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Claireycakes Wed 01-Aug-07 11:38:06


I'm Claire, 23 years old, i live in Hereford with my son & hubby. We moved here about a month ago, so i'm looking to make some new friends )


CathRed Wed 02-Jan-08 17:36:54


I'm Catherine. I'm 28 moved to Hereford from Leeds about a year ago to be with my partner.

First baby is due May this year! Would love to make some new friends.


discoverlife Thu 03-Jan-08 18:38:27

Hi, Im Julie
I live out in the sticks at Eardisley and started using Mumsnet about a month ago. It has given me the resources and courage to take my Special needs child out of mainstream and start Home Education. I am in the upper range of ages on Mumsnet being 44.
My family consist of DH who is disabled with Severe rhumatoid arthritis, I am his main carer. DS1 21 yrs, who is a qualified chef at a well known west hereford country restaurant. DD1 20yrs, who works as a lifeguard and aqua aerobics instructor in the county (that should narrow her down). Lastly but definatly not least is DS2, 10 yrs, Special needs and suffering so badly with bullying , frustration and lack of social skills at his school, that we have now de-registered him, and will be teaching him at home from now on.

CathRed Fri 04-Jan-08 12:33:16

Hi Julie,
I fell across mumsnet when I typed in some pregnancy symptom I was having at the time - as usual it was late at night and I started worrying. I found it really reassuring just to read other people's experience!

Sounds like you have a lovely family, sorry to hear about your youngest's bad experience at school.

Have you always lived around here? I found it quite difficult to adjust at first but am slowly getting used to it!
I work as a sales rep for a publishing company so cover a large area and so get to visit lots of places which helps.

One thing I particular miss about Leeds is the abundance of good restauarants...really love eating out..I'm sure they are some down here I just need to find them! Sounds great having a chef in the family.

Anyway I should go do some work...

Minkus Sat 05-Jan-08 17:43:41

Hi everyone

I'm 31 and have one son who's three, I'm expecting our second baby in early July so not too far behind you CathRed

I live in Ross on Wye with dh and ds and work in Gloucester, and am quite addicted to mumsnet! Told my health visitor when ds was a baby that they should give the web address to everyone they looked after, I've found it totally invaluable since ds was born. Glad that you've found it too Julie, sounds like it's made a big difference to your family life already.

Re the restaurants thing, Julie has a point- her ds works at a country restaurant and I think this is prob where you'll find the best ones Cath, out in the sticks. I don't know hereford brilliantly (and only lived in Ross for 6 years) but don't get the feeling that there are lots of nice cosmopolitan eateries there

Hope everyone had a good xmas and new year!

cathshuck Sat 05-Jan-08 19:31:03

Hi every one, I am 28 and have a son who is 2.5 and daughter who is 4 months. I have lived in ledbury all my life and when Im not having babies I am a teacher in gloucester. My hubbie works in ledbury as well. Am slightly addicted to mumsnet now!! Catherine X

CathRed Tue 08-Jan-08 08:28:15


Oh I've been to ledbury which is very sweet but I haven't visited Ross yet....

I think your right Minkus about the restaurants tho, def no cosmopolitan ones down here! I guess when baby comes it will make it harder to go out for a while!

At least Hereford now has a selection of coffee shops..I remember when I first started visiting four years ago it had nothing!

Anyway just wanted to say Hi to you all before I set off to work! ..maybe that is a sign as being slightly addicted too!

Cath x

discoverlife Thu 10-Jan-08 11:32:38

Hi, for Cath and Minkus my son works at 'The three Horseshoes' at Allensmore. Its easy to get to from both Hereford and Ross. It is a really nice place to eat, big plate fulls and loads of choice. One of the biggest menus in the county.
If you want cosmopolitan and expensive prices, you sould try the 'Left Bank' in Hereford itself. It is very chic in there, attentive well dressed waiters, excellent food.
Very addicted to Mumsnet. I have to really be strict with myself about how much time I spend on here.
I can't do it tommorrow though, as a SAHM I am the one who gets dumped with all the awkward chores in the family. Its really unfair they all think I do diddly squat all day, that I don't spend all day caring for my DH and schooling DS Grrr. But tomorrow I am heading up to North Wales with a truck to move all of my Grandmothers stuff out of her flat (she has just gone into a care home) and put them in storage whilst my daughter finds a place of her own, as the stuff is to be her leg up on the property ladder. But it will allow DS to see his Grandmother which they will both enjoy.
So sorting out storage etc today and getting up early tommorow (you won't think so with youngsters) but its early for me.

Kirstymon Thu 17-Jan-08 21:37:56


I'm a bit new to mumsnet but couldn't resist saying hi to you local ladies!

I'm 32 (but only just had my bithday - this is the first time I've had to think about my new age!)I live in Ross-on-Wye with dh and ds (18months) and like you Minkus we moved here 6 years ago too. I work part time in Hereford, but definately prefer the mummy job!smile

discoverlife Fri 18-Jan-08 18:58:14

Hi Kirsty.

CathRed Mon 21-Jan-08 17:13:29

Hello all, hope everyone is well.

Discoverlife- how did you trip to North Wales go?

I'm so sick of this grey weather and rain! I'm really looking forward to friday tho as dp and I are having a wkend break in Paris...going on eurostar for first time so really excited!

I found out I am rhesus negative last week and am being recommended anti D jabs which is a complete nightmare as I'm so needle phobic...midwife only just got me to have the first blood test..but had it really late at 20 wks as I was in too much of a state the first two attempts and the midwife couldn't find a vein!
Made DP have a blood test this week on the remote chance that he will be negative too! so all keep your fingers crossed for me!

Is anyone else Rh neg?

Bye for now
Cath x

Kirstymon Mon 21-Jan-08 23:21:55

Hi everyone.

Sorry to hear about your bad luck Cath, keeping my fingers crossed for you. At least you've got Paris to think about! Its a great time for you to get away from it all. We went to Fuerteventura when I was 2-3 months pregnant and I slept for most of it! Not the best holiday really but at least I wasn't too sick I suppose!

Have a great time and try not to worry, I'm sure you'll cope with whatever happens.

Got to go and make some pack lunches now!

Love Kirsty

Minkus Wed 23-Jan-08 13:05:39

Oooh hello Kirsty, another Ross person! I didn't think anyone on general mnet had even heard of it let alone lived here too 18 months is such a cute age, well they all are really aren't they but they start becoming real individuals round about then don't they?

How are you getting on CathRed? Nice big bump by now I should think. Am waiting for mine to show up still so am a bit jealous of all those lovely round tummies I see out and about!

Hope all dh's/dp's and dc's are well


CathRed Thu 24-Jan-08 08:04:23

Hi all,
Thanks Kirsty. I'm sure it will all be fine, I just panic about it all when I heard as the midwife didn't tell me anything and when I looked it up I got too much detail and it sounded awful. I have calmed down abit now!
I'll find out dp blood results next week..

I have quite a bump now Minkus...but you won't be far behind! i'm 25 wks and last week a couple of people asked me when baby was due! I was chuffed that they could tell I was preg and it wasn't the extra choc I can't stop eating!

I'll be back after Paris...I get tired now mostly because I sometimes can't sleep too well but the first three months I kept falling asleep! A few days I never made it out of bed!

Bye for now
Cath x

discoverlife Thu 24-Jan-08 12:57:41

Hi all,
Im O neg cathred except for the jabs it didn't make any difference to me, but then I'm not needle phobic. None of my 3 have had any jaundice or other problems at birth, and I had them before you had to have anti D for every little bump. I only had the one jab after each birth.

Furniture moving went well but had to come back through the floods.

Suffering ATM, chest infection, Boy do I love antibiotics when you really need them.

Cashby Fri 25-Jan-08 12:28:40


I joined Mumsnet 6 months ago and then promptly forgot about it. This is the first time I have ever posted anything on a message board!

I'm Mum to a 2 1/2 year old and we are in the throws of potty training - what a nightmare! Expecting baby number 2 in early April and enormous already.

Always seem to be busy - this year we relocated (from Wiltshire), moved house twice, endured long distance commuting, changed jobs and got pregnant! A year off work seems very appealing right now . . .

Looking forward to getting to know people over Mumsnet and sharing experiences.

Catherine x

discoverlife Fri 25-Jan-08 14:10:31

Hi Cashby, where in Herefordshire are you, most of the Mums on here seem to be in Ross-on-Wye, and I'm getting lonely up north.

Cashby Fri 25-Jan-08 16:16:17

Hi - I'm in Monmouth, so even further south! Mumsnet 'Local' seems to cast the net rather wide for those of us in the sticks. Where are you?

discoverlife Fri 25-Jan-08 21:49:08

Way North of you, near a little village called Eardisley. North western edge of the county about 4 miles from Hay-on-wye, for a bookworm like me the best reason ever to be this end of the county.

Kirstymon Sun 27-Jan-08 22:31:10

Hi all! and nice to hear from you Cashby. Sounds like you are having a busy time of it at the moment! Good luck with the potty training.

Hope you are feeling a bit better now discoverife. We've had chest infections in our house too. DS got antibiotics straight away as he tends to have a post viral wheeze so he is well over it now but I'm still coughing away 2 weeks later! I knew I should have asked doc for some for me at the same time!!

We've had a busy day. DH was painting the understairs cupboard all day right in the middle of the hall so trying to stop DS interfering with the paint has been a full time job, along with making dinner/tea/drinks etc. Then after all of that I went and brushed against it once DS had gone to bed so had to wash jeans and top angry Oh well, glass of wine has helped now!!

Have a good week everyone.

discoverlife Sun 27-Jan-08 23:49:43

The paint problem isn't as bad as I had when DS2 was about 4 or so. I had been painting the lounge and put the tins outside, only to go back out about 20 mins later to find that DS2 had painted the CAR with a 4 inch brush.

Luckily it was emulsion and washed straight off, but DH had heart failure nearly.

Cashby Mon 28-Jan-08 19:33:45

Thanks Kirstymon. Hope that you all feel better soon. It does seem like one thing after another at this time of year.

I also have a 'paint' story that I feel compelled to share because it is so ridiculous. Rushing aroud B&Q when DD only a few months old and put her in car seat in one of those disabled trolleys with no front on. Made it to the car park with baby and tin of paint on trolley, hit a bump and paint pot flew off trolley (lucky it was not baby) coating me from the knees down (including lovely brown suede boots) and repainting the side of someones car. Lucky for me it was also emulsion as it washed off the car, and the chap was very understanding. Boots and trousers went straight in the dustbin. I had to endure the humiliation of going back in the store to ask for help, beg a new tin of paint and tie carrier bags around my legs up to my knees to enable me to drive home without ruining the inside of my car (I was not about to strip off in the car park!). I put it down to mushy Mummy brain.

We have had loads of decorating to do since having DD and find that putting a stair gate in the doorway helps keep small fingers at bay. Though not much use for an understairs cupboard I must admit.

We seem to have had a breakthrough on the potty training front and I remain cautiously optimistic!

I am in danger of becoming addicted to this site and am now on rations.

Have a good week.

discoverlife Mon 28-Jan-08 21:38:38

Been to the doc's again, as the last dose of antibiotics haven't cleared my chest and he confirmed that its definatly Broncitis and put me on stronger different antibiotics. He also said I may be asthmatic, so I have to do a peak flow chart for the next 2 weeks.

discoverlife Fri 08-Feb-08 01:44:47


Kirstymon Mon 11-Feb-08 21:20:06

hello again! been a bit busy so I've not logged in for ages! How are you all doing? hope all bumps, babes and families are well.

We're getting over our bugs, just dealing with DS's nasty bout of conjunctivitis now. (From one thing to another!) my hands are raw from washing them so much, I wear contact lenses and really don't want to be getting it!

Hooray for a day off work tomorrow in honour of half term. Hope you all have a good week.


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