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thursday fly on polling day!!

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dylsmum1998 Thu 04-Jun-09 08:24:58

morning al back in a mo

TheMadHouse Thu 04-Jun-09 08:28:57

Just a quick post

Off to preschool
Mum and me adn DS2 aldi shopping
Shopping away
Preschool pick up
Whats for lunch
Boys to creshe - thank F for that
Whats for dinner
More ironing
Ironing away

I have a sore throat, as does DS2 so I guess his rash is viral. I feel as though I have barbed wire in my thoat and cant swallow prop

dylsmum1998 Thu 04-Jun-09 08:30:22


swan we're off swimming to as our school is closed for polling. think i may have left the swimming toys at my nans so need to run over and pick those up if they are not in the car



to do

wash up
s&s bathroom
dress dc
bike ride

and if we find somewhere strawberry picking

think i will pack up a picnic lunch as looks quite sunny today (YAY!!)
so in amongst all those things we wont be home much anyway grin

BBL have a good day all

dylsmum1998 Thu 04-Jun-09 08:31:36

morning TMH hope you an ds feel better soon

littleboyblue Thu 04-Jun-09 09:09:35

Mad Hope you and ds start to feel better soon. We like lots of warm ribena when we are a bit poorly.
wolf Happy birthday. Have a good one.

I have written my to do list, it isn't to hand atm though.
I have done morning routine, just have to get ds1 dressed and go to shops.
I have also spent 15 mins tweaking control journal so will get there one day!
Today I'd like to do a full hoovering, and mop living room floor but thinking about adding that onto evening routine as is the only laminate floor that doesn't get done daily like bathroom, kitchen and hallway.
I don't have anything by my front door, so not sure about today's mission. Think that's a sign we should go to the park instead.
Have a good day everyone.

swanriver Thu 04-Jun-09 09:21:32

Should you be going to Aldi if you feel poorly TMH? Could you go tomorrow instead?
Sounds a horrid virus for both of you.

Dylsmum feels good to have the day off/on today!

Today started with a terrible scene, dd discovered that ds2 had tipped up the Hama creations she and her friend had made yesterday (ouch)before I had ironed them. He is just a wrecker (the day before it was my carrot seedlings made into mud bricks...)

But I've plonked everyone in front of telly programmes for a bit blush
and we are going swimming in about 30 mins.

Done so far
unloaded dw
cleared breakfast
wandered round garden
sat with dd for a while in front of telly hmm
cleaned out section of fridge

Did control diary again last night

everything left papery from yesterday to do...when I return
watercress soup
rice pudding with all the milk
wash front door

lunch rest of sausages and potatoes

more violin
ironing pile [from yest)
petunias (from yest)

swanriver Thu 04-Jun-09 09:23:48

AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY WOLFCUB are you doing anything nice for it?

galen Thu 04-Jun-09 09:44:11

morning all
dyl thanks for thread.Enjoy swimming
mad poor you feeling rubbish and on a Thursday too... I know you hate Thursdays. Hope it goes smoothly and you and ds feel better soon
swan poor dd. Nothing lasts for long in our house. far too many little inquisistive careless hands around! I am forever telling older ones to put any creations intheir rooms or somewhere up high!Would like to say that I am having fun moving furnitue but havent even got on to the furniture yet....and then it will involve taking apart two single beds, reassembling as bunk beds (they are designed to do this lol) taking apart a cabin bed to move to other bedroom, the taking apart the cot as it wont fit through bedroom door...and reassembling in new bedroom. Add to thatswappinground two wardrobes....will definately need to wait till wk/end and get dh to help!!BUT am very excited at thought of new sleeping arrangements...especially having my bedroom back!grin

lbb you did fab yesterday. It is great isnt it when you feel on top of everything! Not happening here just now but will get there again LOL

wolf happy bday...enjoy!

house in total chaos still today....
And me and Dh and ds2 and dd1 and 3 are full of horrible colds and gunky throats...(at school though...not that ill!)And my eyes are driving me MAD with hayfever...but dont want to take antihistamine as I need to be able to function...still never mind!
MUST finish toy and clothes swap upstairs as a matter of some and clothes everywhere at the moment!
Also waiting in for homeserve person to come and sort out crazy heating...had to create path way to boiler through garage chaos..
need to get to shops for bday pressie for dd's friend, but cant go til eting man been....

right really must get on!
bbl grin

swanriver Thu 04-Jun-09 09:56:53

Galen [gulps] does sound v. challenging reassembling everything, a bit like building a log cabin in its entirety...

Hope you manage to escape to buy present and just keep focusing on happy littlies in their new room. I should think ds2 will find it hugely entertaining to be in with dd4.

nearly out of house here [ever hopeful]

epimum Thu 04-Jun-09 10:11:28

good morning all,
galen my eyes are driving me mad to with hayfever, my throats sore and i have a stupid irritating cough as does my dh we both had sleepless night cus of it, i have taken antihistamine and it seems to have calm symptons down, now im nakered sad
any way guess us mums have to plod on!

list for today:
everyone up, washed dressed done
breakfast, teeth cleaned, hair done done
take dd to nursary done
pop in friends for morning coffee done
wait for my mum to pick ds up (she's taking him out for the day smile
tidy upstairs
make beds
polish front room
wash up
clean kitchen
wash kitchen floor
do some ironing

dylsmum ds school is closed for polling to,
of all the comunity centres around here they choose to close an entire school hmm
pick dd up from nursary
whats for tea?
play with dc's in garden
story & bed

scattyspice Thu 04-Jun-09 10:46:50

Hi all.

Sorry everyone is suffering sad.

Ds is definately feeling better (back to his cheeky self!). Need to feed him up though.

Wolf HAPPY BIRTHDAY grin. (30?).

LBB - very impressed with your flying so far. You have inspired me to make a financial control journal (scary).

To do:
hang out washing
financial control journal
something with ds
collect dd

TheProfiteroleThief Thu 04-Jun-09 10:48:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EHM Thu 04-Jun-09 11:29:21

morning ALL

not caught up with yesterdays thread. Had nice time at model village. waiting for vet to call about Mia. Receptionist said 'be prepared, Vet WILL call you today'?

TMH poor you & ds2.speedy recovery.
swan & dylsmum enjoy swimming
wolf happy birthday to you, hapy birthday to you, happy birthday dear wolf hapy birthday to yooooooooooou!
LBB you are doing so well & sound so positive.
galen sorry to read that you are all suffering from hayfever. Is there a natural therapy available which would help? I've heard/read more than once if you eat honey produced locally by local bees its supposed to help? You too epimum hayfever is pantssad
scatty glad your ds is back to himselfsmile
prof you say 'we' have school induction, does that inlcude builders?wink

I have a very cuddly ellie on my lap, we are not dressed as I can't go far without her. Normally a sign that illness on its way. she also asked for hot milk when we got up.which she always asks for when she is under weathersad

Have a good day all.x.x.

TheMadHouse Thu 04-Jun-09 11:50:15

Hello All

*Happy Birthday Wolf Hope you have a great day and DS adn DP spoil you rotten as you deserve it my fly friend

Galen How fantastic regarding the rooms, not so about the hayfever - same to you epi*

enjoy the swimming - hmm strawb picking how fantastic

Prof Is this for the littlest roll?

Swan Sounds like a busy day, need to do the shopping today, as I have nothing in and mum does not hadle change from me very well sad, but it is done now so smile

EHM I hope ellie is not coming down with something and that the news from the vet is a bearable as it can be

Off to preschool - Done
Mum and me adn DS2 aldi shopping - Done
Home - done
Shopping away - done
Preschool pick up - done
Whats for lunch - saus cas and veg
Boys to creshe - thank F for that
Whats for dinner - roast chicken (marks dine in for a £10)
More ironing
Ironing away
MissionCollect the mini's

The boys are hairdressing with the playdough again smile

I really need to try and get out the front with some path cleaner and give the drive and path a scrub - DS2 dropped my bottle of tyre weld and it exploded everywhere hmm

Wolfcub Thu 04-Jun-09 12:56:52

hello all thank you for the birthday wishes - yes I am 30 sob

done loads and loads of cleaning tidying and ironing today

been out for brekkie with dp and mum and am just packing for a weekend away (at least I think that's what I'm packing for) and then we are setting off for the in laws. DS is going to stay with them for the first time ever (wolf gnaws on finger nails).

mad I hope you feel better soon, it sounds like you hav ethe bug I've got, I'm just getting over it but its been over 10 days now

love y'all my dear dear friends

sagacious Thu 04-Jun-09 13:00:37

Happy Birthday wolf*


Watered garden
Helped out at school (am)

to do

Kitchen sort out
Load of washing
Living room 5 min rescue
Home bleurgh
Take bins in


LoveBeingAMummy Thu 04-Jun-09 13:33:49

Happy birthday wolf!

hi everyone!

DD Breakfast
DD and me up and dressed
Wriggly readers attended
Mums birday pressies for tomorrow plus card
Me lunch (very naughty!)
Washing and hung out

To do
DD lunch
put washing away
Tidy round
Kitchen table
Empty dishwasher
sort out tea

OK just thought that look bad, i've eaten and dd hasn't so must explain, she fell asleep on the way back from the shops so went straight to bed!

TheMadHouse Thu 04-Jun-09 13:48:42


Well I have dropped the mini's at creshe and have cleaned the drive urg

I have also cleaned the crap that the cat has been leaving in our nice new stones by the path side. He used to do it in the pea shingle, so we removed it and got a lot larger stones - he is still doing it angry COOKING FAT angry sorry EHM If that was a little insensitive, but it wasnt a nice job. It is currently soaking in disinfectant and I will go and sweep and water it away soon.

More ironing
Ironing away
Collect the mini's
Whats for dinner - roast chicken
Must prep veg and spuds before colleting the boys

grouchyoscar Thu 04-Jun-09 14:20:25

Afternoon Ladies

Got up at 5:30 this morning shock and

Re-organised the can pantry
Re-organised the staples cupboard
Empty DW
Have brekkie
Wake Ed
Wash Ed
Get bags ready
Take Ed to breakfast club
Get bus to work
Work at creche
Taxi tro school and work at lunchtime
Hump really heavy b'day pressy for DH into the house and hide on 1st floor
Make phonecalls and do paperwork

The nerves in my leg are crackling. Suppose I better sit down and catch up on the thread. DS to collect in 30

Wendy you've probably been to Wilton Park more than me since it was re-opened and I only live 10 mins walk away shockblush

EHM Thu 04-Jun-09 14:56:28

grouchy rest up please my fly friend.
tmh not insensitive at all, Mia still shits i her own back yard. we have to clean up all the time. Hope drive is ok after spillage.
Lovebeingamummy wriggley readers sounds fun.
wolf have a lovely weekend away. I am sure ds will have a ball at grandparents. I understand your concerns we have yet to leave ellie with anybody over night.
saga how is the driving going?

Been out for walk with ellie to local polling station. voted then she went on swings/slide etc. walked back & message left by vet saying I have to call between 3-4 'nothing to drastic' apparently?

Off to get a cuppa & then call vet.

littleboyblue Thu 04-Jun-09 14:59:19

scatty Good for you on the financial journal. I'd do one too, but need finances first!! lol, but one day, do plan to organise bills, payments and do charts for incomings/outgoings etc, but one thing at a time. I do have a filing system for our paperwork, but I need larger/more folders now, so I've become a bit slack on it.

Sorry to hear there are still so many that are poorly.

All I have left on my to do list now is dinner and evening routine.
I hoovered the living room and all in the corners and behind the furniture, but am hoping to add a sweep and mop in here every evening. I'm now trying to decide if I should hoover the rest of the flat properly while both ds's are asleep, or just sit here and do nothing........the latter sounds more appealing doesn't it? grin
Maybe I could have a look on the recipe page and decide on dinners for weekend.....

wendyredkitchenredspots Thu 04-Jun-09 15:24:02

hello everyone
DD done every single wee and poo in her pants today. What's going on?! I am beginning to lose my patience after only one accident yesterday she can clearly do it perfectly! Keep calm Wendy and go and mop up again!
Happy birthday Wolf

scattyspice Thu 04-Jun-09 15:27:53

LBB- One step at a time. smile

Wolf - 30! I can barely remember 30 lol. Have a great weekend. Ds will be fine.

Well I am feeling chuffed as I have spent a good 1 and 1/2 hrs sorting my finances (I used the flylady FACE journal. Very easy). I now have small monthly budgets for groceries, clothes and shoes, toiletries and cash (for everything else lol). I have also budgetted how much I need to save each month to cover family holiday, DCs birthdays, Xmas and Car bills. Hopefully if I stick to this, I'll never have to use my credit card again! I think the key is to monitor it closely hmm.

finance journal
rebooted laundry
read library books and magnetics with ds
collected dd.

To do:
reboot laundry
puzzles with dd

I have also agreed with ds to give him £2/wk pocket money to save up for stuff he wants (Ben10 accessories probably). I will still get odd comics and sweets for him as not often and i will be getting them for dd. DD can have pocket money when she is 6. Does this sound reasonable? What do you guys do?

EHM Thu 04-Jun-09 15:39:28

wendy stick with it. I am not sure if you member ellie was exactly the same. She still does the odd poo, but is fine with wee now. The worst day for me was a friday & i spent all day cleaning up pee & poo. The next day it just clicked & it didn't get any worse from that point on. Your lo is a clever little cookie she will be fine & so will you be. I know its hard.

MIa has to go into vets on monday so they can monitor bladder function. Issues with protein loss in the blood sample , also high white cell count. Which is generally linked with infection. If bladder functions ok, and urine sample ok. they will clean her teeth to help with mouth/throat infection & remove lump from her throat/chin area & send away. there are other indications she may have gut inflammation but both I & the vet think she is too old for major investigations. If lump nothing to worry about. may try steroids to treat possible gut problems & mouth along with antibiotics. then she may start putting back on weight. We lost our cat Bob 7 years ago this month to kidney failure so I was a bit upset. Vet said she will look after her until Thursday. As I driving my sister & nephew back to Manchester next week & returning Thurs. As I had suggested putting Mia in cattery whilst I am away & delaying all of the above until Friday next week.

Off to phone DH with news he is in Brussels today with work. Back tonight away tomorrow with work until Saturday. Away with work Monday & back next friday morning-phew!

wendyredkitchenredspots Thu 04-Jun-09 15:40:38

scatty i have tried that lots of times but never stick to it. the only thing that works for me is cash. I take out £100 every Saturday and it's meant to last all week - food and entertainment basically but not petrol, direct debits etc. I'm always out of cash by Friday but I think twice about what I buy! Then my oven explodes and I need to buy a new one and it screws all budgets up!!

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