its like a stretchy wrap but you pop it on like a tshirt, put baby in & tighten. The best bit is you can keep it on all day & pop baby in & out as necessary.

We moved onto a connecta but although quick to put on, wasnt very comfy for me. DD is 6 months & we now have a few wovens but mostly use a hop tye which is adjustable, fits from birth up to 2 years & is super comfy.

I'd def recommend visiting your local sling library to see what is comfortable for you. hth.

Indomitable Wed 27-May-15 22:00:25

Regarding the ergo fitting a larger build: I'm a size 8-10, not 'Tall', and it fits fine.

It doesn't fit DH particularly well, and he's a bigger person than I.

I think TheOwl's generalisation/individual experience doesn't hold!

Heard wonderful things about both the Connecta and Tula too.

theowlandthebear Wed 27-May-15 22:15:08

Don't know, perhaps it depends which model of ergo you have. It is sort of a well know generalisation though apparently, and not something I noticed as being a problem until I bought another sling and then had a comparison.

I wish the ergo did fit better as the front pocket is so handy!

Indomitable Wed 27-May-15 22:32:00

Mine's about 4 years old. Maybe I'm just super sturdy/strong or something!

Indomitable Wed 27-May-15 22:32:39

Although - after spending £90 on it I didn't go out and buy/try any others.

dairyfreequeen Wed 27-May-15 23:37:56

i have the boba 4g and love it, it does come with newborn insert and toddler straps but i had a caboo close for the first few months which id use for newborn again, its a lot more soft and snuggly, and washing machine tolerant! Im 5'8", size 16 and the ergo wasnt a good fit for me at all, so id recommend trying before you buy. Forward facing is often not recommend for the pressure it puts on the pelvis, pulling the baby up straighter than when theyre facing you but they can see a lot in a back carry, ds loves it!

JellyBellies Thu 28-May-15 08:10:09

Hi, I has the kinderpack when mine was newborn and I loved it! Trouble is you have to get it shipped from the US.

Poppytime Thu 28-May-15 18:49:41

Thanks all! So currently tempted after reading all this and online etc to be close caboo for first few months and boba 4g - too much? (Will need to justify 2 to DH!). DD was only 5.5lb when born (full term) so if this one is small too then I wouldn't be able to use the boba straight away I don't think but could the caboo? There also seems to be a cheaper Nct caboo out now - anyone got this?

Jenny1231990 Thu 28-May-15 19:28:22

I bought the ergo and infant insert for my dd who was born may14 I loved it until we had that mega heatwave, I found it to hot to carry her round and the insert made her uncomfortable and far to warm it's quite padded,be great in winter though. I fell pregnant fairly quickly after having her and cannot wait to use it with again but am considering a sling for the early days and for when the weather gets warmer with my newborn,Then il use the actual ergo once she's around 4months, weather should be cooling down by then.
I personally found it confortable, pocket is handy too. I was a size 12 after having her and fitted fine, room to make it bigger and smaller.
A lot of fakes around I got mine from john Lewis in the end x

Indomitable Thu 28-May-15 19:59:06

If we have DC2 I'll leave our Ergo till 4 months or so and use a wrap. Calin Bleau (I think) do some very lightweight wraps which are good for hot weather. Should we actually get any this year!

Indomitable Thu 28-May-15 20:00:02

Here they are: Gauze wraps

omama Thu 28-May-15 20:16:48

Poppytime - re justifying 2 to your dh - the great thing about slings is that most hold their value pretty well so when you're finished with them you can sell on for close to what you paid. Also you could consider buying preloved. Theres a great fb group called 'Affordable slings for sale or swaps' where you could easily pick up either of those slings.

omama Thu 28-May-15 20:17:57

sorry its 'Affordable baby slings for sale or swap'

HeadDoctor Thu 28-May-15 20:23:44

I had a Moby stretchy wrap til baby was 6 months. Now we have a Boba4G. I wasn't sure I'd like buckles as I loved wrapping but it's great. I highly recommend it.

TheABC Thu 28-May-15 20:24:38

I had a stretchy wrap from eBay for 20 quid that DS loved, as a baby. I now use toddlerhawk mei tai and put him on my back. Another vote here for the sling library.

Bohemond Thu 28-May-15 20:35:11

Vote for boba here. I have the organic cotton green one (I borrowed a black one from the sling library but it seemed to attract fluff). The boba is fleecy canvas so very comfortable for DS who has been in it from 3 months and for me. I can work at the computer in it as well as wash up and take the dogs for a walk - a good all rounder and pretty!

cookiefiend Thu 28-May-15 20:50:02

Just to throw another option into the mix- I love my lillebaby complete. Can do front, back, side and forward facing. Easy to adjust between me and DH. Has a higher back support than my friends ergo so my toddler is still well supported where's she felt she had to buy a toddler carrier. It has lumbar support which is great. I would highly recommend it.

YouCanButImNot Fri 29-May-15 08:00:39

I had a Kari me sling when my DD was tiny that worker brilliantly and now we've got an ergo 360 which I love!

YouCanButImNot Fri 29-May-15 08:00:50


qumquat Sat 30-May-15 07:45:53

I highly recommend the Manduca. No need for an infant insert and the straps can cross over at the back which makes it much comfier than a reverse rucksack style (like the Ergo), although you can still do reverse rucksack if you prefer. The back is also extendable so suitable up to 3 I think. I love everything about it!!! Dd is 16 months and has loved it since birth.

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