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Tell me about a perfect moment from your life :)

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CheerfulYank Mon 17-Feb-14 09:01:12

I just had one, all snuggled up in bed with DS (6) and DD (8 months). We're so warm and cuddled up while it's freezing outside. They're both sleeping on their stomachs in their cozy pajamas and I love the sound of their sleepy even breathing. smile DS doesn't have school tomorrow (President's Day) so no morning rush ahead of me. It just struck me as a wonderful moment I should try to remember...DS looking so little while he sleeps, DD's chubby baby hands on my pillow.

It got me remembering a night I spent once when I was 21, lying in a field and drunkenly talking to a boy. It was the most gorgeous summer night, with a breeze and a huge moon and the smell of grass everywhere, and it really seemed like I would be 21 forever.

Just little moments like that, that you keep and remember, times when you wouldn't trade your life for anything. smile What are some of yours?

Dilidali Tue 18-Feb-14 23:30:07

Tonight. Good food, a large group of friends around the table. I nearly didn't join them. I was sitting there and thought: I'm so happy!

madeofkent Tue 18-Feb-14 23:37:28

What a lovely thread.

Quite a few really but shall just pick a couple.

DS has slight asperger's, not that I knew it at the time. He wasn't affectionate, which was upsetting. He was fine with being cuddled, but would never ask for attention or a cuddle. When he was just one, he was wandering around the sitting-room late one morning as I sat down with a cup of coffee, which was when we normally looked at books. It was as if he was looking for something, he just wandered and poked and looked fretful, and didn't want books. Then he suddenly looked at me, considered, clambered up on the sofa next to me, stroked my leg, stuck his bottom up in the air and his head on my lap and fell asleep! I felt immensely honoured, and sat there with my arm around him, scared to move, for an hour. I know that probably seems strange to most mums, but he hadn't fallen asleep on me for months and I don't think he ever did again.

When he gives me a hug every time I see him, I still feel privileged. He is away at uni. He is very reserved, so it's a big deal for him.

Breast-feeding the babies at night, looking at the stars and seeing their dark eyes watching me, wondering if there were other mothers out there also feeding at 3am, stroking their silky skin.

DBH having to deliver DS at the hospital as there was an emergency and I was doing ok, so they left us. He was so proud of himself, and cried when he had the baby in his arms - which felt odd because he saw and held him before I did! But I have that picture in my mind of him holding DS in his arms and crying, and knowing that he would always love him and would be a good father.

The beach is a recurring theme on this thread, and we love to go at the very end of the holiday, on the last day because everyone else is sorting out school kit and panicking. It's always nice weather on the last day, too. Perfect moments of peaceful warm beaches, DD reading and DS building huge sandcastles, DBH doing handstands in the sea and me slowly wandering along and collecting white pebbles and shells. Then to a really nice pub for tea. It's the perfect peaceful lull before the storm, and the day on which I probably take the most photos so that I shall remember those days when the children have both left home.

LizzieVereker Tue 18-Feb-14 23:49:40

Bit ordinary compared to some of the others, but...

Every morning, when I get out of bed, I think "Are the children all OK? Is there money in the bank to pay the bills?" and each time I can say yes, I feel so very blessed, Each time I can say yes is perfect, because we have had times when the answer was no.

And when I was on my first teaching practice, at a difficult school, with very difficult Year 9s, trying to teach them Macbeth. One especially tough lad was working in a group when he started crying, really wracking, snotty sobs. I thought he'd hurt himself, but when I went to see he said "Miss, Miss, I can do it! I get Shakespeare! I thought it was just for posh people! " Magic.

And when we told DS1 we were having DS2, I was worried - he'd been an only child for a long time. He looked amazed and then said "Oh! Oh! I prayed for a baby brother!". We all cried.

Lovesabadboy Wed 19-Feb-14 00:00:55

Mine is very similar to yours - also in Northumberland, last summer on holiday.
The weather was perfect all week and it was such a beautiful area. We also visited Bamburgh and that beach, so I can imagine what it was like for you.
DH, DD1(then 16) and DD2 (13) and me all decided to get up early to see the sunrise over the beach near to our cottage.
We drove to the beach and walked through the sand dunes which had mist hanging over them and rabbits skittering about.
We all sat on the beach together, in absolute awe as the sun came up over the North Sea.
It was utterly silent apart from the lap of the waves and the call of the waking birds, and the sunrise was absolutely stunning.

We all stood there just staring and absorbing such a special moment all together.

It is a moment that I know DH and I will never forget and I hope that my girls remember and talk about forever.

Another time I remember watching the sun come up was when I had given birth to DD1. It had been a horrible 31 hour labour and we were finally in peace, alone ,after DH had gone home. I couldn't sleep as I was totally euphoric and so I stood at the window of the maternity ward,with DD in my arms watching the sun rise on the frosty November morning (also my birthday). I remember talking to the heavens - 'talking' to my mum - who had died 10 months earlier - knowing, somehow that she was part of this very special moment...the arrival of her grand-daughter on the same day as the arrival of her daughter (me), 29 years earlier. It was a bitter-sweet time, but I was so calm and so happy at that moment, that it has always stayed with me.

Some lovely stories on here, thank you so much for starting the thread OP.

funnyperson Wed 19-Feb-14 01:18:14

Dad's face lighting up when he recognised the voice of an old friend whom he hadn't met for 15 years at his 85th birthday party. Dad is blind. It made all the hard work clearing out and redecorating their cluttered sitting room and sorting out the guests and food and carers worthwhile. Hearing his happy voice while I was in the dining room dishing up was just perfect.

madmomma Wed 19-Feb-14 07:54:07

Falling asleep in my first love's arms. He used to wait until I was asleep before he let himself go to sleep. He loved me so much at that time, and even though I'm happily married to someone else now 20 years later I've never felt so adored since.

My last baby used to like being kissed to sleep. It was so delicious to kiss and kiss and kiss her while she shut her eyes. Heaven.

Back2Two Wed 19-Feb-14 08:14:56

Mine are all to do with tiny moments with my boys.

I've said before...I had awful PND with both boys. It manifested itself in anxiety....terrible anxiety that something (everything) was wrong with them.

I obsessed over their "disabilities" and "diseases" for the first months of both their lives. I'll never get that time back and I will always mourn it and feel guilty that I didn't give them what I "should" or could have done if I hadn't been so ill.

I can remember when the darkness (the only way I can describe that awful world of my PND) turned into light though. And the contrast was so extreme that it was wonderful and intense and kept on giving! I was so amazed to be happier and to want to be here that the feeling kept on knocking me over all day every day for ages.

So, every time I get one of those tiny moments of intense joy and love when I look at them or watch them together it always feels like a bit of a surprise still and I sometimes feel a surreal happy thought ...."where did YOU come from?"

atthestrokeoftwelve Wed 19-Feb-14 08:29:45

Sitting on a Stupa in Borobodur in Eastern Java, watching the sun rise over the misty tea plantations and volcanoes with my lover.

My first time in the tropics eating dinner in the Seychelles watching turtles on the beach.

Swimming with dolphins on Christmas morning in Bali.

Watching the stars on christmas eve breastfeeding my newborn at 2am.

FlouncyMcFlouncer Wed 19-Feb-14 12:05:40

Driving up into the Turkish mountains with a hotel manager I was having a holiday fling with. Gorgeous scenery and so far removed from anything I had ever done in my life before.

matana Wed 19-Feb-14 12:12:44

This thread has made me feel really nostalgic - and realise i've led a pretty enchanted life with so many perfect moments! I can't choose, but there have been loads - funnily enough, many when i was at school and from my childhood! It's true what they say - youth is wasted on the young. Makes me really understand what it means to live every moment like it's your last.

HomeIsWhereTheGinIs Wed 19-Feb-14 12:29:30

I'm addicted to this thread. I just can't stop coming back and I've nominated this for Classics.

It's like chicken soup for the soul. And there's a sense of peace on it.

jessplussomeonenew Wed 19-Feb-14 12:52:19

Just today I had a scan and had my first ever sight of the baby I had feared I might never conveive - tiny and perfect and doing somersaults when I laughed with joy and relief.

DontWannaBeObamasElf Wed 19-Feb-14 13:07:58

Aw, Jess that's given me such a warm feeling.

Pipachi Wed 19-Feb-14 14:34:30

First waltz with DP. It just felt so right... didn't have to think about the steps.

caramelapple Wed 19-Feb-14 14:55:01

When I was 6 my mum and dad transferred me into a German speaking section of an international school in Holland. My dad was in the RAF and we lived abroad for most of my childhood. Anyway at first, as you can imagine, I hated it. Every Sunday I was a nightmare, pleading with them not to go back. After a while I got used to it when I made some new friends and understood the language.

Until recently I probably wouldn't have said that was my perfect moment but we are going through the adoption process and this makes you look at life changing moments. Only now I am grown up do I see what they did for me and appreciate it.

My mum and dad did something for me that I can never repay them for but I can pay it forward. If we hopefully get through the hell that is the adoption process my DH and I would not hesitate to do everything to ensure our child will have the best education we can get. thanks

walterwhiteswife Wed 19-Feb-14 15:35:51

taking ds who was nearly 3 to see the tweenies live who he adored. his little face when they came out on stage was amazing I sobbed like a fool!! it still makes me well up five years later! !!

worldgonecrazy Wed 19-Feb-14 16:00:29

I am blessed to have had a million perfect moments. Sometimes I just think "wow, life is so amazingly brilliant and I am so blessed".

A birthday party, when I looked around and felt so good to have friends.

Realising that I was a sleepless mum, not because I had a fussy child, but because I couldn't stop myself gazing at her all night.

Family days snuggled in front of a log fire.

Fabulous meals in stealth-boast-worthy restaurants with a man whom I adore above all others.

But mostly my perfect moments come from the realisation that my family is a rock upon which I build my foundations, and the roots that tie me to this earth. As family go, they're pretty amazing, even when they're driving me nuts.

lucyintheskywithdinos Wed 19-Feb-14 16:07:18

Being 16, swimming off a cliff on a Greek Island. So much shite was going on in my life then, but the sea was perfection.

Drinking whiskey on the landing with my wonderful housemates, still not quite able to believe we managed to buy this house together.

Sunday mornings, when all three of my DDs climb into bed with me for a giant cuddle and they spend ages kissing each other in turn.

minouminou Wed 19-Feb-14 16:20:51

Getting accepted onto a v decent indeed journalism training course...almost 2,000 applicants for 20 places.

Dancing with a weeks-old DS to "A Horse with no Name".

Taking DS to a local cafe for a gingerbread bunny, two days before DD arrived. Like a PP, I knew this was the last time it'd be just me and him. I treasured that morning right up until I threw up just down the road the cafe (had HG both pregnancies, although I think this particular upchuck might have been labour gearing up). Two teenage boys eyed me and my bump with great concern until I told them it was par for the course...

More recently, the moment the plane left the ground to carry me and DS to Israel. It was his first flight and a weird sort of (genetic, rather than spiritual, as we is well athiest, innit) homecoming for me (and DS, obvs).

Gazing at DD as she's (slowly) transformed from a small ball of rage into a slightly larger ball of utter gobshite. I shouldn't laugh when she rags on DS, but she's so sharp and she gets him every time.

TwoNoisyBoys Wed 19-Feb-14 16:52:22

Since being with my new DP after splitting from Ex'D'H I've had many perfect moments......more than I had in sixteen years of being with ex!

The one that sticks out the most was last summer.....I'd been bought a really beautiful picnic hamper (thanks DM!) and we went to M&S in the morning and loaded up with lovely nibbles.....then we walked for AGES along a muddy, spiky beach before he dragged me up a path where I got my hair caught in overhanging branches grin......then it opened up into a little enclosed field. The sun was shining, it was hot with a gentle breeze, and we sat on my picnic blanket in the dappled sunlight under a big tree. We ate loads, and laughed and sang songs and then had a little doze with his head resting on my tummy. I just felt so peaceful and LOVED.

It was bloody PERFECT smile

thegreylady Wed 19-Feb-14 17:06:43

Eating boiled eggs with dh on a balcony in Sicily looking over to Mount Etna
Seeing the Eiger
Being told my cancer hadn't spread
My dd's wedding day was full of perfect moments
I am old and there have been too many to post. I have been so lucky.

Wincher Wed 19-Feb-14 18:02:55

I had one just yesterday. My Dh and two DSs were all in bed together in the morning and Dh was telling them a story (made up rather than from a book). They were both (aged 3.7 and 5 months) gazing at him with rapt adoration. It was lovely to watch.. It was so lovely to see my three boys all so happy together.

honeybeeridiculous Wed 19-Feb-14 19:21:35

Lovely thread,
All the DC's births were perfect moments but I think the 1st born is special, I remember DH and I staring at this little mite and DH said 'she's ours' and we suddenly felt all grown up! We were only 22 ourselves and didnt have a clue about babies grin
Also, last year on a particularly hot evening, I was laid in the garden on a sun lounger after a family BBQ and the sky was so clear with stars and the air was so warm,I lie there for a while in wonder of the universe!

SkaterGrrrrl Wed 19-Feb-14 20:18:43

"Coming back home from an illegal rave in my late teens, covered in mud, soaked to the skin and watching the sun rise over a field as the fires from the rave burned out. The colours in the sky were amazing."

I'll bet they were ;)

CheerfulYank Wed 19-Feb-14 20:38:02

Is this little thread really in classic? shock

Not a perfect moment, but a good one. smile I'm so excited that I'll be able to read it over again when I need a bit of a boost.

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