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Onsies - is it purely a UK phenomonen?

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I see constant references to onsies on my fb newsfeed and sometimes on MN chat...

Is everyone in the UK wearing babygrows outside working hours?

Do people over the age of 2 wear "onsies" where you live?

I wanted to ask on "living overseas" because it sounds as if onsies have become "normal" in the UK, but I've never seen them in the shops here in Germany, and children who stay at ours for sleepovers don't bring babygrows onsies, so I don't think they exist.

Am I the only one living overseas who thinks the UK population have possibly gone a tiny bit loopy, with their apparently wholesale rush back into nursery sleepwear, or is it in fact perfectly normal?


VivaLeBeaver Sun 22-Dec-13 16:44:56

Oh the profiles gone now. Never saw it.

nessus Sun 22-Dec-13 17:06:56

Bought my first (and so far, only) onesie this time last year in a Vietnam boutique store. Have been known to wear it out and have other variations of the onesie I have 'rocked' in the past [no shame] [blush[

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