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Of Mice and Maltesers - chat thread for round three.

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AgentProvocateur Sat 02-Jul-11 17:54:54

First posting date - 1 August.

Please email the initials of your book and author by 20 July to ali41w at googlemail dot com.

stickylittlefingers Mon 01-Aug-11 19:12:13

The ones that didn't make it...

Rosy Thornton's Hearts and Minds I wasn't sure if this might be classed as chicklit... I wouldn't, I must admit - Rosy calls it "gradlit". (BTW I do know Rosy, I'm not being weird!!). This one has more barbs than the others, but I would recommend her novels as being not hard, but still intelligent and very warm-hearted.

Arnold Bennett's Riceyman Steps A scary story!! I love Bennett.

Irene Nemirovsky's Jezebel This was the one I was worried everyone would have read already. I read Suite Francaise a few years ago and found it very moving. I've only more recently read others by her, for some reason (time, probably!). This one is a great critique of the pressure on/by women to be "forever young". "David Golder" is really really good, too - amazing she wrote it when she was only 26. This may of course be old news to you all!!

stickylittlefingers Mon 01-Aug-11 19:14:15

oh yes, meant to say that I think the book pages are a good idea. I like it when they get discursive!!

Itsjustafleshwound Tue 02-Aug-11 11:36:55

Is this the time to admit that I didn't have any nearly-runs?? It isn't that I am sure of my choice, just that I don't think I could have chosen a worse book than I did the last round ! (or am I setting myself up??)

AgentProvocateur Tue 02-Aug-11 12:07:29

What was your book in the last round, itsjusta? It can't have been that bad if I can't remember it...

Itsjustafleshwound Tue 02-Aug-11 12:41:27

Glad to hear that it didn't make too much of an impression grin!!

It was Prince of Tides (Pat Conroy)

AgentProvocateur Tue 02-Aug-11 16:35:00

I remember it now. I'd already read it years ago, but I enjoyed it very much at the time. Crap film, though.

Lolaladybird, your book and chocolate have just arrived. I was literally raking through the cupboard, looking for something sweet when the postman came. Great timing. I have read the book before, but it was years ago, so I'll re-read it.

artifarti Tue 02-Aug-11 18:27:13

I loved The Prince of Tides! smile

LolaLadybird Tue 02-Aug-11 22:54:57

Oh no, a shame you'd already read it AP. I hope that nobody else has. I'd never heard of it until I'd read or seen something about the particular condition so didn't think the book was that well-known. When I've mentioned the book to others, nobody seemed to have read it (although one mentioned the film).

Aah, Prince of Tides {backs guiltily away from thread as she recalls Itsjusta's copy still gracing her bookshelves ....blush} Although I think I could still claim the prize for most rubbish book of first round with my House at Riverton debacle (in my defence, DS was only months old and I was very much into 'accessible' books at the time!)

LolaLadybird Tue 02-Aug-11 23:11:19

Have just started a thread for my book (as in my own choice not the one I've received).

My also-rans are all fairly recent reads (in the last year or so) as I find it really hard to recall books from years ago:

Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by Helen Simonson (a cracking, rye observation of life in modern-day rural England)
We Are All Made of Glue by Marina Lewycka (I remember trying to stifle my laughter reading this on a train)
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society by Marie Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows.(a lovely lovely book)

stickylittlefingers Wed 03-Aug-11 11:22:59

smile This is good! I love having the feeling of lots of good books to read (I do wonder why I didn't do a degree in Eng Lit given how much I love reading. If only I could have a word with my 17 year old self!)

My book and choc arrived this morning from the very cheery postman.... smile

I think I can honestly say I have enjoyed every book that I've had from M&M at some level - some more than others, of course, but none were a waste of time or anything like that (certainly don't need to be called a debacle!!). This is not to say I have never put aside a book in disgust... Passion of New Eve by Angela Carter I never finished. Utterly disengaging. And the one that came free with that Radox offer a while back. Stupid women in that. So just to prove I'm not mindlessly enthusiastic grin

stickylittlefingers Wed 03-Aug-11 11:43:44

and have also started a page for my book choice, when you're ready Arti...

Itsjustafleshwound Wed 03-Aug-11 17:30:22

Hi Artifarti -your book arrived today - all I can say is YIPPEE!!! My mum has not stopped telling me to read it as she enjoyed it so much - I am really looking forward to getting my nose in to a book and let the children entertain themselves ... and chocolate is well hidden in the fridge!

I honestly wasn't fishing with my posting - glad that you enjoyed it, but the pressure of choosing a non-bestseller, good read is hard!!

Happy reading everyone

aristocat Wed 03-Aug-11 19:27:45

thanks Dysgu book and chocolate arrived today smile

will hopefully start reading asap

Dysgu Wed 03-Aug-11 23:02:43

Glad book arrived aristocat - glad you hadn't already read the book as I was a bit worried that it may have been too obvious. I ended up de-selecting several as they had too many reviews on Amazon! I will try to hunt out some more interesting chocolate for next month. Very limited, shopwise, here on the island so will have to try harder!

I have yet to receive anything but it looks like JohnWorf is posting to me and I think I recall reading that someone was on holiday, perhaps her?

Need to read 'Beloved' by Toni Morrison for RL book club so will make a start on that instead...

AgentProvocateur Mon 08-Aug-11 21:15:57

Has everyone got their new book now? I'm heading off to bed now to finish mine.

aristocat Thu 11-Aug-11 10:38:10

nice book Dysgu enjoying it smile

artifarti Thu 11-Aug-11 10:51:34

I've finished mine - thanks slf, I really enjoyed it. Will post on your thread.

The ones I nearly chose were:

Beijing Coma by Ma Jian (all about the 1989 student's revolution and Tiananmen Square massacre) but then I thought it was quite long and maybe I only liked it because I recently went to China!

Puffball by Fay Weldon but then I thought it might be a bit freaky and gynaecological...

I think I've chosen one for next time hurry up everyone! wink

Itsjustafleshwound Thu 11-Aug-11 10:53:30

Bookj received - really enjoying it. Blast the school holidays and having children to entertain !

aristocat Sat 13-Aug-11 13:43:34

Dysgu i have finished your book - can you start a thread so i can post my thoughts please smile

Dysgu Sat 13-Aug-11 22:09:05

Johnworf thank you for the book - collected it from the sorting office today. Looks interesting. Have only read one book by that author - and that one was said to be very different from his others so looking forward to starting yours.

aristocat off to start a thread right now!

LolaLadybird Mon 22-Aug-11 14:36:38

Back off hols and have finished your book Aristo - didn't take long, I like a good page turner! Will post my thoughts on your thread.

LolaLadybird Wed 24-Aug-11 07:13:42

Hi Ladies. How are you all? And how is everyone getting on with their books? I'm eagerly awaiting the next posting date (being on holiday helped me get ahead with my reading!).

Would be interested to know what else you are all reading at the mo. I managed to fall off a horse at the end of my hols sad and badly sprained my ankle so have been spending a lot of time with my foot up on the sofa - has certainly given me some extra reading time.

I have just ordered a copy of What the Nanny Saw. Read some reviews on another thread which were v positive, apparently more than just your average chick-lit (which was what I was expecting from the cover).

AgentProvocateur Wed 24-Aug-11 11:35:40

Lola, sorry to hear about your ankle. I went on a horse this summer for the first time in over 20 years, and I was terrified. It was a huge horse, and I didn't enjoy it at the time at all (although, now that some time has elapsed, I'd love to do it again!)

Anyway, to answer your question, I'm reading The New Confessions by William Boyd, and thoroughly enjoying it.

Here's a confession of my own - I somehow totally forgot that we had posting dates, so I've already sent next month's book on to stickylittlefingers.

Lolaladybird, if you want to send the next one early to me, feel free.

LolaLadybird Wed 24-Aug-11 14:15:21

Hi AP. It was the first time I'd ridden in a few years - I used to ride a lot before I had the DC's but it's one of those things that had gone by the wayside. Annoying thing was I went out on the same horse the morning before and had a completely uneventful ride but then the next day it all went wrong! I don't know if I'll feel differently in a few weeks/months time but at the moment, I can honestly say, I have no interest in getting on a horse again!

Will send my book on early if I can get myself to a post office - mobility a bit of problem at the mo as can't drive but have fingers crossed for a quick recovery!

stickylittlefingers Wed 24-Aug-11 15:57:53

oooh, my book's coming already! What a bonus!! Thanks AP! I guess there's no reason why I shouldn't send Arti's on early too.

lola - poor you! I hope the ankle gets better soon. I did much the same thing on my 21st birthday. The party wasn't quite spent how I'd imagined (tho cue lots of jokes about not having so far to fall over, or starting early in the day etc...). I'm reading Robert Harris's "Lustrum" - about Cicero. It's very jolly, typical Robert Harris, if you like that sort of thing (which I do!)

Hope all is well with the chocolate-eaters...

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