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Weekend Fly - trying to have family time

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Wolfcub Sat 10-Oct-09 10:51:23

back in a mo

Wolfcub Sat 10-Oct-09 10:55:34

star sorry dp is being a git. Mine is worried about me at the moment and his response to being worried is to yell at me all the time. Sometimes they just do not think!

ehm all my love to you and yours.

Hello to everyone else

I lost my house keys yesterday and for some totally moronic reason they had our address on the key fob! blush angry so today will be spent changing lock barrels and then hopefully shopping for ds's birthday prntese


quick kitchen tidy
washing up done
some worktops cleaned
phoned round to see if anyone had found my keys

SimplyWantsAMagicWandPlease Sat 10-Oct-09 11:09:14

Wolfcub Thanks for the thread and I'm pleased that you saw the message from EHM on the Friday thread. OSAHM There was a hello message from EHM for you, too.

A yellow helicopter has just gone over. What type is the yellow one? Coastguard?

Wolfcub Can I suggest that you keep the old locks and then if the key turns up via someone trustworthy like a friend then you have a spare set for sometime in the future? Alternatively, you could give the whole lot (including spare keys) to your local furniture etc recycling centre.

Starbear What can I say? Men! [grrr]

Just a quickie from me. I've been swimmming and need to put a load of washing on. Just waiting for dd to give me some dirty clothes to add to the wash. Bbl.

Makingchanges Sat 10-Oct-09 11:15:52

Morning all

Well was hoping on a morning at the gym and an afternoon shopping for holiday clothes and a winter coat for DD.

Turns out the Gym was a dream - no chance DH got there first and the afternoon will be spent amusing DD and clearing out the massive double garage - that it piled high with rubbish that DH dumped in there when I thought he had thrown it or recycled it - So now I have to spend my weekend going through black bags of who knows what and taking visits to the tip / recycling etc all because we need to use the pace for caravan storage for end of season - Its not even my caravan arghhhhhhh.

As well as that (sorry for rant - again) i've got homework to do, an essay to write and some washing that needs doing if I'm going to be able to pack - need to pack for two hols - going to Lakes on Sunday to Friday and then Spain early Sat until following Sat - As you can tell DH booked this. Normal people would leave a gap for things like washing, repacking, spreding hols out maybe

Oh well - Second load of washing in and one hanging out to dry. I've hoovered the floor in the kitchen ready to mop this morning. I'll be back later

Hope everyones ok

Morning all.
DS2 likes his birthday pressies so far. He opened 3 before going to play football. Hope they win! I made cakes for him to take with him. smile

Tidied around front room and hoovered.


swanriver Sat 10-Oct-09 11:49:19

Starbear - my husband is always saying things like that to the children angry
however it has to be said he is always very surprised that I should think he would prefer anyone else.
Anyway I think all these things are merely date night windups hmm
I think it's a bit like A fish called Wanda, when Kevin Klein character can't bear being called stupid. The words untidy and disorganised bring me out in a cold sweat
even if I don't mind calling myself those things on occasion blush

Anyway today the usual insults have been bandied around sad as there are no less than 7 extra people for lunch shock
Dh is in despair that we willmanage to feed or seat them.
I am ever hopeful.

Chickens in oven with stuffing
mashed pots and roast pots on
dining table put up in playroom
carrots prep and cooked

now just need to lay table and conjure up some pudding (lemon sponge? with blacurrant sauce?)Cream has arrived with milkman [smile}

Hope Dshas a good time at his birthday match Tort.

Sounds exceptionally annoying MC, I'm afraid weekends can be very challenging.

galen Sat 10-Oct-09 11:57:51

morning all

tort happy bday DS
wolf thanks for thread. Bummer about house keys
simply swimming again - very impressive
makingchanges LOL atholidays - though not funny for you I'm sure.Sounds exactly the sort of thing DH would do.

bad start to the day here...;realised upon checking the bank accs that child benefit doesnt go in till next wk/end, when I thought it was this wk/end, so extremely tight week ahead...spurred into clearing garage and sorting stuff for car boot sale tomorrow...
Also some stuff ending on ebay today - hoping for some busy last minute bidding to raise the tiny bids they are currently at LOL

Feeling a bit rubbish really...seem to be constantly stressing about money at the mo, (sympathies to TM again - it is such a stress isnt it)and where the money for any sort of christams presents is going to come from I do not know...sigh...(not to mention DS1, DD1 need new clothes, DS2 needs shoes etc...)
BUT trying to saty focussed on the my 6 gorgeous DC, but sadly they are all V grumpy and killing each othwer at the moment LOL

Off for long walk with DC and doggy in a bit. Always cheers everyone up (barring any accidents with sticks that is LOL)

Hope everyone else OK

BBL grin

galen Sat 10-Oct-09 11:59:53

swan X posts, Hi! Hope lunch goes OK. Did DS enjoy his trip - must gor catch up with last nights thread...

swanriver Sat 10-Oct-09 12:11:35

trip was grin lots of letting off steam now though
blackcurrants have dispersed themselves over bottom of freezer - now have frostbite

grouchyoscar Sat 10-Oct-09 12:15:59

Happy Weekend All you lovely FLY pals

Thanks for the thread Wolf Good to see you.


Stripped and remade the bed - put thick duvet into service as it's rather cold at night sad
Put cover on 'emergency' duvet
sorted washing and take it down
Load WM and run
Iron basket of washing (4 XXXL shirts shock plus my Ben Shermans and GOjr's school stuff <<weep>> I hate this job)
Help GOjr wrestle his way onto websites
Empty DW
Put away
Feed the shouty cat

To Do

Help him with his homework
Help him tidy his messy bedroom
empty wm and reload etc
get some rest

Took DS to rugby training last night and we got caught in the torrential downpour. GOjr stayed the course but has a nasty cough. I ended up with him on his sofa bed from 2-7am and got up at 8 as he kept telling me about his moshimonster's progress. I am so shattered now. I feel so awful that I've had to tell him I'm too tired to take him to ToysRus, even though he came down with his money box and sorted out some cash for what he wanted. Tomorrow maybe, huh. hmm I am sick of being sick and tired.

Please, somebody kick me

DS2 is a very happy boy!
He scored a hatrick at football. His first ever hatrick plus it meant his tem won 3-1 grin.
Very proud mummy! Just wish i could have been there to see it. sad

Off to the childrens carnival soon. DS2 has entered as SpongeBob! grin

Mmmm birthday cake was tasty!

scattyspice Sat 10-Oct-09 13:45:21

High five Torts DS2!! What a birthday. Glad he is getting plenty of mileage out of his spongebob costume!

Good luck with todays catering challenge swan, at least my relatives don't all come at once!

MC good luck with the packing, hope you have a good time.

GO take it easy today.

I completely lost my rag last night trying to change my car insurance! Dh clearly thinks I'm unhinged (or not safe to be around) and has taken DC out for the day grin. I have started Xmas shopping shock and bought fleeces and gloves at TKMaxx. Now I'm cleaning up and going to do some knitting (Xmas present production).

Makingchanges Sat 10-Oct-09 13:56:51

Thanks Scatty Hols part one not til next week but I have no time this week to get things done between school and courses etc.

DH now gone to 'pack away caravan' leaving me with grumpy DD who has been in all morning with little interaction from us. I came in to find her stood in her toy box with every toy spread on the floor so had to have a tidy up of the lounge and try and amuse her for a while but she is having none of it. Think i'll stick some more washing in, and take her out for a while to the park to burn off some energy

Well Done Torts DS2 Brilliant achievement. Scatty enjoy the piece, I wish my DH would take DD out sometimes instead of taking himself out and leaving her with me (I love her to bits but crave me times sometimes)

RubysReturn Sat 10-Oct-09 15:04:38

Hi all
frenzied here
lots of arty craft going on here - we have 6 birthdays this month and 2 babsies due!

So normal stuff not being done - too dull grin
birthdya sounds fab Tort

DS2's day got even better! grin
He won 1st prize in the individual boy category as SpongeBob! £10 prize to add to his birthday money and a trophy to keep. smile

SimplyWantsAMagicWandPlease Sat 10-Oct-09 16:38:35

I am here and have read the thread but no time for individuals I'm afraid, except for go as I want to say, Please be kind to yourself. You haven't chosen your situation and I know you're doing your best. smile

swanriver Sat 10-Oct-09 18:38:31

That's not all my relatives Scatty...not by any means...

only just finished clearing up shockfeel like I have locked in kitchen for hours

wish my relatives would follow me into kitchen and start chatting over washing up - that would be v. cosy /need to make a new rule that relatives are always allowed by sink area.

What a charming scene Ruby!
Galen - hope you are now snuggled up after long walk
Simply - well done on swim
Tortoise - I'm glad he had such a great day
MC - hope park was a morale booster
Wolf - v. frustrating about keys, but at least you knew you had to change them, it's worse worrying that someone might find the house.
Grouchy - hopefully Gojr wanted to snuggle too after yest's rain.

Merlin has started grin need to get there before lose the plot.

TeaMonster Sat 10-Oct-09 18:43:17

Evening all

Day have been terrible really has. Started well enough, me and DS2 had a nice realxing mmorning, whilst DS1 and DH went to football, then lunch.

Then DH decided to put up a light we have had in the garage for ages, que blown fuses, light not workng and general chaos. We put up a shelf in DS2 room all was quiet.

Yes quiet is not good in TheMadHouse. DS2 had located Mummys razor out of my drawer and shaved resulting in blood every where. We had to strip him to find the source. Screaming and cut legs and nasty cut thumb.

A&E for everyone, all four of us covered in blood. I am now expecting a call from social services sad

Can notstop shacking and have threw up sad

tort Well done on the birthday and well done the birthday boy on his win and his hattrick smile

swanriver Sat 10-Oct-09 18:53:41

TM - dd once did the exact same thing at 4 yrs but on her face - it was awful. Copying Daddy.

How scary for you TM. Glad he is ok now.

Had birthday treat of takeaway for tea. smile
Had a bit of a heart stopping moment while at the shops.
DD1, DD2 and i cycled to get the takeaway. Went to cross the road with them and as DD1 went across the road a motercycle pulled out, pulled a wheelie and very nearly collided with DD1. sad Stupid idiot didn't even seem to see her until last minute when luckily i had screamed her name to stop.

She isn't to happy right now, says she is cold and is tearful. Wondering if maybe slight shock?

Makingchanges Sat 10-Oct-09 20:02:35

Oh Tort that sounds awful I think i'd be shocked if that happened to me so I'm sure she is shocked poor thing

Tea - Glad DS is alright - take care of yourself too, sounds like you've had a bit of a day of it.

We'll decided to take some clothes to the recycling boxes and then took DD to Meadowhall to pick a winter coat - she thought it was fantastic and got hat and gloves too and then I treat us to a takeaway since we were on our own - Think some one on one time did us both good to be honest and I got lots of kisses and cuddles (and she even shared her chocolate so I must be in the good books)

DH has just given me a list of what I need to do tomorrow so looks like I'm not gonna get to the gym or get any of my coursework done this weekend. Thing I'm gonna write it off and open a bottle of wine cos I feel that that is the only thing that may cheer me up today.

Hope tomorrow is a better day tort and Tea and enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone - I'm gonna try and get back on tomorrow but if not i'll catch up Monday

SimplyWantsAMagicWandPlease Sat 10-Oct-09 21:00:35

Hello to all.

I've made banana cakes and I completely forgot to put the sugar in! I know that I forgot it as it was still in the measuring bowl when the cakes were already in the oven! What will they turn out like?

TM Oh, your poor ds and the rest of you, too. What an awful experience. These things do happen though and there is a thread in active convos full of daft/dangerous things posters and their children have done when young. I hope you will all soon be recovered from the experience.

Tort Yes, she could be shocked. I don't know if there is anything you should do. Perhaps you could google it to check?

swan I wore my contact lenses again today and I tried wearing goggles for the first time. As a result I realised that my swimming technique is dreadful as I've spent so much of my life swimming with glasses on (my sight is really poor and I'd not be safe myself or to anyone else if I couldn't see). I then copied the girl swimming next to me (without her noticing!) and tried to do it with my face underwater without taking water in and spluttering. Suffice to say, I've got some way to go yet!

MC What type of thing is on the list? Can it be postponed or delegated to someone else in order for you to get to the gym or do some coursework? It sounds a bit odd being given a list by your dh but perhaps it is something you're both happy with?

See you all tomorrow.

Thanks Simply. She was very tired and seems to have gone to sleep ok. She did say her tummy hurt for about 10mins but was ok when she went to bed. Will keep an eye on her tonight. I did talk to her and explain it wasn't her fault but that she must remember to look while crossing the road on her bike.

Makingchanges Sat 10-Oct-09 21:46:40

By list Simply I mean he has told me what jobs need to be done tomorrow (in his opinion) and has organised other people already to help so I have to go along as its already organised - not literally hoovering etc more like sort caravan out, Gps coming round to do x,y,z etc

Had some wine and some choccie and feeling better now. going to watch some telly and try for an early night

Starbear Sun 11-Oct-09 00:09:53

eveing all. Just been out for the night all sweet at the Bear house hold, fab night out. Lovely t o have a dance with firneds.see ya in morning blush grin

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