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Do you shave your legs during winter?

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Levanna Tue 11-Jan-05 02:34:55

I don't. Well, I didn't! I've decided I better had, before I start to trip over it .

hoxtonchick Tue 11-Jan-05 02:35:50

not usually, but may start due to new aquanatal class.... you're up very late levanna!

Newbarnsleygirl Tue 11-Jan-05 07:04:39

You should buy some of that new Johnsons cream that minimises hair growth. My friend says it's very good. I'm definatley trying it, I hate shaving my legs!

Freckle Tue 11-Jan-05 07:28:37

Problem with the cream is that you have to keep remembering to put it on! I start off with good intentions but then find that I've forgotten for 5 days and then wonder if it's worth continuing.

bensmum3 Tue 11-Jan-05 09:02:31

I tend to only do it when I'm likely to expose my legs like going swimming ! Whats the cream called ?

Piffle Tue 11-Jan-05 09:24:25

no I grow mine and knit for extra warmth.
I did shave when going into hospital though.
That really made my Dh think I was off to try and pull and doctor!!!

Newbarnsleygirl Tue 11-Jan-05 09:35:35

I think it's just called Johnsons hair minimising cream. There is an advert on the tv at the moment for it.

Bozza Tue 11-Jan-05 09:40:46

Yes because I go swimming twice a week.

(Well I say swimming but don't actually get chance to swim, just take kids to parent and child class and DS to swimming lesson).

But only do a quick job in winter.

jangly Tue 11-Jan-05 09:43:09

Yes. Its quicker getting legs dry in the mornings! (well, every second counts sometimes)

nerdgirl Tue 11-Jan-05 09:44:06

Yes. Because I still like to have sex during the Winter!!

Newbarnsleygirl Tue 11-Jan-05 09:44:40


CountessDracula Tue 11-Jan-05 09:52:54

usually get mine waxed in Jan for winter sun holiday, that lasts a while, then I shave them if they look too yetiish

handlemecarefully Tue 11-Jan-05 09:53:33

Only for swimming. I have sex during winter too, but expect dh to put up with it!

motherinferior Tue 11-Jan-05 09:54:41

I do.

Levanna Tue 11-Jan-05 12:17:42

I can't remember the last time shaving my legs was done for DH's benefit....if ever!

Ok, what about arm pits? (The more it snows, the more it grows) only joking, I can't have unshaved armpits, yeuck!

Hausfrau Tue 11-Jan-05 12:42:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SamN Tue 11-Jan-05 12:45:03

I'm with bensmum3 - only if they're going to be exposed to the public.

Sex, nerdgirl, what's that ? (my excuse is that we have a 6mo in our bed every night)

morningpaper Tue 11-Jan-05 12:48:15

We are trying for no. 2 so I'm shaved, plucked, moisturised and scrubbed up to lure DH into bed every night....

beansprout Tue 11-Jan-05 12:50:47

Lord no - it keeps me warm!

weightwatchingwaterwitch Tue 11-Jan-05 12:51:21

I do too.

Bozza Tue 11-Jan-05 12:51:50

Yes could never leave pits whatever the time of year, state of sex life etc.

handlemecarefully Tue 11-Jan-05 12:52:05

Actually (whispers...) I hardly ever do my armpits. Why are people so revulsed by that?

noddyholder Tue 11-Jan-05 12:53:51

when i think they start to look gross I give them a quick scrape!Not as thorough as in summer though

handlemecarefully Tue 11-Jan-05 12:57:15

Ummmm - maybe that's why some women look at me in appalled fascination when in changing room at the gym

handlemecarefully Tue 11-Jan-05 13:52:28

Ha Ha ! people are so disgusted by me not doing my pits that its killed this thread

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