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Yuck. My washing machine has grey slime between the grey rubber door seal and the metal drum - does yours? Please check for me.

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snooks Tue 17-Mar-09 09:56:49

Just noticed this when I put a load on this morning. I do pull out the dispensing drawer and give it a good scrub sometimes because that gets gunky too, but how do I get rid of this watery slimy stuff?? It's a wonder our clothes don't come out smelling of drains. It's where the rubber seal meets the metal drum, under the crease IYSWIM?

brimfull Tue 17-Mar-09 09:57:52

oh yes we have this
I find it thickens soup nicely
scoop out with cloth

IwishIwasmoreorganised Tue 17-Mar-09 09:58:41

Mine gets that too. I just get it out with my fingers then give it a good clean round with a cloth and some Flash cleaner

Yes, I've had this for the last few months - first time ever.

I posted on ehre and somene asked if I'd swopped to liquid detergent as that often causes it. I had done, so have now swopped back to powder. Its stopped now.

poopscoop Tue 17-Mar-09 09:58:46

yes, i think it is from the liquitabs??

I have to give mine a wipe every so often, it is vile, otherwise you drag the clean clothes across and end up with snotty smears all over the freshly washed.

Buda Tue 17-Mar-09 10:00:17

My mum's has this and I always end up cleaning it out if I am using it when at home. I wipe it out with lots of kitchen roll and then give it a good clean with hot soapy water. Then I put the machine on for a hot wash with nothing in it.

I think if you give it a wipe regularly it doesn't build up as much. Mine doesn't seem to do it but I leave my machine door open when the machine is not on so maybe that dries it out.

Buda Tue 17-Mar-09 10:02:49

Aah. Makes sense. My mum uses the liquitabs and I don't. I use liquid in the ball thingie and put it in the machine.

snooks Tue 17-Mar-09 10:02:52

Glad it's not just me then - yes I do use liquid stuff, interesting, I will swap back to powder.

So now not only do I have to clean the house etc and wash the clothes, I have to clean the darned labour-saving washing machine too. Bit of a design fault there surely?

Gross, got it all in my nails <shudder>

poopscoop Tue 17-Mar-09 10:04:31

i think it doesnt dissolve properly and the outer 'skin' bit gets chucked to the front of the machine and collects all the shitty water. very pleasant eh?!

snooks Tue 17-Mar-09 10:13:25

poopscoop I don't use the liquitabs but I do use liquid (poured into the drawer). Think I will switch to powder anyway and see what happens. I dread to think what's in the pipes etc that you can't see.... think I will go back to my washboard and mangle grin

wotulookinat Tue 17-Mar-09 10:20:17

Just scoop it out.
I use powder and it still happens.
I occassionally put the drawer in the top shelf of the dishwasher (as recommended by someone on here) but it's better if I clean it myself.

chloesmumtoo Tue 17-Mar-09 10:21:37

I get it too, sometimes even on the washed clothes. Yeah I clean it as much as possible but I think it also builds up inside internally so I often put it through the hottest wash now and then to try to clear it. My dd has eczema and so alot of her creams are on clothing ect and so I did put it down to that but obviously not if you all get it too! I use surecare washing liquid and occassionally ariel tabs

soon2befamilyof4 Tue 17-Mar-09 10:55:00

I think powder is better all round TBH as it completly disolves properly and you have completle control over how much you put in (unlike tabs).

I don't know anybody who has any problems with powder TBH.

wotulookinat Tue 17-Mar-09 11:53:17

Oh God, I would never go back to using tablets - there were always little undisolved bits, no matter which brand I used.

Madwelshwoman Tue 17-Mar-09 12:51:39

It's because we wash at such low temps now and don't use powders plus increased use of non-bio powder. The man who came to fix my washing machine told me about it, you can buy stuff to clean it but it won't harm the washing machine. I was shocked as it actually coats the outside of the drum. A good hot wash every month with bio powder will help. Apparently hard water areas have trouble with limescale and soft water areas have this grey gunk.

wotulookinat Tue 17-Mar-09 13:00:39

Actually, come to think of it, I have had less of a problem since I started using bio powder.

Buda Tue 17-Mar-09 13:39:12

Which powders are bio? (Disclaimer - am in Hungary and cannot read the boxes!!! We get the normal Ariel and Persil brands but other than the brand name, everything else is in Hungarian)

BonsoirAnna Tue 17-Mar-09 13:41:19

I use liquitabs and don't have this problem. Wash hotter. And make sure you do a 90° wash at least once a week. And use Vanish stain remover from time to time in your wash.

maddylou Tue 17-Mar-09 13:44:30

i had a skin problem and got sensitive everything including washing liquid and my washing machine and clothes started smelling-Yuck -had to do some hot washes with bicarb and biological stuff .

I don't even do a 60 degrees wash never mind a 40 degrees one.

hiccymapops Tue 17-Mar-09 13:49:11

I use powder tablets and still get it, i'm not sure if it's got more to do with using fabric softener to be honest.

Rosie111 Wed 18-Mar-09 16:15:33

I get this and not long ago it became so disgusting that cleaning it out didn't get rid of the stench so a friend of mine who works for a washing machine company had the seal changed for me....lazy but effective! I had since vowed to keep it pristine. hmm

solidgoldbrass Wed 18-Mar-09 16:24:17

Is it safe to run the washing machine on hot with nothing actually in it apart from detergent? Cos I think mine might benefit...

Altagloria Wed 18-Mar-09 16:30:26

My machine was smelling really damp and was rather gungy so I poured a bottle of white vinegar into the drum and put it on a boil wash. Totally sorted it out. Now I always leave the door wide open (when not in use smile) and the smell hasn't come back...

poopscoop Wed 18-Mar-09 16:34:52

I just went to check mine again and found a pound coin in the sludge! Every cloud has a silver lining

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