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Friday Fly - No Whirling Dervishes Allowed

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swanriver Fri 03-Jul-09 09:12:41

Rain fell last night
Outside is cool, inside is hot, and all the uniform on line was v. soggy blush

TheMadHouse Fri 03-Jul-09 09:16:29


BB in a mo

TheMadHouse Fri 03-Jul-09 09:22:38


Thanks for the thread Swan I guess the rain is a welcome relief from all the heat you have been having.


Up, dresses
DS1 to Preschool
Washing hung out
cup of tea made
repaired broken fan in bedroom
Boden order done for the boys next years stuff

To Do's

Ironing and put away
Room rescues - every room needs at least 15 mins in as it has been to hot to clean
Whats for lunch
Sort weekend plans as we are babysitting friends little ones tomorrow night (nearly 3 and 20 weeks).
Mop all floors
hoover upstairs

I wanted to share this with you all. I thought it was a great idea for the heat. I have made two and am going to let the boys lose on the this afternoon. Full of bugs (plastic of cource), mini dino's, grapes, beads etc. I am going to full sqirty bottles with warm water and let them lose.

Simply DS1 has lots of interests at home, he loves board games, books, puzzles etc. I have been doing a summer plan with him.

swanriver Fri 03-Jul-09 09:26:48

Spent the morning racing round trying to catch up on all things I didn't do last night as was out...
Dh said dcs did not go to sleep till 9.30 due to being hot and restless, so we are all a bit bleary..

Done so far
dried on bathroom radiator (as we have no drier) some soggy unifrom
made two lunchboxes
wrestled NDS out of squabbling kids' hands - this a Friday mornig treat which is totally backfiring
supervised 10 mins violin
slast minute fracas over forgetting lunchboxes and waterbottles

Now need to
clean kitchen THOROUGHLY
sew those curtains angry they have cluttered up playroom TOO LONG
make moussaka with rest of sauce
wrap presents for two birthday parties on Sat
buy some shoes which are comfortable and cool and some summer tops

dylsmum1998 Fri 03-Jul-09 09:28:36

swan thank for thread
*tmh thanks for link.

am very tired today, my neighbours decide to have a screaming match outside my front door last night, i was woken at 1am by them. phoned police at half past when i decided had had enough and they werent going to shut up. polive never came out hmm. neighbours finally all sodded off by 2am as a thunder storm started. am pleased as dc slept through it all, but sad because they only sleep through because sadly its normal here sad

dd got up at 6 and had angry mummy tell her to get back into bed, when wasnt her fault i was tired. blush

to do
wash up
load washer done
unload washer
s&S bathroom
hotspots everywhere
visit my cousin
post compliant letter
go to bank
take dc to see ice age 3
dress dd

sorry havent caught up with yesterdays thread yet, will try in a bit. dd had her allergy testing done at hosp yesterday. although she reacted to what she was tested for it wasnt enough to count hmm. nurse has suggested we continue to omit citrus from her diet as it sounds like its a cumulative reaction. just to keep on as we are.

need to crack on BBL

Starbear Fri 03-Jul-09 09:33:15

Hi, lazy start today going to buck up in a mo. Have to go into work today (unpaid) to help a colleague out. She was crying yesterday that she had so much to do and not enough help! I couldn't leave her like that. I'm going to take Ds in with me. WE are setting up two weeks of Junior Citizen so I think ds will enjoy some of the rooms.
Ds also has a wobbly front tooth. He is only 4 yrs booked dentist at 3pm which is near work. Dh has left me the car so not too bad.
back in a bit with list.

dylsmum1998 Fri 03-Jul-09 09:44:23

love that ice idea TMH will give that a go with dc when i have some space in the freezer

swanriver Fri 03-Jul-09 09:50:38

Good for you Starbear - hope ds enjoys the action.
That sounds frightenng and horrible Dylsmum, it's so easy for adults to scream and shout isn't it,and so upsetting for others to listen to
We are so lucky as our neighbour is 90, and v. quiet, I worry what she thnks of screaming and shouting on our side. On the other there was a 9 year old who had screaming tantrums all the time I used to wonder what was wrong ...knowing little as I did then of vagaries of dcs' behaviour.

kitchen already looking better...

gibbberish Fri 03-Jul-09 09:53:16


tmh wow at ds1!!! That's brilliant! You are right to be very proud smile

dylsmum grrr at neighbours. Perhaps you should have stood right outside their window and shouted your head off at the crack of dawn to see how they like it!

star you are very good to help out like that.

swan good list!

I don't have much to do today as did so much yesterday. Got three people coming round this morning to collect four items I put on freecycle yesterday. Put them on two local sites and got snotty email from one telling me they were deleting my post on their site as they were second choice and I should have waited 24 hrs before posting on the second one. Says that NOWHERE on the site. And in actual fact two of the items going are from people that saw the ad on THEIR site.

So sent very snotty email. Is the second time they have done this to me - cancelled my post because of some stoopid rule.

Off to see what needs doing.

gibbberish Fri 03-Jul-09 10:12:41

Right, have decided to make cup cakes with dd3 and dd4.

Off to get messy!

Starbear Fri 03-Jul-09 10:48:58

Back with a proper list.
Thank you Swan for the thread, moussaka yummy. Only like it when someone else cooks it! blush
dylsmum very distressing for you. Have you got a Safer Neighbourhood officers or Homebeat officer near you that you can talk to and express your concerns?
I'm not that angelic. I just had a rotten time dealing with teenagers on a bus! It made me feel better that I wasn't the only person who has a tough time at work. She would always help me when I need it.
Mad have saved that site for future reference. Great idea Ds will love it.
Be back with list

Starbear Fri 03-Jul-09 10:51:21

Okay down to work
Put washing on
Tidy Kitchen
Take ds to have haircut
Clean bathroom
Empty D/W
Out to work
Ds dentist
food shopping
Pumpkin soup
Fold clothes

TheMadHouse Fri 03-Jul-09 10:55:13

Dyls I have to agree with Starbear, you should not be subjected to that outside your own home. I do know how you feel, as my first home was the same, I used to lkive with a constant knott in my tummy.

Starbear well done on your good dead, what goes around comes around.

Swan Get on with those curtains you will feel better once they are all out of the way

galen I hope you enjoy your reunion with DH wink and also that things havnt been too traumtic for him (although they will have been) sad

Gib I have never used freecycle yet - i keep hearing really petty things about it. Cup cakes sound yum.

Right I am having a cuppa, me and DS2 have

Sorted out the magnetic letters and numbers into pots for his easel - he needs more letters
Cleaned the conservatory - urgggggg
Wiped the kitchen
Polished the dinning room
Polish the kitchen table

Still to do: (after preschool collection_

Hoover up and down
Mop downstairs floor
Washing in
Put ironing away
Off to friends for play and boys dinner

Rember ladies tonight is date night!!!!

gibbberish Fri 03-Jul-09 11:57:46

tmh freecycle havent replied to my email. What a surprise <rolls eyes>

Cupcakes made and decorated and half eaten. Very tasty!

Had shopping delivery from Tesco.So now there is nothing to stop me tackling the ironing. Unfortunately.

Ugh, hands are all sticky from icing sugar.

swanriver Fri 03-Jul-09 12:53:06


cutlery and potato peeler etc drawer completely cleaned out
all pencils found and ready for sharpening
surfaces wiped/scrubbed
hob cleaned
tiles wiped
floors swept
bin emptied
recycling and food recycling done
phone rechargng
dw emptied and reloaded
dc books and toys removed
lunch eaten

paperwork hotspot

swept terrace

NOW OUT to buy

House is cool now smile must remember to shut all the windows

gibbberish Fri 03-Jul-09 13:04:47

Well done swan

dh has come home with a pressie for me - four new fish! Very excited grin Hope they dont get eaten by the others hmm


General tidy
Made cupcakes
Been to library to return VERY overdue books blush
Tidied kitchen
Freecycled four items

To do:

Go to other library to return the last of the o/s books blush blush
Ironing <groan>
Fix the backing picture to the fish tank
Transfer new fish to the tank
Hang up second load of washing
Do third and fourth loads of washing
Hang up third and fourth loads of washing

Thought I was going to have an easy day...

TheProfiteroleThief Fri 03-Jul-09 13:05:08

Hi all
had a birthday brunch, signed up for new course, and gettign ready for girls night out.

ANyone who has a Lazytown lover look at the ticket thread - I have just got 4 tickets for £20!

tostaky Fri 03-Jul-09 13:21:57

ive done everything in preparation for my guests, my house is clean and tidy, i just had a shower, baby is sleeping... i even have time to read a magazine!!! grin well done me!!

Starbear Fri 03-Jul-09 13:32:09

gibbberish Nice thoughtful DH. Must make cup cakes with ds soon
Prof What course have you signed up for?

tostaky It sounds like a well deserved sit down. What are you reading?
Just having time out.
beds done
Washing in W/M
D/W reloaded
ds lunch (me not hungry)
folded some clothes
Tidy kitchen
Off now for the afternoon

TheMadHouse Fri 03-Jul-09 13:34:30

Swan You getting an early start on the kitchen - thats next weeks zone!!!!

Prof Breakfast brunch sounds Fab, I can not abide LazyTown shock

tostarky Well done

Gib Happy new fish

Well list is getting better

Hoover up and down - done
Lunch??????????????? chicken pots and carrots
Mop downstairs floor
Washing in - done
Ironing - done
Put ironing away - done
Off to friends for play and boys dinner

So only the flour to mop, but am going to leave that thill tonight.

grouchyoscar Fri 03-Jul-09 14:01:35

Hello All

I think my get up and go mojo has melted. I am totally lacking in gumption hmm I'm getting nbasic routines done but, I am doing the bare minimum. Managed to get in for my Lunch session but.....

It's chucking it down here, ah well, I don't have to water the plants grin I doubt Ed will be going to rugby training tonight. I honestly don't think I could manage it TBH blush

Looking forwards to a steady weekend

littleboyblue Fri 03-Jul-09 14:53:07

Hi all.
mad those ice things look and sound great!
Might do some for ds1's birthday. Am thinking of holding a picnic with a few of his little friends.

Been at children's centre all morning Was supposed to stay for a bit this afternoon but ds1 seems to be going through an especially violent day sad

gibbberish Fri 03-Jul-09 15:00:54

grouchy at least you are getting the basics done. That will tide you over until you find your motivation again.

Been and handed in last of overdue books <big sigh of relief>

Raining here and much less muggy so we may get a better sleep tonight. Haven't really slept for the last two nights.

Need to start the ironing...

dylsmum1998 Fri 03-Jul-09 15:08:14

quick update on my list,

tidy done
hoover done
wash up done
load washer done
unload washer done
s&S bathroom done
mission done
hotspots everywhere done
visit my cousin- ran out of time do it another day
post compliant letter
go to bank done
take dc to see ice age 3
dress dd done
buy new curtains and curtain pole done

am trying to book lazytown tickets but website keeps going wroong <<sob sob>> thanks for the tip prof happy birthday

gibbberish Fri 03-Jul-09 16:57:44

Third load of washing on.
Clothes sorted out for putting away
Backing picture on fish tank sorted thanks to veg oil!
New fish put in with old fish and all looking very happy
Dinner on (baked pots, tuna mayo and salad)

Not going to start ironing. Will do it over the weekend. Going to relax and finish my book.

Have a good evening all!

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