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I give up... I just can't cope with this anymore

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nutcracker Thu 29-Jan-04 16:36:57

I can't do this anymore. My life is just so shit at the mo. I can't stand to live in this shoe box any longer, the lids have been driving me mad all day, so i've spent most of the day shouting at them. The music coming from upstairs is so loud that it was drowning my radio out. I think i'm so close to the point of breaking up, but what can i do ?? Noone wants to know, the police aren't interested, the council are a bunch of w*****s and as for the H/A's, i may aswell not exist.

popsycal Thu 29-Jan-04 16:42:13

oh nutcracker.....
when did you last go to the docs?
any luck with environmental health re noise pollution?
you need to keep going back to your docs to get more evidnce/ammunition for the council

ks Thu 29-Jan-04 16:42:54

Message withdrawn

nutcracker Thu 29-Jan-04 16:45:25

Hi Pops, I went to the doc's last week but it wasn't my normal one and even if they wrote me another 1000 letters it wouldn't mkae a bit of difference as i've been awarded all the medical points i'm allowed.
I am waiting for environmental health to send me some diary sheets. They need me (and the women below me- yes thats how loud it is) to fill 2 weeks worth of sheets in before they will fit monitering equipment

beetroot Thu 29-Jan-04 16:47:06

Message withdrawn

beetroot Thu 29-Jan-04 16:50:14

Message withdrawn

Gumboot Thu 29-Jan-04 16:50:52

Hi Nutcracker, sorry to hear that things are so bad for you at the moment, it can't be of much comfort knowing that it's another 2 weeks b4 you'll have completed the sheets either but after 2 weeks things should improve surely?

Do you have any relatives that you could go and visit? Just to get a bit of a break.

Batters Thu 29-Jan-04 20:47:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nutcracker Thu 29-Jan-04 21:02:38

Hi everyone, thanx for the advice. Basically we need the environmenatal health as an independant witness for when the H/A go to court to get her evicted. Haven't even got the diary sheets yet, but have filled in loads for the H/A.
I phoned Castle Vale today and was told that although i have got a good amount of points, they just cannot say how long i'll be waiting. It's just driving me mad, i can't even get offered anything where i don't want to live.
I really feel that the whole situation is affecting the whole family now. The kids are always moaning that i'm moaning and me and dp are always fighting. To be honest I feel so confused about so many things that I don't know if i'm coming or going.

lavender1 Thu 29-Jan-04 21:18:07

you sound like you need a break from it all, can you all not go away for a w/e away with rels, talk it through with them and explain how it is seriously affecting your family!

Are you happy in the area you are living at the mo, I mean is there no way you could relocate, like your dp could transfer with his job, further afield (explaining to boss about how bad it si for all of you)...sorry not very good advice but keep posting, somebody somewhere will be able to help you...please let rip on here, good therapy

JanHR Thu 29-Jan-04 21:29:04

Nutty, soory to hear you are feeling so down at the moment. Don't forget you can call me anytime.

nutcracker Thu 29-Jan-04 21:29:44

Cheers Lavander - We have thought about relocating and have the chance of exchanging properties with someone in Birchington in Kent, but i'm just not sure. I would then be very far away from all of my family and friends (not that i have any friends) and i worry that if things then didn't work out with me and dp that i would then be stuck there.
Thanx for taking the time to post on this as i know your having troubles yourself.

nutcracker Thu 29-Jan-04 21:30:30

Thanx Jan. Glad you got the result you wanted earlier IYKWIM

droopydrawers Thu 29-Jan-04 22:34:43

Have you tried contacting your nearest Shelter office? They sometimes take on cases where they will help you with your fight, and their name can make a difference. Shelter doesn't just deal with street homeless people, they can help anyone with any kind of housing problem. Do you know that technically you could even apply as homeless on the grounds that it is not reasonable for you to continue to occupy your present accommodation? That would be a drastic move, but a situation like yours may require drastic measures.

nutcracker Thu 29-Jan-04 22:37:37

Thats interesting DroopyDrawers - I didn't know any of that. I will investigate that further tommorow. Thanx

suzywong Thu 29-Jan-04 22:38:15

Nutty you poor love
if it was me I would have gone upstairs all Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver) and gone ballistic, you are very good soul not to have lost your rag with them, and a wise one too as it would be counterproductive.
It must be hell, but the next place you get can only be better, IYSWIM

nutcracker Thu 29-Jan-04 22:42:04

I know what you mean SW. Having a go would only make more trouble. I banged on the ceiling the other night, so they started stamping on the floor.
The estate manager went up tonight and told then to turn it down (which they did for a bit). He said that there must be loads of them in there because there was loads of pairs of shoes lined up outside. Boy was i tempted to go and get the shoes and throw them in the bin

suzywong Thu 29-Jan-04 22:44:29

I would have got a badger to p*ss in them.
What kind of people are they, apart from ones who don't give a sh*t
(Shall I continue with the starred out letters or is this an open swearing thread?)

nutcracker Thu 29-Jan-04 22:49:19

Swear away, i don't mind.
Basically they are just thoughtless shitheads, who just like to make other people miserable.

lavender1 Thu 29-Jan-04 22:49:28

Hi nutcracker, just read that you are not sure about relocating as would be far from family and friends.

You say your friends are virtually non-existant(sts), how far would your family be away if you moved? Reason am saying this is that we are 150 miles from my siblings and 250 miles from mymother, tis not ideal but it's only a car ride up the motorway and if you're unhappy with the way it is maybe you could think about your own family's happiness ....

We are on our 5th house in 10 years of marriage and although I have left friends behind, have made new ones just by living here for more than a few it worth thinking about moving in view of this? keep posting

lavender1 Thu 29-Jan-04 22:52:24

was trying to say think about your hapiness's important for you to be happy, which obviously you're not 9didn't quite word it right, sorry.


suzywong Thu 29-Jan-04 22:54:01

Are they stoned, pissed, dealing or what?

nutcracker Thu 29-Jan-04 22:56:27

That's o.k, i know what you mean. If we moved to kent we would be 4 hours away from everyone. At the mo we live across the road from my mom and 15 min away from my dad and brothers who we visit evry saturday. Sometimes i think living further away would benefit me as it would force me to be a bit more independant, but then i think well what if i didn't make any friends. I'm quite a shy person and find it difficult to make friends. Thats why i like MN so much as it makes me feel like i've got loads of friends.

nutcracker Thu 29-Jan-04 22:59:55

SW - All 3. We have informed the police several times about the drugs but they say that they have to have proof. We said 'well if you bothered to turn up when we call you about the noise then you would catch them at it'.
The mother is an alcoholic and a druggy, and just goes mental every few days, slamming doors, screaming, shouting e.t.c. Can be very frightening sometimes. We called 999 once as it sounded like she was being murdered and then i heard the police say ( when they turned up) 'i can't believe they called 999 for this'.

JanHR Thu 29-Jan-04 23:00:03

Nutty, you will always have MN as long as you have a computer, and you went to the birmingham meet so there is nothing stopping you going to a meet down there.

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