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Good venues in London for a 40th birthday??????

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CountessDracula Thu 27-Oct-05 22:43:13

Can anyone help? We would like some dancing, some food, etc. Something fun. Anyone been to anything good? We have some ideas but would like more


princesspeahead Fri 28-Oct-05 21:55:41

emailed you cd

bossykate Fri 28-Oct-05 22:06:16

sorry, why wouldn't the conservatory option be a big piss-up disco? perhaps yr wedding was more civilised than mine!

bossykate Fri 28-Oct-05 22:08:36

maybe one of these?

bossykate Fri 28-Oct-05 22:08:51

or why not syon park again?

CountessDracula Fri 28-Oct-05 22:21:23

Because they don't have a dancing licence and you can only have quiet music


Conservatory a LOT more expensive than when we got married, can't afford for a bday party. Also we are saving it for 25th wedding anniversary (do you think if I booked 15 years in advance they would give me today's rate [wink})

CountessDracula Fri 28-Oct-05 22:23:36

Don't want anything too weddingy - Templeton I thought of as is just up the rd from where I live (with the added option of checking inot the priory next door if you overdo it!) but it's too too weddingy

bossykate Fri 28-Oct-05 22:26:29

well where are you working atm? would somewhere more city-ish be better?

bossykate Fri 28-Oct-05 22:26:54

how about damario's

Toots Mon 30-Oct-06 22:37:30

Hi, reading this with interest. Would love any further ideas. 40th looms in February on a Sunday which is when I'd want the do.

Going to go and look at Damarios now...

Troubadour looks nice. Want somewhere central or south London (Live in SE26) scruffy is fine. Funky is good. Dancing is a possibility but thinking chiefly of relaxed mingly ambience. Might look upstairs at East Dulwich Tavern.

Pretty tight budget... ought to be anyway, kitchen needs doing.

Toots Tue 31-Oct-06 14:34:43

Bumping if you please.
Oh and couldn't find damarios...

Toots Wed 01-Nov-06 18:27:26


Yells Wed 17-Jul-19 15:15:31


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