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mumof2teenboys Tue 23-Jun-09 08:44:10

I've got tickets to see them on friday, me and dp get to spend a whole day together being a couple watching themgrin
cant wait, i've wanted to see them forevergrin

fishie Tue 23-Jun-09 08:45:23

envy i wanted to go but dh doesn't like them. i did see them about 20 years ago at wembley. jeepers i am old.

ShowOfHands Tue 23-Jun-09 08:51:26

DH saw them about 13 years ago. He Has Not Stopped Talking About It. He's so desperate to see them again.

Have a lovely time.

fishie Tue 23-Jun-09 08:58:36

and i do think black ice is a really good album. i run to ac/dc a lot.

show of hands why not take him? they do play quite regularly.

ooh what are you going to wear mumof2?

2shoes Tue 23-Jun-09 10:02:27

hope you have a lovely time

mumof2teenboys Tue 23-Jun-09 14:58:59

i should be wearing something that is suitable for a 38 year old women should'nt i? wink
however, i think that i will wear a strappy t-shirt and skinny jeans to show off my quite ample cleavagegrin

Thunderduck Wed 24-Jun-09 21:42:17

I'm going to see them next Tuesday. I'm so excited. I never thought that I'd get to see them live.grin

Don't forget to report back after the concert.

mumof2teenboys Thu 25-Jun-09 08:52:16

i'm getting very excited nowgrin
not quite sure why, its not like i havent been to gigs before, must be because as thunderduck says, i never thought i'd get to see them.

MrsMuddle Thu 25-Jun-09 09:05:38

Thunderduck, DH goingo on Tue too. Do you know who's supporting them?

Thunderduck Thu 25-Jun-09 11:39:55

Apparently it's The Answer.

12StoneNeedsToBe10 Thu 25-Jun-09 11:48:20

Ooh - lucky you, I saw them with DS in April in Manchester. I was like a child waiting from Father Christmas sooooo excited because, as you say, I never thought I'd get to see them.
Best gig I've ever been to (and there have been many) and The Answer were pretty damned good too, wow that singer is amazing.
Mumof2 / Thunderduck - you're in for a real treat grin

MrsMuddle Thu 25-Jun-09 11:49:49

Never heard of The Answer (but I'm not an AC/DC fan either!) but will pass it on. Thanks.

Thunderduck Thu 25-Jun-09 11:50:30

The Subways too.

I hate sitting through support acts.

Thunderduck Thu 25-Jun-09 11:51:22

I'm even more excited now 12stone.grin

Just how loud were they?

12StoneNeedsToBe10 Thu 25-Jun-09 11:54:52

I couldn't hear much out of my left ear for about 2 days shock
Well worth the inconvenience though.
Re support acts - I don't normally bother about them (stand outside in the concourse with a beer!) but I'm glad we went in early for The Answer, trust me you won't be disappointed.

LouLovesAeroplaneJelly Thu 25-Jun-09 11:57:18

I would have loved to go but could not get tickets. I am very very jealous envy
Have a fabulous time.

Thunderduck Thu 25-Jun-09 11:58:46

OK I'll go for The Answer then.grin

What time did AC/DC come on?

I'm so excited, I'm particuarly delighted that I'll be seeing them in not just my home town but the home town of Angus and Malcolm
We Scots are generous enough to allow the Aussies to share them and to take some of the credit for them, and for Bongrin

12StoneNeedsToBe10 Thu 25-Jun-09 12:03:47

Erm... let me think. The Answer were on at about 7:15 for maybe 40 mins. AC/DC came on just after 8:15 til just after 10:30 which was marvellous as it meant we didn't have to wait for the very last train home smile

Look out for the enormous inflatable Rosie sat on the train... i'll put a pic on my profile. To give you an idea of the size, you can just about see Phil, Malcolm and Cliff at the bottom of the picture.

And where Angus gets his energy from is anyone's guess!

I'd forgotten this extra gig was in Scotland - I'm expecting your experience will be even better than mine and DS's then - it's bound to be out-of-this-world because they've "come home".

12StoneNeedsToBe10 Thu 25-Jun-09 12:07:15

Pics on my profile now

Thunderduck Thu 25-Jun-09 12:08:17

Thankyou. I'd love to see the pic.

I think they must plug Angus in before every concert and charge him up for a few hours. It's incredible how much energy he has at his age.

Glasgow audiences are always great, but they'll get the biggest pop ever when they come out, as you say because they've came home.

I feel like a big kid. I'm so excited about going. I think about it every 5 minutes.

I rarely go to stadium or arena concerts so I'm a bit clueless about starting times and things like that.
In fact the last one I went to was the Red Hot Chili Peppers back in 2007.

Thunderduck Thu 25-Jun-09 12:09:29

OMG.That's huge.shock

I love your dog btw. May I borrow her.grin

12StoneNeedsToBe10 Thu 25-Jun-09 12:11:39

Told ya!!
I've got a few others too (taken with phone so a lot of them are blurred) and no... you can't have my dog wink

Thunderduck Thu 25-Jun-09 12:13:19


oopsagain Thu 25-Jun-09 12:27:32

i saw ac/dc 27 yrs ago.
(i think grin)
they were great then... i'd like to listen again as it's been yrs since i've even thought of the,.

<turns radio onto Planet Roack from radio 4>

12StoneNeedsToBe10 Thu 25-Jun-09 12:32:15

Oopsagain if you want proper rock music ALL the time, listen to Rock Radio - stations in Manchester - closest to me (106.1), Scotland and the North East. The signal isn't always that good so I tend to listen over the internet. then select region.

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