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Brighton - Coffee in the park?

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pinkmama Mon 16-May-05 20:05:08

Hi you lovely brightonions!
A while ago there was some discussion about meeting in Preston Park when the weather gets better. Well (apart from at this moment actually) it seems better, so wondered if anyone fancied going for it, next week say?

pinkmama Mon 16-May-05 21:44:11

i meant people who live in Brighton-not intelligent vegetables, obviously

starlover Tue 17-May-05 09:29:26

i would like to come!

pinkmama Tue 17-May-05 11:52:36

Excellent! Now lets see if we can flush out a few others!

pinkmama Tue 17-May-05 18:16:55

Anyone else?

starlover Tue 17-May-05 18:37:39


charleepeters Tue 17-May-05 19:17:16

will come if i can get transport i dont live in brighton but dont live far (chichester) but my mums a mumsnetter so hopefully will be able to come xxx

redshoes Wed 18-May-05 20:38:48

I'll come - I'm in Hove,actually

pinkmama Thu 19-May-05 09:01:13

Excellent, lets hope the weather improves! Anyone else?

noddyholder Thu 19-May-05 09:02:28

yes please but can't do Thursday xx

pinkmama Thu 19-May-05 09:23:24

Hi Noddy, will avoid thursday then. A while ago someone tried to organise a coffee morning in Brighton but it didnt work out. On that thread there was a few people who said that when weather got better how about coffee at preston park, now I cant find the thread. Can you remember it?

starlover Thu 19-May-05 15:30:20

I can't do Monday....

pinkmama Thu 19-May-05 15:38:16

Hmm, I cant do Tuesday or Wednesday. Is that every week Noddy and Starlover that Mon and Thurs are out? How does Friday sound?

starlover Thu 19-May-05 15:46:37

just this coming monday for me.
Friday sounds good though.

noddyholder Thu 19-May-05 15:59:24

no just this week I can do friday next week or wednesday

RnB Thu 19-May-05 16:35:12

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

MABS Thu 19-May-05 16:53:05

will see when you arrange it for, then i'll try and make it too

pinkmama Fri 20-May-05 12:59:50

Hmm, every day next week seems a bit difficult for people, then the week after is half term. We could meet up with the older kids as well that week, or we could leave it until the week after half term and meet on say Thursday.

What do you all reckon?

noddyholder Fri 20-May-05 13:08:18

what about fri 3rd with all kids all ages in tow?

pinkmama Fri 20-May-05 13:34:16

That would suit me. In fact dd was moaning this morning that she wouldnt get to meet any of the infamous mners, so she will be happy!

cheekycharlie32 Fri 20-May-05 14:00:58

Hello Pink id love to come.. ive just joined so im a newbie lol

Cam Fri 20-May-05 14:15:29

I'm coming to Brighton on Wed June 1 to get my hair cut, that date suit anyone?

pinkmama Fri 20-May-05 14:16:05

Unfortunately I cant do that day cam

Cam Fri 20-May-05 14:44:19

Don't worry, it was just an off-chance idea, I'll meet up another time

desperatehousewife Fri 20-May-05 14:59:23

Hi, I can do next week (not the monday) or the week after (not the Friday)

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