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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Mini Macclesfield meetup

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Janh Fri 14-May-04 13:56:02

Next Friday (21st) come rain or shine marthamoo, fairyfly, Flip and I will be getting together in West Park, Macclesfield - planning to meet up at about 11.45 at the big log house near the children's castle.

We're bringing sandwiches and nice snacky things and staying until about 2.30. If anyone else would like to join us we'd love to see you!

moniker Fri 14-May-04 13:59:16

I would have loved to have come - am a Macc lass myself - but will be working. Hope you all have a lovely time though and that the sun shines!

Janh Fri 14-May-04 14:00:32

Oh, moniker, what a shame! Couldn't you pull a sickie?

moniker Fri 14-May-04 14:22:11

Don't tempt me!! Actually I have a meeting that morning and maybe a radio thing. We're doing a month long promotion on a 'South Manchester' radio station which is keeping me v busy. Are we still doing a Manchester one?? Have fun anyway!

Janh Fri 14-May-04 14:24:23

Macc is nearly S Mancs - could you come and call it research?

(Sounds v interesting anyway! Have just realised I don't have a clue what you actually do - will have to find out at next Mancs one - think it's going to happen at some point!)

marthamoo Fri 14-May-04 14:34:39

Just noticed this! Oh, it's exciting: my first MN meet up. Finally get to meet some of my "pretend friends" as ds1 calls you all!

Janh Fri 14-May-04 14:39:11

LOL at pretend friends, mm!

Janh Fri 14-May-04 18:55:33


marthamoo Mon 17-May-04 13:57:47

Bumpity bump...anyone else coming?

marthamoo Mon 17-May-04 13:58:41

Come on, those pansy Londoners had 22 at theirs

CountessDracula Mon 17-May-04 13:59:38

oi watch it or we'll all crash your meet up and beat you up to prove we are in fact very HARD

Janh Mon 17-May-04 14:01:09

True, they had FF on her knees, better not mess with them, MM!

CountessDracula Mon 17-May-04 14:01:46

absolutely, or you may find yourself in a taxi with a Rod Stewart lookalike.

marthamoo Mon 17-May-04 14:02:52

Come (and have a go if you think you're 'ard enough!)

Bagpuss30 Mon 17-May-04 14:38:42

Would have loved to come but can't due to packing for hols the day after. Please do another one some other time as I would really love to meet you all .

marthamoo Tue 18-May-04 16:55:06


We'll have another one bagpuss, I'm sure (unless we hate each other....)

katierocket Tue 18-May-04 17:01:03

ah, thanks for the invite (on manchester maniacs thread) but I work on fridays

anybody live near rainow BTW - I would LOVE to live there.

GenT Thu 20-May-04 12:54:58

hi Janh, only saw this through another thread, tsk tsk, I know I haven't been around, just too much going on

would love to crash but have no idea where this place is!!!

I now have a permanent part-time over in Accrington, Tues., Wed., and Sat. and DH has gone self-employed

can you email some more info, the Manchester one sounds interesting too....... I will definitely have to bring Davan as it is my day for babysitting

anyway, please let me know if you get a chance


Janh Thu 20-May-04 13:14:35

Have emailed you, Gen!

GenT Thu 20-May-04 13:33:47

and I just emailed you back thanks

JulieF Thu 20-May-04 21:44:07

Is this meet still on. I could possibly combine this with a trip to stock Macc library up with leaflets. (That excuse will keep dh happy) Only seen the thread tonight. Not sure where West Park is but I'm sure I can look it up.

fairyfly Thu 20-May-04 21:46:14

Julief yes it is, don't see why you couldn't nip to the library, what are the leaflets? Perhaps i could take some for you too

Flip Thu 20-May-04 21:47:12

Yes it's still on. E-mail me at pipbeckett at hotmail dot com and I'll tell you what I know.

Flip Thu 20-May-04 22:26:31

I've sent you an E-mail JulieF

marthamoo Fri 21-May-04 07:32:52

Macclesfield this morning: blue skies, barely a cloud to be seen.

Hats and sun cream...hooray!

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