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MN Spain meetup spring 2005

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SenoraPostrophe Sun 12-Dec-04 22:39:30

any takers?

SenoraPostrophe Sun 12-Dec-04 22:40:07

sorry. Bored this evening.

spacedonkey Sun 12-Dec-04 22:40:54

I'd like to come. But don't live in Spain! Am planning a trip earlyish next year though. Where would the meetup be SP?

Kaysleighbells Sun 12-Dec-04 22:41:16

can anyone come ???!!!

cranberryjampot Sun 12-Dec-04 22:43:11

you may like to meet up with my inlaws they live in Polop!

SenoraPostrophe Sun 12-Dec-04 22:43:21


I just posted that because I was fed up of seeing meetup threads about meetups I can´t go to really.

But if you are anywhere near Granada (so Granada province or Costa del Sol), then maybe we can have one after all!

Your Italian will come in handy - you just swap i for o.

spacedonkey Sun 12-Dec-04 22:43:47

<< hurriedly consults map of spain >>

spacedonkey Sun 12-Dec-04 22:45:02

I'm going to be between Alicante and Valencia. Not sure when it'll be exactly. Would love to meet you though, would I be able to get a train?

Kaysleighbells Sun 12-Dec-04 22:45:06

<<wonders whether housekeeping will stretch to long weekend in Spain>>

chatee Sun 12-Dec-04 22:45:44

i'd love too BUT my best mate moved to Alhaurin and that has to be my next holiday-wishful thinking!!!
and we've just bought a new camcorder to capture dd's first school play tomorrow and ds's first christmas.... so we need to start saving again..
never mind i'll keep my eye on this thread incase we win the lottery...
hope you're well senorap...

SenoraPostrophe Sun 12-Dec-04 22:47:16

jampot - you have Spanish inlaws? Did they teach you how to cook and stuff? (some of my friends' Spanish mother in laws were overly concerned about the gastronomical well-being of theri sons!) Where is polop?

kayleigh - of course!

SenoraPostrophe Sun 12-Dec-04 22:49:11

alicante is a 4 hour drive I think (roads not brill) or something like an 8 hour train. But I imagine there are some good places in between. Or we could visit Alicante for a weekend.

SenoraPostrophe Sun 12-Dec-04 22:51:06

chatee - how's your mate getting on. do you mean Alhaurin de la Torre in Malaga? It's nice - we looked at moving there. Would recomend daytrip to Granada though (really - the Alhambra has to be seen to be believed)

spacedonkey Sun 12-Dec-04 22:53:42

We will be hiring a car. Dp would probably love to drive down to granada - he knows spain well. Will come back to this thread when I've got some idea of dates

chatee Sun 12-Dec-04 22:54:39

alhaurin el grande...she moved there last year, we met 10 years ago when we both worked in Nerja and she has decided life is better over there.....wish we could but as dd has cerebral palsy we decided to stay in the uk but would love eventually to move, dd is 4 and i am teaching her spanish already(lots of Dora toys for xmas..)

cranberryjampot Sun 12-Dec-04 22:58:44

No SP - they're not spanish. MIL is english and FIL was born/brought up in India (originally from English family) so plenty of languages around! They've always had a second home in Spain (Denia, Alicante) but decided to move out properly a couple of days after I married/stole their son . I think Polop is north of Denia towards Benidorm (but could be totally wrong)

spacedonkey Sun 12-Dec-04 23:00:22

blimey, I think Denia is where we're going

cranberryjampot Sun 12-Dec-04 23:01:10

Polop is directly north of Benidorm

SenoraPostrophe Sun 12-Dec-04 23:06:08

Chatee - I was thinking of Alhaurin el Grande! Have you seen the Dorling kindersly 100 first Spanish words sticker book? dh's sister liked it.

SD - just looked it up - it's 188 miles by road, so yes, about 4 hours. I'll see what dh thinks about a trip there (we do have some clients there - maybe they'll pay

spacedonkey Sun 12-Dec-04 23:06:52

I really want to see the alhambra

chatee Sun 12-Dec-04 23:10:22

yes,my friend has a dd who is 3 so whenever i get anything spanish/english i tend to get two and send her one..infact you have just reminded me of a present hidden away for dd, got it ages ago and sent the other to spain last week
ooh you're making me so homesick for a visit...iykwim...i lived in spain for 7 years and loved it

SenoraPostrophe Sun 12-Dec-04 23:11:15

it is well worth seeing.

It's big though - if you want to see all of it you need a whole day (but that's exhausting - we did 2 half days). And we could show you round!

spacedonkey Sun 12-Dec-04 23:12:16

wow, i'd love to do that!

SenoraPostrophe Sun 12-Dec-04 23:13:24

chattee - it's great living here with kids...everyone loves them.

chatee Sun 12-Dec-04 23:16:55

i think you're baby is just a month or two older than my ds if i remember rightly from the ante-natal ds was born in feb 2004.
my dream is to walk along the beach hand in hand with my dd walking without any aid other than my loving hand gently guiding her(and as she is really trying to take more steps unaided it could well happen this year)but hey i'm just so excited about tomorrow

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