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D'y ever wonder when it is going to stop snowing??

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Chopstheduck Mon 21-Jan-13 07:32:23

Morning girls xx

School is on thank goodness, but not til 10, and dh is wfh <sigh>

Chopstheduck Wed 23-Jan-13 13:38:48

ooh exciting rubes!

How is the exercise going?

I did a week 3 run today (been stuck on weed 2 for 5 runs cos of the snow) it was great!! Then after the podcast I ran home - 4.5 minutes wihtout stopping. I've never ran that far in my life grin

bubby64 Wed 23-Jan-13 13:52:51

Hi chops - yes, they were, had no choice as there were only 17 kids in their year. But we talked over separation at high school, and they were both enthusiastic about it, as was I. I don't think J ever actually took on board that he would be in absolutely no classes with his brother, which is the case now. M is blooming as he is out from behind Js shadow, but J has suddenly found he has got to get on on his own, do his own listening and stop mucking about. No longer is he able to rely on M remembering things from the lessons and helping with homework, it has to be all his own effort!!!
shabs, Ruby - talking about collage, that is scary!
i must admit shabs I do get the boys Clarkes, even if they are more expensive. For the past 4 yrs they have lasted almost through to the end of the summer term, especially if they get a bit of polish put on them to waterproof them (DHs job, once a week!)
Trips -you ok out there love??

bubby64 Wed 23-Jan-13 14:11:11

By the way, I have sent a PM to sassy as I noticed she was not on the new thread as yet, didnt know if she had got lost, and ooggs come back to us as well love!

Sokmonsta Wed 23-Jan-13 15:34:40

<weeps and wails in a hugely over dramatic 'we're doomed!' way>

Just went out to fetch my eldest from school. Car started up fine. Then went mental! Handbrake fault, gearbox fault, depollution system faulty, ABS faulty and ESP faulty, or something like that.

It's going to be a) inconvenient and b). Expensive. I can just feel it already. Oh, and did I mention we go on holiday Monday <cue more wailing and stressing>.

Thank god for neighbours who kindly fetched mine with theirs, and the fab AA cover which covers everything except onward travel and hire if car. Inc repairs to a degree. Fingers crossed the faults can either be repaired or are covered by the aa repair cover.

But I'm wallowing in a why me pity party at the moment. Last time my car broke down I was without it for nearly a month. It's our 7 seater and dh had time off work so we couldn't go anywhere.

Chopstheduck Wed 23-Jan-13 16:04:45

oh Soks! Hope it is something minor. It sounds like it might be electrical - surely all those things can't have really gone wrong at the same time.

Bubby, hopefully give them a bit more time and J will settle. I know what you mean about M though, it was exactly the same for us.

I ache! Just walked back up the school again. the snow is turning to slush though, rather than ice! grin

Chopstheduck Wed 23-Jan-13 16:08:15

And soks, fingers crossed for the car.

D'y know the only times I've ever got flat tyres was firstly the evening before we were due to drive to France catching the dawn ferry - right after all the garages close! And the second was driving through Holland on a sunday the day before we were due to leave Holland for Germany - garages do not open on a sunday in Holland! We did manage to get sorted in the end, though both times we had to buy new tyres rather than repair them cos it was all we could get. Stupid new fangled cars with no spare wheels!

You've got a few days, will be keeping everything crossed that it is something really quick and easy!

triplets Wed 23-Jan-13 23:00:28

I`m hiding from you all...........feeling very old, tired, fat and frumpy...........I am old, tired, fat and frumpy what am I talking about.........sigh...........had a huge row in a charity shop yesterday with the manager........will tell you tomorrow as I am tired................and fat....and old...and frumpy.............and peed off with my dd.............and I miss my Mum, days like today I would phone her and she would always take my side, bless her. Night all xx

<<Trips makes effort and wheels in trolley, ryvita, an orange and a glass of Sanatogen>>

rubyrubyruby Wed 23-Jan-13 23:04:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

shabbatheGreek Wed 23-Jan-13 23:39:53

Trips I am like a helium balloon at the moment - verrrrrrrrrrry fat.

You, my lovely, lovely friend are the person who is always, always there for me. I know if I pick up the phone right now you are always there for me.

Don't make me come and find you and slap the back of your legs LOL - thats what my Mum used to do with me.

Chin up me owd mucker....chin up, shoulders back, one foot in front of the other and dont forget to breathe xxxxxxxxx

shabbatheGreek Wed 23-Jan-13 23:40:29

<<pours copius amounts of Gin into the Sanatogen>>

shabbatheGreek Wed 23-Jan-13 23:41:32

<<puts her Faliraki nipple tassels on and dances about like a loon>>


Chopstheduck Thu 24-Jan-13 05:52:52

Morning girls.

Big <<hugs>> trips. You are not fat, or frumpy, you are a lovely, beautiful woman and stop hiding behind the sofa!!

<<Knocks up eggs Benedict, bacon sarnies, and eggs and soldiers in an attempt to lure trips out>>

MORE fecking snow overnight. Oh and I started watching the DVD of the live show Mrs Brown's boys last night - absolutely brilliant! Have you seen it yet, Shabs?

shabbatheGreek Thu 24-Jan-13 06:45:54

Morning girls xx

Not watched it Chops - love the programme though.

Sokmonsta Thu 24-Jan-13 07:51:10

Morning! Feeling slightly positive about car. AA managed to disengage auto handbrake so I can apply it manually. All the lights have now gone off and haven't come back on yet! Still drives fine so it's going to my mechanic straight from the school run. Fingers crossed he can fix it before Monday. If not I will be begging my sister for the loan of her 7 seater for the week and she can have dh's car while we're away.

Trips, I will join you in the large-arse parade. I have one pair of jeans which fits comfortably. The others, well, lets say I'm doing a fantastic job of working out my stomach muscles holding it all in so the muffin top doesn't look like a whole batch of muffins! <mmmmmm. Muffins...... Wonder if that, the Jaffa cakes, freddos and malteasers are to blame.....nah....... wink>

Well the looooooooooong walk from the garage to my mum's house should help with some of that. Especially pushing double buggy and walking carrying a stroppy 2 year old.

inthewildernessbuild Thu 24-Jan-13 11:16:05

hi, I haven't been on this thread before, but often wanted to come over to Multiples board. Bubbly suggested that it was the right place for mothers of slightly fractious pre-teen twins!

I have been on the Good Housekeeping long running Fledgling threads before, but after 4 years my house doesn't seem to have improved and I have developed a phobia of lists and a fear of scary organised people

Hope you don't mind. I have boy/girl twins aged 10/11 [boy has mild Asperger's]. And a older son of 12/13 who is in his second year at Secondary. My husband runs a business from home and I am SAHM/volunteer. And I live in London!

Husband away on business abroad as of 5am this morning; I've been waiting for this moment, and I am just about to tackle the week's tidying up after spending most of the morning chatting to an old friend grin.
First stop the upstairs which is strewn with clothes, toys, paper.

Chopstheduck Thu 24-Jan-13 11:28:01

Ooh newbie! Did you bring cake? grin

You are very welcome, I have four, girl 12 (also y8 secondary), boy 10 (with sn) and 7yo dt boys. NOT looking forard to the boys being preteens! DD is a bit jekyl and hyde these days, never sure which is coming down the stairs. It all seems to passed ds1 over so far, thank goodness.

Chopstheduck Thu 24-Jan-13 11:28:55

oh and soks - that's great news! Those auto handbrakes are a pita.

triplets Thu 24-Jan-13 11:44:37

Goodmorning girls and especially to our newbie, if you have twins or more this is the only place to be, plus we are entertaining and lovely and supportive and mad................what more could you want? My trio are 15 this Sunday, they all want money.............James said this morning, "will I get enough for a new phone, its only £159!!! The boys are fine, its my dd who is just a nightmare, but I am told its only for another few years! Did you bring cake.....................we like cake don`t we girls? Thank you Shabs and everyone, just got this thing atm about my neck, I know it probably sounds silly but I hate it, it is sooooooooooooo ageing. So much so I have just changed into the only high necked top I`ve got, its a fleece so I will boil.....oh to be so vain! Right Tues row in the charity shop...........
I was killing time whilst waiting to meet my poorly brother for a coffee, he and Thomas spend Sundays tog at his watching movies and they are always needing new ones. So I bought one at £2.99p and went straight to Costa and gave it to him, but they had already seen it. So less than an hour later I took it back, the same nice lady who knows me well said she would have to ask the manager if she could change it. He appeared like the genie out of the lamp, he must have heard us. "We don`t exchange dvds or cds, there is a notice up there (waving his hand up to it) its not our policy". "Oh I said, but I have only just bought it an hour ago, they have seen it, I don`t want a refund just to exchange it please". "Can`t you read, we don`t exchange them, nor will any other shop in the town". Well girls the steam was coming out of my ears, the shop was full of customers who by now were all staring at us. So with a deep breath (really I wanted to slap him) I said, "please keep your dvd and please keep my £3, but please be sure I shall never buy another thing in this shop". I walked away, as I did I heard him say, "thats up to you". All the customers were laughing, I felt awful. Once I got outside I remembered that I donate £6 a month to the BHF, so home I came and phoned them up and cancelled my direct debit. They of course said they were sorry to lose me, so I told them why. They put me through to customer services who were horrified and said yes that is there policy but the manager should have used his discretion as it had only just been purchased. They said they were treating this very seriously and would be contacting the store manager immediately and thought that they needed some serious staff training! It just made me cross when I am always the first to support charities! There thats off my chest............., when and where?

<<hug hug hug to you all for being sooooo kind to me, even though I look like a product of Bernard Matthews>>

Sokmonsta Thu 24-Jan-13 11:45:32


Limped car to garage (10 miles at 25mph max). Wouldn't get above 3rd gear. My mechanic can't fix it so its got to go to one of his mates, who can't do it for another week and a half. angryangryangryangry

Ho hum.

inthewildernessbuild Thu 24-Jan-13 11:50:52

grin Jekyll and Hyde. Yes, I had Jekylla this morning. She gave me a big kiss and told me she loved me before going to school. She is hoping I will find her an enormous cardboard box, much bigger than those of her friends, for school Homeless Day (they have to fast in the playground in cardboard boxes in two weeks, to raise money). Ds2 departed in a puff of green smoke though, screeching he was going to be late and it was all my fault for letting him go on Youtube after his cornflakes...I think it was though grin
Ds1 asked me plaintively if I would change his school meal tariff to allow him juice and sandwich instead of Meal Deal (which includes veg). Lunchtime is a rush because he has choir but we have ongoing saga about him buying wrong stuff at lunch. So finally I rang up at 11am (lost number), and the lady in charge, said, Oh, I was just speaking to your son and he asked me if you had rung up yet. Too late blush

I feel guilty now. And I need to investigate cardboard boxes too. I think there is an appliance shop at end of high street hmm I'm sure it wasn't meant to be the point of Homeless Day that the pupils started competing over cardboard boxes...

inthewildernessbuild Thu 24-Jan-13 11:55:43

oooh, that would have made me mad re: DVD. I suppose it is to stop people bringing inferior stuff in and then trying to swop it. Still.

No, sadly I have no cake. Trying to stay off the cake. Unless it is homemade. That doesn't count. The calories expended lugging ingredients, washing up and beating stuff cancel it out.

triplets Thu 24-Jan-13 11:55:45

Sokky...................what a pain, poor you xxx
Teens will compete and argue over anything, they wear me out!

rubyrubyruby Thu 24-Jan-13 12:14:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Chopstheduck Thu 24-Jan-13 12:46:37

oh no, soks sad What are you going to do about holiday?

the demands they make, wilderness! Dd wanted a full picnic set to take to school yesterday, told me Tues night. Ermmm, no, not happening. I like my picnic set with all the pieces still intact. The best one was when she wanted to take our hoover to school! Not sure how she planned to take it on the bus grin

Trips, I'm really glad you called up to complain and they are taking action - bloody silly woman! And you need some nice scarves, think chic rather than granny style!

rubes, what's happening with it? <nosy and ignoring the fact you asked trips>

Wish I'd know that about cake yesterday. DS1 had a VE party at school, I had completely forgotten to do anything about it, so like a domestic goddess I whisked up a batch of fairy cakes before breakfast! And since i am on a diet, I had to walk to school with the smell of freshly baked cakes following me, and I didn't even get a taste. Now if I'd known that making them cancelled them out...!

Chopstheduck Thu 24-Jan-13 12:47:11

Just realised rubes already said that!

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