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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Calling All Lancashire Mums

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SennaF1 Sun 21-Jan-07 10:25:35

Hello Everyone,
My name is Mandy and I live in Preston, Lancashire with my Husband Steve and our 16 month old daughter. I work full-time monday-friday but If anyone fancies meeting up on a saturday, please leave a message

Love Mandy

mummymic Sun 21-Jan-07 12:15:18

hi senna - i live in blackpool with my dd (2.6) and ds2 (8 months) meeting up would be good
do you fancy arranging something?

lulumama Sun 21-Jan-07 12:18:27

i am in southport, and we did a little southport meet up a few weeks ago which was a lot of fun! i have DS 7 and DD 17 months.....we are often at a loose end on a saturday !

SennaF1 Sun 21-Jan-07 14:03:30

Thank you so much for your replies mummymic and lulumama. I already organise a meet-up once a month in Preston, but I would love to meet up other mums around the NorthWest.

mummymic, we should arrange something in the next 2 or 3 weeks, that would be lovely

lulumama, it would be nice to meet up at some stage with yourself as my daughter is around the same age as your daughter

lulumama Sun 21-Jan-07 14:05:24

okey doke ! do you drive ? if not i was going to suggest meeting at kidsplay in southport as the train stops outside ! also, i don;t really know preston..are there many good kids places? or somewhere between where we both live?

SennaF1 Sun 21-Jan-07 16:08:20

Hi again Lulumama, I don't drive so getting around can be a bit difficult at times, it's such a pain as I usually get my husband to drive me everywhere lol. I'm sure that we can try and sort something out soon

Ceebee74 Sun 21-Jan-07 20:08:25


I live in Blackburn so another Lancashire mum.

Would love to meet up but Saturdays are no good for me unfortunately

Senna - met Lulumama a couple of weeks ago - she is fab (and her kids are lovely) <Hi Lulumama>

mummymic Mon 22-Jan-07 17:14:29

hi - i have a scenic and can fit 3 baby seats in back - so i have a spare place! if anyone needs a lift - or maybe this should wait til we have met a few times (?) - but i am mobile and can go anywhere - senna i can do the next 2 sats, but 17th feb i am going to see shayne ward (yeah!) in b'ham

where do you fancy going?
lula do you fancy coming?

megandsoph Mon 22-Jan-07 17:17:03

ooooh mummymic I live in Fleetwood

So wish you lived nearer lulu I would love you as me doula lol

mummymic Mon 22-Jan-07 20:08:53

can i propose we meet on sat 10 feb - venue - any suggestions? oooh im all excited now !

REIDnotREEDorREAD Mon 22-Jan-07 20:14:06

I live in Newton Le Willows (near st.helens) i also met lulu at the southport meet up (hi lulu!) i would like to meet up too! it is my brothers birthday on the 10th of feb so not sure of any plans yet. Although i am pretty sure any arrangemens would be in the evening so can i come?

will keep an eye on this thread to double check which date is finalised.

chocolateshoes Mon 22-Jan-07 20:17:17


Am in north Lancs - just outside Lancaster. DS is 19mths. Will watch this thread to see if there's a meet-up nearish!

Donbean Mon 22-Jan-07 20:20:06

me too, me too can i come???
Im in Blackpool
Hi mummymic

Rhubarb Mon 22-Jan-07 20:21:28

Netmums is good in Preston. I used to be editor of that site. It had nearly every pub in Preston and rated how child friendly they were - I loved doing my research!

I don't live in Preston now. But JanH is in Clitheroe and has gone to a few meet-ups. We used to arrange them in Manchester as there are quite a few who live around M/cr and it's easy to get to.

I'm actually in Preston on the 3rd Feb, out round the town getting ratted for my birthday!

Oh and there is a brilliant NCT club in Preston, they used to do nights out (that I founded!) and probably still do. The organiser of the coffee groups is a lady called Sue, say hello to her for me, she's great!

stoppinattwo Mon 22-Jan-07 20:39:17

oooohhh ohh I might give this one a whirl if you decide where youre going

REIDnotREEDorREAD Mon 22-Jan-07 20:43:44

hi SA2! hopefully it will be 10th Feb as has been suggested!

Where are we meeting has it been decided?

Rhubarb Mon 22-Jan-07 20:46:32

<Rhubs takes notes of those who do not acknowledge her most eloquent post and puts them on her "hit list">

lulumama Mon 22-Jan-07 20:46:34

thanks megandsoph!!!

can i also say that ceebee and reidie and their boys are lovely, and we had a great time when we met up !! lots and lots of fun !

10th should be ok !

lulumama Mon 22-Jan-07 20:47:25

rhubs.... i joined netmums, but actually found the site impossible to navigate !!
i am fairly involved with our local NCT group too!

see , something in common rhubarb !

Ceebee74 Mon 22-Jan-07 20:54:37

Hi everyone - once a date has been set, will see if I can make it. Will have to do some gentle persuasion on DH as he sees weekends as 'family' time so not sure he would be impressed with me whisking DS away for a few hours!

Rhubarb Mon 22-Jan-07 20:55:45

When did you join Netmums lulu? Surely not when I was editor?

And you mean you are in the NCT in Preston? OMG - they know me!

Rhubarb Mon 22-Jan-07 20:56:08

<Rhubs starts to shake and sweat>

lulumama Mon 22-Jan-07 20:57:39

only recently rhubarb, do you have any tips ??
no, southport, formby & ormskirk unlikely to know anyone you do , actually !!

you may sigh with relief now !

Rhubarb Mon 22-Jan-07 20:59:20


Netmums is shit without me basically! I would recommend events however, and the reviews for places to eat are usually good. Noticeboard is a bit shite, nobody goes on! Places to go is also good.

Depends what you want to know really. If you need to know where to go in Preston, just email me!

lulumama Mon 22-Jan-07 21:07:33

thanks rhubarb !will do as i don;t go to preston much ! in fact only ever been about 4 times !

was looking at netmums from an advertising viewpoint as it more use for me in terms of publicising my doula- ing.....not sure how effective it is and not keen to spend money if it is going to be of no use...

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