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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Single Parent by Choice Meet? Anyone interested?

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Kewcumber Wed 11-Jun-08 13:59:42

I'm thinking of those of us who have adopted, used donor sperm or chose not to have a partner involved in some other way. I suppose those whose DC's really don't have a practical/legal father.

How do you fancy a Meet-up (am going to suggest London or close as I'm organising it but we could be flexible - say Godstone Farm or somewhere similar)

If you don't want to admit openly that you are in that group then CAt me if you are interested.

margoandjerry Wed 11-Jun-08 14:04:56

I'm in. And happy to flaunt myself too grin

Great idea - thanks for suggesting smile

Kewcumber Wed 11-Jun-08 14:06:04

I know you're happy to flaunt so I didn;t have a problem with you - know at least one other DI mumsnetter but I need to chek if she's "open".

Kewcumber Wed 11-Jun-08 14:07:15

actually I think she is... I go stalk her too.

Kewcumber Wed 11-Jun-08 14:18:23


Kewcumber Wed 11-Jun-08 15:07:17


Kewcumber Wed 11-Jun-08 16:55:24


Kewcumber Wed 11-Jun-08 20:56:53

bump for the evening - I know there are more of you...

Kewcumber Thu 12-Jun-08 10:01:02

bump again

spicemonster Thu 12-Jun-08 14:40:35

Is it me you're stalking? I'm out and proud Well, I'm not gay but you know what I mean

That would be great - we'd love to come along (incidentally I think I saw you in Ludgate Circus the other week Kew but you looked in a hurry and I wasn't 100% sure it was you)

I didn't know you were a DI mum too margoandjerry

Kewcumber Thu 12-Jun-08 16:58:49

yes I didn;t want ot out you to each otehr (IYSWIM smile) thought even if its just the three of us it might be nice to meet.

Easily could have been me at Ludgate circus (and never in a hurry though!)

spicemonster Thu 12-Jun-08 17:20:28

Yes it would be nice, even if it's just a bijou meet. Perhaps I was just projecting - I was late for my own leaving drinks which isn't really the done thing

Earlybird Thu 12-Jun-08 17:54:10

Me too please. DD and I would love to come along to meet all of you and your dc.

spicemonster Thu 12-Jun-08 20:40:05

I'm bumping in case there's any more of us who've managed to get home, put their DCs to bed and log on

margoandjerry Fri 13-Jun-08 11:03:12

Didn't know you were either spice. Seems like actually quite normal people are grin.

MascaraOHara Tue 17-Jun-08 16:39:17

what's DI?

Kewcumber Tue 17-Jun-08 16:40:18

its a very secret society - if you don;t know then you're not in it wink

Kewcumber Tue 17-Jun-08 16:41:26

its a very secret society - if you don;t know then you're not in it wink

Kewcumber Tue 17-Jun-08 16:42:13

donor insemination (ie completely anonymous)

Kewcumber Tue 17-Jun-08 16:59:56

OK preferences for dates first - I assume for the workers we are looking at a weekend?

How about Sat or Sun morning in July?

spicemonster Tue 17-Jun-08 17:12:20

In July we could do Sat 12th or either day the following weekend (19/20th)

mogs0 Tue 17-Jun-08 19:54:33

I'd have loved to have come, used to live right next to you Kew (Chiswick) but we're in soggy South Wales now. I might make a special trip to the big city if you meet at Kew Gardens, I love it and miss it very much!!!!

Kewcumber Tue 17-Jun-08 20:27:44

how funny Mogs, we swapped as I grew up predominantly in soggy south wales (llanelli) and went to UNi there too (Cardiff).

Eitehr of thse days are fine for me so how how anyone else...

margoandjerry Tue 17-Jun-08 22:43:28

ooh. Think I could do 19/20th july. May I get my people to liaise with your people? (meaning my diary is at work but I can check on dates tomorrow grin)

MrsRecycle Wed 18-Jun-08 08:09:04

envy if I ship my dh off to work for the day (ie single parent for the day) can I join in? grin - would love to meet you margo at long last - and catch up with you KC and your adorable ds. And if it's Godstone Farm, even better....

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