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Eternity rings - when is the traditional time to give them?

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Janstar Wed 03-Sep-03 16:02:16

I just wondered when eternity rings are given. I'd really like one and it's my wedding anniversay next week. But I'm not sure if there is a particular time or event associated with the giving of them. Anyone know?

Bumblelion Wed 03-Sep-03 16:03:33

I always thought it was after the first heir (son) was born. Although saying that, my ex-h never got round to it, so I bought mine myself! Needless to say we are no longer together!

beetroot Wed 03-Sep-03 16:07:48

Message withdrawn

JulieF Wed 03-Sep-03 17:59:44

I have heard 2 theories. One is after 10 years of marriage, the other after the birth of the first child.

wickedstepmother Wed 03-Sep-03 18:58:12

Me too Julie.

SoupDragon Wed 03-Sep-03 19:04:05

My dad gave mum hers when they were signing the register after their wedding

I had to wait til after DS1 was born and I've been hoping for another one for DS2 but no luck yet.

tinyfeet Wed 03-Sep-03 19:06:53

Soupy, what would you do with 2 eternity rings? Would you wear both at the same time? I'm trying to think of a baby gift for myself , and I don't wear a lot of jewelry, so it is hard to pick something. Also, is the eternity ring worn instead of a wedding band?

nerdgirl Wed 03-Sep-03 19:07:45

Actually Julie, I think they're both true. I was told you get the ice for the first child or ten years of marriage, whichever happens first.

PamT Wed 03-Sep-03 19:08:28

I thought they were supposed to be for the birth of the first child. I didn't get one for my first, second or third child, nor my 10th wedding anniversary. I did plenty of hinting - even when #3, 10th anniversary and a windfall all came in the same year but it took another year before I got one as a surprise christmas present. It wasn't the style or size that I wanted but I didn't dare complain.

Welshmum Wed 03-Sep-03 19:09:42

Some people say you get one after the birth of the first child. I got mine on my birthday - about 6 months after DD was born. It's lovely and I still get a kick out of wearing it. Don't know what I'd do with 2 though

doormat Wed 03-Sep-03 19:25:33

I got mine when I was expecting second child to by dh as a birthday prezzie.

Soupy that sounds so romantic what your dad done

Tortington Wed 03-Sep-03 21:18:01

ist wedding anniversary

scottiebabe Wed 03-Sep-03 21:24:11

I got mine after i had been very ill - menengitis! spelling!! but thought it was either after 1st child or wedding anniv.

Janstar Thu 04-Sep-03 00:44:35

PamT - it sounds like it was more of a surprise to him than it was to you. My dh can be like that too - love them, but don't you just want to kick their a**es sometimes?!

SoupDragon Thu 04-Sep-03 07:52:42

Doormat, I thought it was romantic too! I told the story to DH2B before our wedding to no avail...

Tinyfeet, I wear my eternity (or maternity) ring on the 4th finger of my right hand so I'd wear the 2 together. I can't wear it with my wedding & engagement rings because they're white gold and the eternity ring is platinum - they'd rub & wear.

sliverx2 Thu 04-Sep-03 09:16:55

i've always believed it was when you have a baby. my mum has ten children and has nine eterity rings, my mum has always said that it stands for, When you have a baby a peice of you and your loved one becomes one and goes on and on for eternity.( as long as your children children children has children and they children any way you know were it's going!!!!!)

that what i was always told, is that it means you go on throgh your children for eternity, and a ring never ends just like eternity, hope this helps, hope hubby is reading this as i have two boys still not got one, so get shopping hubby

Bogwoppit Thu 04-Sep-03 09:27:31

Once you have chosen when you can choose between full or half eternity. - depends if you wants stones all the way round

I was given my beautful full eternity ring after our DS was born.

you can also get trilogy rings - 3 diamonds representing past, present & future.

Northerner Thu 04-Sep-03 09:35:20

I'm gonna print this thread and show it to my dh. Married for 5 years, ds born in April 2002, and still no eternity ring. I've still got a cheap engagement ring also as when we got engaged he was skint. He keeps promising me a shiny new one but it hasn't happenned yet. Still, I'm quite attached to my cheap one one, only thing is my finger keeps turning green.....................

newgirl Thu 04-Sep-03 14:03:52

i'm well impressed that anyone can afford diamonds in the first year after baby is born! i think i will have to wait a few years or go back to work eek

easy Thu 04-Sep-03 15:50:32

I got mine for my 40th birthday present, having got no pressie when ds was born the previous year.

Lara2 Fri 05-Sep-03 19:55:59

I got mine for our 10th anniversary. Got other lovely things when the boys were born.

Janstar Sat 06-Sep-03 13:37:38

Bling bling! dh has instructed me to accompany him to to shops tomorrow to choose my knuckleduster. I think he got the hint when I showed him this thread. Thanks girls!

bluecow Tue 09-Sep-03 14:41:41

Got mine after birth of first child - on a romantic Valentine's weekend away in Amsterdam!

Hughsie Tue 09-Sep-03 14:50:02

Traditionally it is when the first born arrives but I got mine on our first anniversary as we weren't planning children. it was actually a ring that I had wanted as a wedding ring but had decided to go for a plain one instead so dh had a good idea that I loved it anyway. I favour having things as log as possible so I am glad to have had it so soon. there are always diamond earrings for our silver wedding or the birth of our tenth child....joke!

aloha Tue 09-Sep-03 16:13:36

Isn't it when flocks of pigs are sighted over London?

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