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Monday Fly Thread-Its a new day it's a new dawn...

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EHM Mon 21-Sep-09 07:02:48

Morning Ladies
Up Early as Dh left at 545 Eurostar to Brussels.He is back tomorrow night.Then Paris Thursday sad
will be back with mission.x

ShannaraTiger Mon 21-Sep-09 07:44:41

Morning all

Popping in quickly, first morning of not giving ds his bottle of milk first thing in an attempt to get some breakfast in him:
Attempt 1 Ready brek = failed
Attempt 2 Nuttela sandwich being eaten. grin

I think I might have to start up a thread for parents with 'feeding disorders' Just thinking about the word tea and meal planning makes me feel sick brings me out in cold sweats and other anxietys related symptoms. Not good since with my parenting course this week i was going to start introducing new foods and I'm shaking and getting close to tears at the thought !sad shock God I'm sad and need help!

Sorry today our newly redone tesco opens so I'm dropping ds off to playschool and going shopping by myself grin am very excited. Unfortunately haven't got time to write a to do list as have to much to do before school run.

Have a good morning everyone
BBL hopefully slightly calmer with food to throw in the bin try on ds, and some lovely winter coats and wellington boots that fit!

EHM Mon 21-Sep-09 07:47:55

Right dw emptied & reloaded
make Ellie's bed as dh put her in with me when he left at 545(I couldn't get back to sleep after he phoned my mobile from his mobile whilst it was in his pocket)
washing machine going with 1st load of many thanks to my lovely dhhmm
errand list made for today(try & do my errands when Ellie is at preschool-its quicker & easier)
checked emails-thanks simply will reply asap
checked FB

catch up with yesterdays thread
breakfast me & dd (once she gets was a late night so I am not waking her. I can take Ellie into PS later if needed they don't mind. PS would rather they had their sleep rather than being there over tired)
shower dress me & dd
make economy gastronomy tomato sauce for pasta(with the lovely fragrant tomatoes my neighbour kindly gave me)
phone mum & sister
phone our estate agent

oh I hear Ellie shouting me be back later.x

scattyspice Mon 21-Sep-09 07:57:35

Morning EHM and Shanna.

Sounds like another busy day EHM. Sorry dh has had to go away again.

Shanna - my ds was the worlds fussiest eater, he now (at 6) eats more than me! But will not eat something he doesn't like and only really eats dry food (would eat dry mince and mashed potato seperately, but not shepards pie tsk). He never ate breakfast until about 18mnths ago and prefers toast with jam/nutella to cereal. Once you have a selection of meals they eat, just go with that I say, its exhausting otherwise.

DD at school for lunch
collect dd at 2 (why?)
collect ds at 3.15
house bleugh
dh making tea
buy bread etc

Right need to assemble 2x bookbags and homework, PE kits, lunches, waterbottles, children.

EHM Mon 21-Sep-09 08:09:30

shanna Ellie is same, she loves milk & always has. Try brioche you can plain or choc chip.she loves these for breakfast. She prefers dry toast & cereals(not sure why) Will only eat small amount of pasta sauce on pasta. Prefers plain noodles. She only recently decided she now likes chicken without breadcrumbs on it. I agree with scatty stick with what they like as its exhausting & frustrating. I even spoke to Ellie's PS they said not to worry. Although when she much younger she ate beef casseroles with chunky veg, fish mashed with peas. Shepherds pie. Blueberries, blackberries,mangos, apples & pears. CHeese on toast. I could go on but won't bore you. although another break through she ate 1 slice of Apple shock of the year at preschool last week at snack time.
scatty hope you have a good day. Its funny how they have their little wills & won't with food.

Right we are both finishing breakfast then mad dash to get showered dressed. Thankfully everything laid out yesterday, PS bag packed & lunch made before we went to airport.


EHM Mon 21-Sep-09 08:10:40

sorry for rambling this morningblushblushblush

Starbear Mon 21-Sep-09 08:51:30

Hi all quick post of list and I'm going to dash back to school as I forgot art overalls!!!!!!!! So I've put the machine on made my list last night (but forgot overalls)Will now have to add to list make notice board for front door!!!!!!
Wash, Dress & Breakfast done
Drop off Ds done
Load W/M done
Go to Carphone warehouse for new phone contract.
Order sticky labels
get stuff to make a pin board
Buy new answer phone, old one is recording bits of a message!
Buy myself a t-shirt or two! & a bra!
Make beds
Clean bathroom
Hoover upstairs
Dust in a slut styleeee!
Empty Dishwasher
Phone College re family education
Look into venue for Ds’s party
Complete Ou forms!
Letter to desired school.
Make minestrone soup for the week
Fish pie for tea
Yhis is more of a wish list
Catch up later with you all smile

SimplyIsGoingToLearnToFLY Mon 21-Sep-09 09:36:17

Hello to all and thanks for the thread EHM.

I'm just bookmarking the thread. I am on standby incase a neighbour's son needs me to run him to work or to help jump start his car. I was on my way to get showered when I heard his car go 'phut' 'phut' 'stall'. I've offered to run him to work but he's waiting for his Dad to come and help him move the car from where he has left it. I don't have any jump leads myself but perhaps his Dad does.

That's my excuse for sitting here in yesterday's clothes without having showered! smile.

ShannaraTiger Ds was a nightmare with food when he was little. I was at my wit's end with him. Luckily dd is a year and a bit younger than him and was very interested in eating different food and ds bucked up his ideas as a result! I don't know how old your dc is but I've heard of people borrowing a child belonging to a friend to eat meals with their dc in order for them to see someone their age tucking in and enjoying food.


OrdinarySAHM Mon 21-Sep-09 09:39:06

Sorry for not responding to what anyone else has said but my brain feels gunged up. I'm sure it is probably still due to alcohol as I had another few glasses last night. It's not like I'm an alcoholic or something, I drink very small quantities and didn't even feel drunk last night. But it makes me have that horrible mood of 'everyone leave me alone and don't even look at me' in the morning. I'll try not to have any at all tonight and see if it makes a difference or if it is just hormones anyway.

I feel like I haven't got enough time today and that I'm pressured. It takes me a while to 'get going' but it's not long til I collect DS from his half day, then I'm supposed to be taking him to lunch with some others, and giving one of them a lift so I can't really let her down. We should only just be back in time to collect DD from school and then I have to take both kids to ballet. I won't get things done unless I hurry up now - but I feel like whining "I just can't do it". I've just got to get on with it and stop being pathetic!

OhYouBadBadKitten Mon 21-Sep-09 10:07:07

Good morning all, taking 15 minutes to have a cup of coffee. Got one of those days where I think I might be being a bit ambitious.

Do washing & put on line - done
Make bread - rising
clean out hutch - done
clean out aquarium
phone vets
de-flea cats
various business emails & docs to write.
design poster
order veg
clean kitchen
clean bathroom
quick hoover.
15 minute fly
chop up some of pear mountain.
make dinner

oof can not be bothered. would much rather piddle about doing not a lot.

Starbear Mon 21-Sep-09 10:17:52

Thank you EHM for the thread. Not nice having Dh away all the time. It sound so glamorous when your very young. I can say hello properly now that I've dashed to school.
ShannaraTiger really feel for you. I agree with Simply my SAHM BF thought my Ds ate well because at nursery, he ate with other children. The other thought I always had when it all got to much for me. I would count to ten and say to myself 'He is not in a refugee camp in a War Zone. I have food for him, he has a roof over his head etc.. He can have what like for the next meal'
Ordinary That how I permanently feel these days! with out the alcohol. I think dashing around dropping off & collect children pushes other things out of the way. hope it get better soon.
Scatty That list of things kids need for school is getting the better of me right now I always forget something!!!
Right End of tea break

Starbear Mon 21-Sep-09 10:49:57

Opps! Hi Kitten race ya!

swanriver Mon 21-Sep-09 11:30:45

We have a new kitten grin
went next door to find out when the kittens would be ready, only to be handed one there and then shock But the mum is next door so hopefully she will visit us soon.
but today's a good day for it, as ds2 is still at home and is gently getting to know the new arrival.
Very sweet, very dapper, black and fluffy with white whiskers, into exploring (as are we all grin We are calling him Alfie on ds2's request. Have kept him in a different room from our exisiting cat (who is 1 and half years) for time being so that they get used to each others' smells...

So nothing done as yet - lots of cuddles and sitting with new cat taking priority.

But have put out recycling
2 kids to school
violin practice x 1
waterbottles labelled
2 loads of washing done
1 bed stripped and washed

Shanna - just pretend not to care, it is the only way. Dd just ate bolognese for first time in summer (aged seven) Ds2 cannot bear sauces of any kind except cheese sauce. Ds1 cannot abide rice or couscous.
They are moderately healthy, and rather tall.

How about a glass of milk with a whirly straw and some dry cheerios on the side?

Jas Mon 21-Sep-09 11:53:45

Mrningsmile (just!)

I am not doing a list, but the plan is to have a sparking house by this time tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

OhYouBadBadKitten Mon 21-Sep-09 12:14:09

Good luck Jas!

awww Swanriver. How lovely And you can't possibly race around doing stuff cos that would scare the kitten!

Starbear - a race?! eep.

bread is done and very tasty.
aquarium clean
kitchen clean
15 min fly done.
business emails - sadly just scratched the surface but its lunch time now.

After lunch will tackle bathroom and emails and docs I need to write.
cats know it is defleaing day and are all hiding. grrr.

scattyspice Mon 21-Sep-09 12:33:07

swan how lovely to have a kitten smile.
badkitten you seem to have a few pets. DS is campaigning for a pet (started asking for a dog, I have negotiated down to rabbit) but I'm not sure. We said we wouldn't have pets but now I think DC are missing out.

jas go steady. When is the funeral?

Ordinary Its old age (I'm permenantly bleugh).

Hi simply and star and everyone else.

DS tearful going into school again. He seems to be in a permenant state of anxiety sad. He worries that he is going to cry, which makes him cry, then he gets annoyed with himself for crying. If I am sympathetic - he cries, if I am brisk - he cries. I don't know what to do with the poor lad.

BB after school.

OhYouBadBadKitten Mon 21-Sep-09 12:41:42

Its hard when they get teary like that Scatty. Do you think it will settle when he gets back into the routine of it?

We do like animals in this house. Would love some chickens too but i think I have reached capacity.

Right, lunch over. onwards. back later.

swanriver Mon 21-Sep-09 13:34:10

A friend has chickens (in small London house with 70ft garden) she says they are FAB, better than rabbits or hamsters.

Starbear Mon 21-Sep-09 13:37:23

I'm the one campaigning for a dog but, I want to stay at home with it sad Wish my Mum would get a dog & I would look after it with her. But I know she won't because she wouldn't let me have one when I was little. She thought having my brother was enough smile
Go to Carphone warehouse for new phone contract. What a palaver!
Order sticky labels Done
get stuff to make a pin board Done But it won't look like anything TM does & I took so long looking for the material sad
Buy new answer phone, old one is recording bits of a message! (C/F) wasted too much time on pinboard.
Clothes shopping keeps dropping off the list!
Make beds Done

EHM Mon 21-Sep-09 13:49:48

busy de cluttering ready for big move-you would't think we have done this April/May time. I have emptied 1 chest of drawers in our room

3 pair of specs-no longer used
1 fertility monitor -no longer used
2 gold bracelets-gifts never worn/never will wear
1 gold locket-not worn for about 15 years
1 Armani watch no longer warn-needs new battery
hundreds of packets of buttons(the ones which come with new clothes- most of which we no longer have)hmm
my broken engagement ring(will take to jewellers tomorrow with watch.
lots of crap which i have binned
Nail varnish so old I couldn't open
some stuff for charity shop

I have also emptied my folder which holds ALL my receipts. I was keeping food receipts going bak over 18 months-why I don't know. Only needed to keep an hand fullhmm

Emptied Newspaper basket(we use to put mail/paperwork which need to be filed) Sorted & filed away

After dropping Ellie off at Preschool I completed errands. also bought a few wee Xmas presents-including Xmas Pj's & dressing gown for Ellie.

Right I still need to buy challots couldn't get them this morning & post my twin nieces 1st birthday gift & friend card.
I not forget to pick up Ellieblush

EHM Mon 21-Sep-09 13:51:44

apologies for poor grammar & spelling + lack of individual replies will do later.

TeaMonster Mon 21-Sep-09 13:57:56

Afternoon all

I have been busy this morning, we started the home blessing.

The I decided I needed to sort out the magic cuboard in DS1's room, where I keep all the bargains I have got through the year.

well good news is Christmas is sorted for the boys.

I also have a black sack full of loads of jigsaws

We are doing a car boot this weekend, as we are desperatly short of cash - eek

I am also e-baying like mad too - well the stuff that sells.

I have 12 boxes of books that we havent even opened since we move back north 3 years ago blush

I am going to try and be good and not buy as many fiction and just get from the library

BBL now off downstairs

Oh and I have been playing with DS2 too

RubysReturn Mon 21-Sep-09 14:14:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

galen Mon 21-Sep-09 14:17:07

Afyternoon all

EHM gosh thats rough that poor DH had to go away again so soon. Hope you survive OK on your own - you are sounding very organised and positive grin and Xmas presents shock super orgenaised indeed....
And decluttering sound good - sounds just like what I'd find in my drawers LOL

swan new kitten how lovely. I am not really a cat person but I LOVE little fluffy kittens LOL

scatty poor DS - hope he soons settles in .

star imoressive listr - good luck!

kitten I would love another rabbit (had one a few years ago)but I am the one who always ends up doing all the hutch cleaning out and find it a bit of a PITA TBH. At least a dog doesnt have to be cleaned out as such LOL

OSAHM* take it easy today - you will feel better tomorrow. Alcohol really does exactly the same to me!

tiger how old is your DS? Some children really are just like that. My Ds1 was a bit fussy but nbot too bad, DD1 would eat anything and everything LOL!< then came DD2 who would not eat ANYTHING! I spent most of the first 2 years of her life in tears every meal time - but she survived, although still extremely fussy - she can now at least understand the "no dinner, then no pudding" philosophy! (she's 7!)
Hang in there - and just try tiny bits of things, and if you find something he likes just stick with it!

jas hope you're doing OK. Hang in there.

Well my productive streak continues YAY!
Yesterdays efforts piad off though and ths morning went much smoother !

So far done today:
6 DC up, breakfasted, dressed
Breakfast stuff cleared
Lunch boxes assembled
3 bathrooms S&S
Laundry reboot
5 min room rescue girls room
School drop off
Shopping on way home
made dinner - in slow cooker
Dealt with recovery company who came to take semi dead car to garage at last !
Long walk with doggy on hill, collected blackberries at DD4 request - found a grand total of 6 LOL
laundry reboot
folded clean laundry
stripped 4 beds
mopped (twice!) extremely filthy kitchen floor blush
Lunch for DD4 and ds2
Did battle in DS1 room - unbelievable, To Be Continued later LOL
bedding in wash
Nursery drop off for DD$
DS2 for nap
Mopped hall floor
Lunch me
Herb bread in breadmaker (poor doggy very upset by noise and growling at breadmaker LOL

Now: 1/2 hour chilling, cuppa and MN time!

Next :
School pick up
collect DD1 at 4.30
Reboot laundry
clear dinner
bath littlies
remake beds
Hoover stairs
Mop dining room
DS1 room (cant think about in too much detail as too scary LOL)

right best get on .... BBL


galen Mon 21-Sep-09 14:18:46

hmmm random letters at end of post sorry LOL
also meant to say simply what a nice neighbour!

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