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Bad Mummy Alert - what have you said to your child accidentally

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jampots Sun 08-May-05 09:44:12

Just went to call my child a "twit" because of something daft he did and it came out as "twat"

- feel very bad now

suzywong Sun 08-May-05 09:49:18

called mine lazy because he was actually too tired to ride his bike home from the playing field and I had to push it and his little brother too had gone a whole 8 days without losing my temper too

Donbean Sun 08-May-05 11:00:37

i shouted "for gods sake" at ds this morning and he followed me round saying "sake,sake sake" all morning....felt awful but cheered by the fact that i hadnt sworn. (which i never do in front of him any way)But so easily could have i was a bit mad at the time.

suzywong Sun 08-May-05 11:05:08

that really is an achievement, not swearing, and sake can easily be confused with "sack' if he starts saying it at kindergarten

starlover Sun 08-May-05 11:46:59

a friend of mne called her little boy a pimp once.
started to say pickle, then said imp... and pimp was the result!

Donbean Sun 08-May-05 11:52:19

i couldnt stand to hear some god awful swear word coming out of my babys mouth so no, i never swear.
Any way, the kid probably mutters fuck off at me under his breath when i ask him to do some thing, my hearing isnt that tuned to secret devil talk. Funny because i seem to be totally in tune to his evil know the ones he performes for me miniut by minuit at the mo!

jampots Sun 08-May-05 12:00:06

starlover - that makes me feel a bit better.

CountessDracula Sun 08-May-05 12:35:26

Oh I said something awful to my dd the other day

Trying to get her to eat, pretending the food was someone trying to get into her mouth

ME Knock knock
DD Who is it?
ME I'm a little man - can I come in your mouth?

suzywong Sun 08-May-05 12:37:01

better hope she doesn't repeat that at nursery

kama Sun 08-May-05 13:31:57

Message withdrawn

Fio2 Tue 10-May-05 17:09:22


god I am awful, think lizzie off wife swap

sahara Tue 10-May-05 17:48:30


I am suprised that no one says half the stuff I do.

I really have a mouth problem in that I have no control over what comes out of it.

Thumbs up to all non swearers, you have my admiration. I don't think there is anything I haven't said .

Really am cringing with shame at the things I have said.

AnnaInManchester Tue 10-May-05 20:23:09

Starlover.........what your friend said really made me laugh!!!

magnolia1 Tue 10-May-05 20:48:56

Reading this has made me laugh so much dh is saying I spend more time laughing at the computer than I do at any other time

dropinthe Tue 10-May-05 20:49:47


Marina Tue 10-May-05 20:52:46

I am appalled! and wetting myself.

giraffeski Tue 10-May-05 20:57:42

Message withdrawn

Wallace Wed 11-May-05 22:17:00

Not something I said, but a gesture...

Ds was being really good, and I gave him the thumbs up gesture...except I didn't...I gave him a two-fingered salute by mistake

aaliyahsmum Wed 11-May-05 22:22:24

my dp picked me up from work on saturday with dd, i had had a bad day and said when asked about my day if she bosses me about one more time i am gonna tell her to kiss my ass the ass licking cowand dd replied is she a dog then cos bonnie(our dog)licks her bum. i couldnt stop laughing

spod Wed 11-May-05 22:52:30

my dh has taught my 19month old dd to sing the blackadder version of row,row,row your boat.... as in 'belts off, trousers down'!!! shes very vocal, and says it very clearly

nightowl Wed 11-May-05 23:50:56

not something i said but when ds was three and we were in the car he suddenly piped up with "mummy, call nanna a slut". me: "WHAT???" ds (smiling sweetly) "call nanna a slut". my mother and i just sat in stunned silence and to this day i havent a clue where it came from!!!!

KateandtheGirls Wed 11-May-05 23:53:02

"Shut the f** up".

LGJ Wed 11-May-05 23:57:59


And is she ??

BadHair Thu 12-May-05 00:06:26

Once called ds1 a little sod under my breath and he heard me. He thought it was great and said it at every opportunity. He still says it now, 18 months later.
He doesn't seem to pick up on dp's frequent use of sh and eff though, thank god.

nightowl Thu 12-May-05 00:42:03

LGJ....i believe she was...erm..."a bit of a goer" in her wilder days yes lol!!!!

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