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How much will having my ensuite put in cost me??

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flowerybeanbag Tue 28-Aug-07 19:00:40

We are having a new ensuite fitted. Will be bath with shower over, loo and sink, all in exact same place as old ones, so no moving stuff, plus tiling wall and floor. I have absolutely no idea how much I will have to pay someone to fit it all for me, so any guidance would be much appreciated!


flowerybeanbag Tue 28-Aug-07 19:22:31

ooh, bump, anyone help who has had an ensuite fitted?
I have people coming to do me a quote tomorrow and will have no clue whether it's reasonable or not!


flowerybeanbag Tue 28-Aug-07 20:03:45

oh pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaase....

<puts on pleading puppy dog eyes>

morningpaper Tue 28-Aug-07 20:06:15


morningpaper Tue 28-Aug-07 20:06:29

that wasn't very clear

2.5 - 5 k

morningpaper Tue 28-Aug-07 20:06:59

(that would include all fittings)

If it is Dolphin Bathrooms then 5-10 k

flowerybeanbag Tue 28-Aug-07 20:10:59

Thanks mp. We have got all the stuff, from bathstore, so would just be to put it in.

<sigh of relief that cancelled Dolphin appt>

morningpaper Tue 28-Aug-07 20:13:36

well if you have all the stuff then I would aim for 1.5k from a nice local chappie

flowerybeanbag Tue 28-Aug-07 20:17:39

ooh thanks for that. Have a couple of nice local chappies coming round to have a butchers tomorrow and day after.

MuffinMclay Tue 28-Aug-07 21:42:17

We've been quoted 2.5k to fit the family bathroom, which sounds like the same set up as your ensuite. We got all the stuff (except cabinets) from bathstore too and are using a recommended local chap to do the work.

3.5k for our ensuite, but that has a separate shower, and involves a lot of tiling.

Work starts tomorrow!

flowerybeanbag Tue 28-Aug-07 22:00:17

thanks muffin, hope your work goes smoothly!

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