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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

anyone in hudderfield, leeds or dewsbury

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somebody Mon 10-Jan-05 09:19:33

Message withdrawn

somebody Wed 12-Jan-05 06:53:50

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Wed 12-Jan-05 08:25:09

Message withdrawn

somebody Wed 12-Jan-05 08:50:16

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Wed 12-Jan-05 10:13:40

Message withdrawn

somebody Wed 12-Jan-05 12:47:04

Message withdrawn

lowcalCOD Wed 12-Jan-05 12:48:46

my family are form dewburya nd batley years ago

Tetley Wed 12-Jan-05 12:55:39

I'm in Leeds. There seem to be quite a few of us around here - though I'm at the opposite end of Leeds to Yorkiegirl.

I've got 2 boys - 4 & 2. I'm up for a meet if it's a Thusday or Friday as I work first part of the week. Don't mind where as I've got transport. I only really know of stuff in Leeds, so it's probably best if I leave suggestions to YG so that they're a bit nearer to you, Somebody......

YG - over to you

CarrieG Wed 12-Jan-05 13:01:21

I'm in Huddersfield - could do Leeds or Dewsbury? No transport so would need to be somewhere in strolling distance from train!

Newbarnsleygirl Wed 12-Jan-05 13:04:41

Have you checked out the other thread Tetly and Carrieg? The wakefield one. We're trying to get something together maybe on the 25th Jan, possibly in Leeds?

Tetley Wed 12-Jan-05 13:07:54

Yes, I've seen that thanks, but unfortunately that's a Tuesday & I'll be at work

Another time, maybe....

somebody Wed 12-Jan-05 13:19:33

Message withdrawn

somebody Wed 12-Jan-05 13:20:23

Message withdrawn

secur Wed 12-Jan-05 13:23:17

Message withdrawn

Tetley Wed 12-Jan-05 13:28:12

And she means lots of dds.....

I think we'll need numerous meetups now! Start of week / end of week / weekend

secur Wed 12-Jan-05 13:31:51

Message withdrawn

Tetley Wed 12-Jan-05 13:32:49

What will your boss say about all of that time off work - you already spend most of your working life on here as it is

secur Wed 12-Jan-05 13:36:42

Message withdrawn

Tetley Wed 12-Jan-05 14:33:20

Still haven't come up with any suggestions for Leeds centre - to be close to train. Perhaps YG can think of something when she's around????

somebody Wed 12-Jan-05 14:35:47

Message withdrawn

secur Wed 12-Jan-05 14:35:49

Message withdrawn

Kayleigh Wed 12-Jan-05 14:38:35

You'll also need an occasional visitors meet-up Dh's family are in Bramley so we are up in your neck of the woods two or three times a year.

Tetley Wed 12-Jan-05 14:39:28

All the places I can think of are on the outskirts too - no use for people on public transport (with how crap it is around Leeds!).

Will keep in contact, Somebody - though not at work for rest of week, so I don't get on so much when I have to look after the kids too (don't they get in the way!!!!)

secur Wed 12-Jan-05 14:49:27

Message withdrawn

triceratops Wed 12-Jan-05 14:50:30

How about Eureka! that is just next to Halifax train station. Tropical World (roundhay park) is dead easy by bus. Thackwray Medical Museum (for the farting toilets and has a lovely cafe) Leeds Royal Armories (for the large model elephant and the glass bridges) and York Railway Museum is just next to the station.

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