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gay mums in Scotland

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jasper1980 Sun 06-Feb-11 18:13:05

Hello, I just wondered if there were any other gay mums in scotland? would love to hear from you if there aresmile

My partner and I have a 4 year old and a 20 month old.

Goalie Sun 06-Feb-11 19:35:38

Hi there. There are a few of us ! We're in Edinburgh and have (nearly) two year old DS. Where abouts are you ?

jasper1980 Mon 07-Feb-11 09:53:44

Hi there, we are on the east coast, only an hourish from edinburghsmile, just seems few and far between to meet other gay mumssad....and it would be great to chat/meet some more! ah I love them at this age...when my ds was 2 he was such a sweetie! now at almost 4 he is still wonderful but such a boy!!..DD is just talking and stringing words together.....are you planning any more down the line?

Goalie Tue 08-Feb-11 20:29:22

We're in the planning process as we speak ! Feel free to send me a PM if you want to chat further smile

violets1 Fri 11-Feb-11 13:56:33


partner and I have 5 month old twins, in Edinburgh too.Were both somewhat frayed at the moment - just wish the weather was better so we could get out more!

jasper1980 Sun 13-Feb-11 20:20:37

ah hello! sorry I missed the post! oh my twins??? you must be utterly exhausted!....I don't have twins ad found one baby easy, I did not however find a demanding 2 year old and a newborn easier. It does get better me if you want to chat smile

SparkleArkle Fri 04-Mar-11 08:59:29

hiya, my partner and i are looking to start a family & we're wondering if any of you can suggest a good lesbian/gay friendly doctor in edinburgh. any advice is more than welcome

violets1 Mon 21-Mar-11 10:05:48

Hi, do you mean for post care or insem? I can't help you with the later as we didn't go down that route, but I would guess any good family doctor should offer suitable info etc while pregnant. Good luck!

scaryfairy28 Mon 28-Mar-11 16:43:54

Hi me and my partner are in Dundee would be really keen to meet other gay mums or dads for that matter. I'm 32 weeks and getting nervous now!

jasper1980 Wed 30-Mar-11 14:15:41

hi scary, I sent you a pm

Harper1000 Tue 12-Apr-11 17:40:39

Hi All, Glad to see that there are a least a few lesbian mums in scotland. My partner and I live in Glasgow. I am currently 25 weeks pregnant and getting quite excited. We would like to get to know some other gay mums or dads. Does anyone know if there are any lesbian mums groups in Glasgow/Ayrshire or Edinburgh they would recommend.

jasper1980 Sat 16-Apr-11 14:30:01

Hi Harper, I am not really sure sorry!..someone might though...or ask your local lgbt centre? I can tell you there are none on the east coast!...we are on teh west coast quite a lot though!

Harper1000 Mon 18-Apr-11 14:24:26

Hi Jasper, thanks for your response, much appreciated. I will give the LBGT centre a ring.

scaryfairy28 Tue 19-Apr-11 17:17:11

Hi I had a look a while back and all I could find was a group in edinburgh at the health and wellbeing centre but it had been taken over by someone else maybe the equality network and I couldnt find anything about it anywhere.

bla024 Mon 02-May-11 19:07:22

Hi, my partner and I are wanting to start a family and we were looking for a support group in Glasgow but so far we haven't found any. We'd be interested in talking to any gay parents, or couples thinking of becoming parents, in the Glasgow area who would be happy to share their experience and give us any advice. Thanks!

Lout5 Sun 15-May-11 22:40:45

I am a gay single mum living in Perth, Good to know i'm not the only gay parent in the area though. I have a beautiful 7 year old daughter.

Mel101 Thu 02-Jun-11 02:23:27

hi just wondering if there are any other gay mums in Edinburgh orbit there are any gay based mother and toddler groups smile

jasper1980 Sat 04-Jun-11 08:53:06

Hi Mel101, not in the Edinburgh orbit, but east coast. Not sure if there are any toddler groups....its a good idea though!...maybe get in touch with your lgbt centre? they might know

kira81 Mon 16-Jan-12 19:50:33

Hi, I'm 12 weeks pregnantsmileMy partner and I(were're staying in Edinburgh) would like to get some information about pregnancy and lesbian parenting rights.We are in Civil Partnership almost 3 years now and I was wondering how does it work,will my partner become automatically a legal parent to our child?Would love to hear about your pregnancy experiencesmileTomorrow is my first visit with midwife and my partner is going with me I hope it's not going to be a problem,hope our midwife not gonna be a homophobicsmile
I was looking for lesbian pregnancy support group in Edinburgh but could not find any;/

lizziebennet Mon 16-Jan-12 22:52:25


As you have a CP then your DP will be registered as a parent on the birth certificate. I know that if you aren't in a CP then you have to have conceived through a clinic for it to be automatic.

It's always a drag having that nagging wondering whether someone will have a problem in what should be a straightforward scenario, isn't it, remember, they are a professional and if they have a problem, it's theirs to deal with, not yours!

blydster Mon 23-Jan-12 17:59:28

hi! our LO is 7 weeks old and we would love to meet up with other mums in edinburgh.

JustMeAndMyBaby Mon 23-Jan-12 23:11:07

I'm in Stirling and keep thinking about going to the Edinburgh group.

kira81 Thu 02-Feb-12 19:30:24

Thank you, lizziebennetsmile

Had our first appointment with midwife today,she's in her fifties so I was not sure how will she react when I'll tell her that my partner is a girlsmile But I was so impressed with her,she was so helpful and nice,did not ask at all about ''biological father''. She said she's been a midwife for a long time and never met lesbian couple who were pregnant and right now she got 2 same sex couple in her files. Just was wondering If maybe it is one of you ladies who got her midwife at Leith Community Centre?smile The only info she gave me that the couple is pregnant -that's all.(very professional of hersmile

JustMeAndMyBaby Thu 02-Feb-12 23:41:09

Maybe you could ask her to pass your number on to the other couple. My midwife did this for me about swimming.

weeminto Fri 16-Mar-12 19:47:59

Hi my partner and I (we are lesbians) are looking for advice on having a baby in the next few years. we are looking for advice on how to actually fall pregnant and where to go,we live in west lothian. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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