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What to order from the Indian Takeaway?

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FastLove Thu 09-Jun-16 22:44:06

I'd like a bit of a treat meal but not one that's going to take me way overboard with the carbs. I'm not bothered about fat content and fancy something with a sauce rather than just tandoori style stuff. What should I order?? This is me planning for a bit of Friday night indulgence grin
I've got the cauliflower rice at the ready to go with it!

MrsRonBurgundy Thu 09-Jun-16 22:46:55

I've just had this exact conversation with my husband in readiness for ordering tomorrow!
What about saag paneer as a side? I think I'm going to have that with lamb tikka

MrsRonBurgundy Thu 09-Jun-16 22:47:27

Meant to say it's quite wet so could be like a sauce?

FastLove Thu 09-Jun-16 22:50:59

Mmm will try a paneer side dish - haven't had it before. It's my first takeaway since starting lchf.
Can I have tikka or any of the creamy curries? Or do they have added sugar/flour generally?

MrsRonBurgundy Thu 09-Jun-16 23:02:12

tikka is fine I believe!
I think the creamy ones will be quite sugary but I'm not definite.

You could try a shashlick which is tikka but comes with onions and peppers and is a bit more interesting?

FastLove Fri 10-Jun-16 19:42:03

Sag paneer = food of the gods! Excellent recommendation thank you! I also enquired about whether there was sugar in tikka masala and the ft said he'd make it with no sugar for me!

Voteforpedr0 Fri 10-Jun-16 19:43:50

Tarki Daal ?

TheGonnagle Fri 10-Jun-16 19:45:33

I always have tandoori king prawns because they're a bit of a treat and saag paneer!

ToucanPlayThatGame Fri 10-Jun-16 19:59:48

Lentils are good. Tarka dal and a lamb tikka would be my choice.

MrsRonBurgundy Fri 10-Jun-16 20:05:51

Ah I'm glad you enjoyed FastLove

I'm just waiting for mine to be delivered! Chicken shashlick and saag paneer. My stomach is rumbling!

FastLove Fri 10-Jun-16 20:30:51

Only letdown was that my cauli rice hadn't quite cooked enough but I was so hungry I had it a bit crunchy confused

FastLove Fri 10-Jun-16 21:22:06

I had thought lentils were a no-no Toucan?

BIWI Sat 11-Jun-16 15:07:58

You can't eat dahl on a low carb diet!!!

Voteforpedr0 Sun 12-Jun-16 00:04:42

Yes you can, just not advised to right at the start of low carb diet. Lentils are highly beneficial and will aid weight loss eaten In the right quantities

PussInBoots89 Sun 17-Jul-16 15:08:57

Most restaurants will help to cater for your needs if you ask then nicely.

I would stick to either tandoori chicken or chicken tikka (dry) and would ask for a bit of a side salad or plain veg on the side.

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