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The hut of gl/doom: ttc with the emphasis on trying!

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delilahbelle Thu 06-Sep-12 13:34:03

A supportive and slightly fluffy thread for those dealing with the issues of ttc longterm, whether with assisted fertility or not.

Dusty27 Fri 08-Feb-13 07:22:54

Thanks pink! Last time I saw my GP she suggested that if it hadn't happened that they would start me on fertility drugs, I'm guessing she meant Clomid. I have no idea if I ovulate, that would be the first thing they'll want to test I imagine.

She said that due to my AMH result and family history that they wouldn't wait as long as usual to start investigations. Which I'm very grateful for. I'm a girl who likes to know all the possible steps, I like to have time to process.

My husband was at his GP and mentioned that we'd been trying for just over 6months and she is refering him to get his sperm tested asap. I guess we're very lucky so far to have supportive Drs.

I've been reading about how things are going for you, so happy for you :-)

delilahbelle Fri 08-Feb-13 07:24:22

Ah dusty that was my problem too. Sister with premature ovarian failure, mum with early menopause. I started trying at 27 and never got anywhere with my own eggs.
Do you know what your FSH is? It might be worth going to IVF straight away to maximise your chances. Also, avoid clomid if you can, it never did me any good, and with low AMH it doesn't mean you don't have eggs, just not very many of them!

Dusty27 Fri 08-Feb-13 08:56:06

Hi delilah. I have no clue on my FSH or anything other than not having many eggs.

Like my Dad was saying, my Mum might have had a low AMH but as she didn't have issues getting pregnant they would never have known. Luckily they started at 24 & had 3 of us (& 1 mc).

I also have a maternal aunt with endo, who struggled to conceive & nearly bled out during her 2 labours. Other maternal aunt got breast cancer mid 30s, paternal aunt with endo had hysterectomy mid 30s and final paternal aunt had pcos took years to conceive & had 1 child & 1 stillborn. Luckily they all ended up with kids, but it's enough to make me realise that I need to get my arse into gear & take any help I can!

delilahbelle Fri 08-Feb-13 14:48:38

Good luck dusty and hopefully you'll get there in the end. The hut is very supportive, and a great place to rant when things go wrong.

Dusty27 Fri 08-Feb-13 18:13:06

Cheers delilah. Yeah I get that the hut is great for women going through the similar things. As good as family & friends can ever be, unless you've had that stress & anxiety it's hard to empathise.

I'll report back after weds appt.

pinkapples Sat 09-Feb-13 22:31:03

Picked up our new car today gringrin

It's a Toyota Aygo Ice bit tin like but not to bad nice commute drive for hubby grin

delilahbelle Sun 10-Feb-13 12:33:05

Nice one pink
Me and DH are starting to think about what we can and can't afford if this pregnancy is successful. The house is a DIY work in progress, and some of the more expensive projects are going to have to be re-thought if I want to take 9months maternity leave.

Dusty27 Sun 10-Feb-13 16:00:39

Sounds good pink we have a landrover, which I'm never gonna drive! Don't know what we'll do if/when we get pregnant.

Dusty27 Sun 10-Feb-13 21:48:46

Feel horrible saying it but just found out one of my best friends is pregnant & I'm jealous. Made up for her, and it's very early days so she's still nervous but wish I was too. She's only been trying a couple of months. She's been a great support to me as well so wish I didn't feel like this (sad)

flixy102 Mon 11-Feb-13 09:06:06

Hi dusty, welcome to the hut! I wrote out a big post on Friday but it disappeared!

I know exactly how you feel re pregnancy announcements. It's awful but I just keep saying to myself that it's their time to have a baby, and mine will come eventually! I'm actually going to a baby shower this week hmm. Not exactly looking forward to it but I'll just have to put my brave face on!

pinkapples Mon 11-Feb-13 12:44:19

Awww flixy good luck with the shower (baby not water hehe)

Mega tired these days and bought a stash of chocolate on Saturday that I think I may have to be cutting into tonight

delilahbelle Mon 11-Feb-13 14:51:06

Pinky brown discharge and cramps today. sad

I had my second blood test - now the wait until Thursday for results. I really hope they go up as they are supposed to and this spotting stops.

Stressed and worried.

delilahbelle Mon 11-Feb-13 19:24:44

Positive symptoms today - sore boobs, and general knackeredness. Had a good 2 hr nap in the middle of the day, and I'm curled up in bed now. test stick this morning was v dark, the darkest so far.

Negative symptoms - boobs seem less sore, I no longer have aversions to any food (was going bleugh at the thought of chocolate, now it sounds nice to me again) browning tinged spotting.

??? symptoms - lots of crampy feelings like AF. Hungry - I get like this pre-AF but sometimes it can be a pregnancy symptom. Indigestion and general wurgling of stomach.

So, an early night, another test stick to wee on tomorrow, and 3 more sleeps until my second beta results. Although I might call up on Wednesday afternoon and see if they are back then.

waitingtobeamummy Mon 11-Feb-13 20:16:09

Hi * delilah* please don't stress. I'm certain everything is fine for you. I have such a good feeling for you. It must be so difficult for you but not long to go until your results.
We've started looking into adoption and going through who we would be happy to adopt. It makes me feel a bit more positive. At the moment I have thrush, end of af, feeling of overwhelming doom so I am taking any of the positives I can. X

delilahbelle Mon 11-Feb-13 20:24:57

Thanks waiting and good luck with heading into adoption. Just remain focused on the fact you will be a mummy eventually, whatever the path you have to take to get there. It's the only thing keeping me going. If this cycle does end in failure, there are still options out there for me.

Dusty27 Tue 12-Feb-13 18:49:25

Aw flixy hope it goes well at the baby shower. I've never liked them, don't believe in anything like that until the baby is there safe & sound. I've gone to a few, but always tell the mum to be they'll have to wait for the present. Not miserable just old fashioned!

delilah everything crossed for you, keep staying positive xx

We've never seriously discussed adoptions, waiting. I don't know if either of us could handle it. My hubby found out his mum had given up her 1st son for adoption when he turned up out of the blue after she died, so I think it would bring up too much for us to cope with. I think it's a amazing thing to go for, I'm just not ready for it. Good luck to you guys.

waitingtobeamummy Tue 12-Feb-13 22:24:25

Thanks dusty we're on the other side of it. My dh dad ( who is a knob) was adopted. Dh adoptive grandfather was the nicest man I've ever met and my friends have just adopted a second lo so it's always something we've looked at. Just going to enjoy a medication free month before we see the specialist to discuss next options.

Dusty27 Wed 13-Feb-13 10:06:00

waiting I know a few adoptees, and I'd consider it further down the line but don't think the husband would go for it.

Just been the Dr & going for FSH & other bloods on 25th. Fingers crossed!

flixy102 Wed 13-Feb-13 11:28:30

I hate waiting on a phonecall that's know isn't going to happen!!
Spoke to my consultants receptionist yesterday asking about dates for DHs semen analysis and my HSG. She was to check with the doc and phone me back-no call. It's just so frustrating cos the doc wanted them done quickly and it's just not happening.

We are paying privately for this (we can just about afford it) and don't feel like we're getting anywhere. Just one of those days i reckon! confused

Dusty27 Wed 13-Feb-13 11:41:49

I'd just keep pestering them flixy until they do it. Esp as you're paying. Nothing worse than waiting for a call.

I've been Mrs Efficient booking my blood test, follow up appt, smoking cessation, and smear. Hubby is at his GP tomorrow so hopefully he'll sort out his analysis then. Feel better now I have things moving.

pinkapples Fri 15-Feb-13 09:19:25

Any news on anyone the hut is a bit quiet?

flixy102 Fri 15-Feb-13 09:33:14

Hi pink! How are you keeping?

DH has got his semen analysis on Tuesday, we will have the results in a week. I asked him was he nervous about the results and he said no as he already has a child (well, teen!) and then he thought about it and said if the results come back poor he will be asking questions!!! grin

waitingtobeamummy Fri 15-Feb-13 20:16:28

I was wondering how delilah was. Didn't she get her results yesterday? Really hoping they were good for her
I'm feeling little bit more positive. Month off clomid so feeling bit more relaxed. Think I'm coming to terms with the fact that it's not going to happen.
Hope everyone else is ok

pinkapples Sat 16-Feb-13 16:27:08

I'm alright flixy just mega tired these days but apart from that not to bad only 3 days to go until the 24 week viability mark so looking forward to that grin

Everyone else alright? Delilah how's things?

Dusty27 Sun 17-Feb-13 08:38:08

Bet you can't wait for that pink, will take a load off.

Waiting you seem to be happy with your decision. Hope being off the clomid makes you feel better.

My hubby has been given his little tub for his semen analysis as well flixy. He can do it at home then get it to the lab within one hour. He's saying he's not nervous bit I think the pressure to do it will put him off!

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