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lone parent for some yrs now, but poss the first xmas day just me and one dc.

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minkymuskyslyoldstoaty Tue 14-Oct-14 22:31:21

I am sort of looking forward to it, but also a little sad. dd is 12, great company.

she will eat a basic roast, but not many veggies. it will seem odd cooking those for one!
Yet, i have done xmas lunch for yrs for parents and siblings but this year (really small family)they have other plans or can't make the (overseas) journey.

Can you share with me your 'just you and your dc's' xmas day with me? Was it ok, was it actually quite nice being 'different'.

I think i am ok with it. DD says she is fine with it but i feel a little sorry for her, somehow. thankyou in advance.

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Lilylonglegs Tue 14-Oct-14 23:40:30

I know what you mean. The idea of Christmas with me and my daughter alone makes me feel sad for her, as it seems a time when you should be surrounded with loved ones and lots of hustle and bustle.

minkymuskyslyoldstoaty Wed 15-Oct-14 07:31:36

hi Lily how old is your dd. x

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starlight1234 Wed 15-Oct-14 11:06:19

I have done christmas with just me and DS every year except first year I was with ex. I can honestly say I love christmas day. I did not enjoy one with Ex

We have food we both love. usually a roast dinner of kind,never turkey. we have had duck , pork, beef.

I used to have a rule of no electronic games/computer but as my DS has got older he wants to play too so not as strict. I do make sure we have a games or things we can do together.

nogoingbacknow Wed 15-Oct-14 11:48:18

This year is the first year that it is possibly, hopefully, just me and DS (also 12) and I cannot wait.... just do as we please, our own thing, eat what we want, wear pjs if we want, not having to share him with his excuse for a father. I can't wait. Put a couple of special little treats for you under the tree xx

Lushlush Wed 15-Oct-14 12:07:28

I heard on radio 4 last year that 1 in 10 people spend Xmas alone so try not to worry it is a really high statistic.

I think that there is far too much hype about Xmas and it does people no favours. It is only a day after all!

Lushlush Wed 15-Oct-14 12:08:38

I really enjoy the food and the TV on Xmas Day and of course ds opening his pressies. Of course this year he knows Santa isn't real so it will feel a little different now he is 9.

cestlavielife Wed 15-Oct-14 12:51:15

I've been me and kids usually my aunt as well for lunch, it's great !

she is fine, you will be fine.

minkymuskyslyoldstoaty Wed 15-Oct-14 19:03:02

thanks ladies, your days sound lovely and relaxed. I've never had busy xmas times, just always one or two adults with us.

I love spending time with her, it's just a new experience.

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nogoingbacknow Wed 15-Oct-14 21:29:43

last year for the first time i had my now ex partner and his four grown up kids, plus couple of my family members it was soo stressful cooking for everyone and the expense unreal.

just can't wait for peace and relaxation this year smile

minkymuskyslyoldstoaty Wed 15-Oct-14 21:46:51

oh me too, it will be so different i just hope it's enough for dd. Her dad has decided once again to not be in her life, as of a few months back.

With that having happened, and her ongoing anxiety (she is in therapy) i just hope it will be a lovely relaxed time. Not trying to drip feed, but thinking more about it I am probably sub consciously aware that as it's been a rough year, that xmas needs to be great.

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