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Swap your usual spread for Flora Buttery and you could win a £200 John Lewis voucher NOW CLOSED

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AngelieMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 18-Oct-13 14:45:46

We've been asked by Flora to find 200 MNers to try out Flora Buttery spread over the course of a couple of weeks.

Flora says: "Lovingly blended for a flavoursome buttery taste, Flora Buttery has a splash of buttermilk mixed in with our natural sunflower goodness. So you can smooth it over toast, daub it on hot asparagus or melt it into spuds for a little extra indulgence. It’s also great for baking and even pan-frying, so we’d love you to give it a try and let us know what you think"

Those selected will be given a voucher, which can be used to buy Flora Buttery 500g at most major supermarkets.

Selected testers will then need to swap their regular spread, butter or oil for Flora and use it for cooking, baking and spreading over the 2-week period.

This product test is open to all UK MNers with at least one child living at home.

The testing period will be from 4th to 17th November. During this time, you'll need to post your feedback on a thread on MN. Please only sign up if you and your family are available to take part during this time period.

If you'd like to take part, please sign up here.

Thanks and good luck,


LovesBeingHereAgain Sun 15-Dec-13 07:14:09

And another week goes by and no voucher!!!!

LovesBeingHereAgain Sat 07-Dec-13 10:02:35

Nothing here eitherhmm

ClaimedByMe Sat 07-Dec-13 07:55:27

Still no voucher here either.

EverythingIsTinselyBaubleyBoo Sat 07-Dec-13 07:52:59

Sorry to be a pain but I haven't seen the email to the feedback thread. Could you link it on here possibly?

SandWitch Sat 07-Dec-13 00:04:20

No voucher here yet either.

Still no voucher here.

gazzalw Wed 04-Dec-13 19:18:31

Right I asked in our hypermarket Saino's today and they don't stock Flora Buttery (not sure why not?) so I'm going to have to do a special trip to get it....not the best start...fhmm. So unlikely to get the BOGOF offer as will have to try another supermarket....

SandWitch Wed 04-Dec-13 09:23:54

::checks to see if postman has anything other than bills::


JessicaWakefield1 Tue 03-Dec-13 22:42:01


starrynight19 Tue 03-Dec-13 19:10:25

Fingers x I get my voucher soon smile

AngelieMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 02-Dec-13 16:44:37

Hi aaaaagh, the feedback thread will be up this Thursday and I'll be sending out an email about it then smile

aaaaagh Mon 02-Dec-13 13:50:22

MWHAHAHA! Sainsburys - it's BOGOF....managed to wangle 2 free tubs! I don't know where to leave my comments though as I've had no email.....

LovesBeingHereAgain Sun 01-Dec-13 15:25:28

Hmm still not received my vouchers but have to crack on with starting Xmas baking so butter it is!

gazzalw Sat 30-Nov-13 17:01:32

I must be being thick because I've failed to find it at all not even in the end of aisle fridge promos where I would assume the BOGOF offer to be? confused.

aaaaagh Sat 30-Nov-13 14:31:13

How do I PM you AngelieMumsnet? Having a brain dead moment and not sure what that means. confused Have only just got my voucher but no email about how to leave comments....

MummyBtothree Thu 28-Nov-13 20:52:56

Hi AngelieMumsnet, I never received that email you have sent out with the flora update.

Thanks Angelie if you go to Sainsburys for it then they're on bogof grin

AngelieMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 28-Nov-13 17:33:28

Hi everyone, glad to hear that some of you have started receiving your vouchers. You may have received a letter saying that you've won the voucher, but just to confirm that this is to be used for this product test.

Also, given the delay, we've changed the testing period to the 9th to the 23rd of December. I've sent emails to all of the testers with this update, but if you haven't received this, could you please PM me?

Sorry again for the delay!

MummyBtothree Thu 28-Nov-13 15:45:10

Still not got mine sad sad

teenagetantrums Wed 27-Nov-13 20:36:34

i got my voucher today annoyingly after i had done my shop for the week, is there an extended period of feedback or are we just supposed to spend the voucher and ignore this thread?

snowballinafryingpan Wed 27-Nov-13 20:20:09

my local Sainsbury had it on bogof.

gazzalw Wed 27-Nov-13 17:55:26

I went in search of Flora Buttery in our extremely large Sainsbury's....couldn't find it anywhere which isn't a good start! Where have you other Mumsnetters sourced it from?

Hopefully my voucher will be soon then, pleased its not cancelled, I love doing these hardly ever get picked though

gazzalw Wed 27-Nov-13 13:31:37

Angelie we now need revised review dates presumably?

gazzalw Wed 27-Nov-13 13:28:59

Mine arrived today too!

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