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CobbOnn Sun 19-Apr-15 20:06:31

Need some ideas.

Just had chicken tikka and salad. No fat or sauce so had Greek yogurt. OK but still a bit boring.

Guess I could make a cauliflower curry, but I'm sure I'll miss my rice (butter could add the fat)

Any other ideas greatly received - I'm really missing dhal and samosas, not so much the carbyness, more the warm comforting spiciness.

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CobbOnn Sun 19-Apr-15 20:07:17

(and how cheap and filling they are)

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BIWI Sun 19-Apr-15 20:09:37

It's hard to have an Indian that's low carb - often because you just don't know what's in the sauces. So the general advice is to go for a dry curry - exactly as you have done, e.g. chicken tikka or tandoori, but to have a veg curry side dish to go with it - cauliflower or spinach or mushroom are all really good. Sadly dahl and samosas are out on Bootcamp!

BaronessBomburst Sun 19-Apr-15 20:10:32

Cabbage fried with onion, garlic, cumin, and chili, topped with grated toasted coconut, squirt of lemon juice, and fresh coriander.
Are you allowed coconut?

CobbOnn Sun 19-Apr-15 20:17:38

I would always cook my own curries but I use onions and tomatoes as the base, which would be too carby. I can make meat curries with very little tomato but I find them too rich and meaty.

I'll have to look for some paneer recipes I think- does anybody have any tried and tested?

Not sure about coconut. I'd be happy with freah coriander and lemon juice.

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BaronessBomburst Sun 19-Apr-15 21:08:24

I cook paneer with spinach and garam masala.

BaronessBomburst Sun 19-Apr-15 21:32:23

Actually, you could use finely chopped spinach as a base for lots of curries. Cook it down to a pulp, and enrich with cream. Try chicken with garam masala, and lamb with fenugreek and a small chopped tomato.


BIWI Sun 19-Apr-15 21:35:07

Use shallots instead of onion - onions are 7.9g carbs per 100g, whereas shallots are only 3.3g

CobbOnn Sun 19-Apr-15 21:35:51

Baroness, spinach and cream base sounds lush. I'll use that as a starting point and experiment from there.


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CobbOnn Sun 19-Apr-15 21:37:00

Great tip BIWI, thanks.

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CobbOnn Tue 21-Apr-15 18:34:04

Coconut milk! Just made a Thai curry with it and was surprised how low carb this particular one was (eastend-0.1g). Will make a lovely base I reckon- I think Goan seafood curries are coconut based. This has opened up whole new avenues of spicy delights.

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Wombat22 Tue 21-Apr-15 18:39:34

I make my own curries. I use ghee and coconut oil to fry shallots. Then add fresh garlic, chilli and curry spices. Throw in the meat/chicken and add courgette and a tablespoon of tinned tomatoes. Put the lid on and simmer. It makes its own sauce. I keep it in the fridge and take a portion to work everyday for my lunch. It's bloody lovely grin

Gumnast2014 Thu 30-Apr-15 08:12:13

Would a mixed grill dry be ok??

BIWI Thu 30-Apr-15 10:35:03

Dry curries are usually always low carb - and I don't think Indian marinades/rubs use sugar like some would, so you should be fine!

CobbOnn Thu 30-Apr-15 17:54:56

I made a chicken curry with one tin of tomatoes as usual (saw a number of recipes in the thread using tin toms). I used 1 onion. I used extra mushrooms and courgette. It made 4 portions. In mine, I put some cream. It was lovely. Didn't even miss rice while I was eating. The smell of the rice tho when DH wad eating his later was soooo delicious.

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