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Clearing out ready for Christmas! October challenge

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Medwaymumoffour Mon 02-Oct-17 18:31:47

Right, self confessed hoarder here!

I want to make a effort to get rid of a substantial amount in readiness for the new influx of kids Christmas tat!

I have done two charity bags and one NCT sale where I sold a grand total of five items. I'm FB kids clothes this week, then ebaying and finally charity shop. I hate clearing out. ITS HARD WORK!
But I'm drowning in tat and things the kids have out grown. I'm on a self imposed no spend year as from this month (bar school uniform as needed).

As much as I can per day but at least 200 items. I work better with targets. I didn't count the amounts in the charity bags so it's zero from today.

Any reluctanct hoarders want to hold my hand?

loveisasecondhandemotion Wed 04-Oct-17 00:26:33

Count me in op smile

I'm just off to bed now as have been to Spain and am shattered, will come back in the morning and tell you about my situation. We can do it smile

Peppaismysaviour Wed 04-Oct-17 22:39:21

I'm in for a declutter. Our house is a joke!
Today we have sorted toy drawers in playroom (craft tomorrow) and a wardrobe on bedroom is done. Tomorrow must take stuff to charity shop or bags will just build! Also added lots to Facebook and eBay to sell. So here's hoping for a tidier house soon!

littlepinkgiraffe Wed 04-Oct-17 22:44:42

I will join! Our house is tiny so gets ridiculously cluttered ridiculously quickly!
tardis (<-- nothing to do with this post but I've never noticed we have a tardis before!!) she

Medwaymumoffour Wed 04-Oct-17 22:49:47

Thanks for joining me!

I have had a successful day sorting through the kids old clothes so far I have got rid of the following (sorted and ready to go but not out of the door yet!)

Things out October

30 Old uniform bits to school second hand shop
eBay 0
3 + 9 Facebook buy and sell
23 To a friend
19 Nursery for their spares cupboard
15 + 33 charity

There's tons more to do but I'm hoping to do some every day.

Bexta147 Thu 05-Oct-17 08:03:30

Im in. I currently have sorted my utility room already and the living room is pretty good too. I’m currently working in the shit tip boys room. I have already got rid of five bags of things from there.
I haven’t got until Christmas though, we move house in 3 weeks confused

Peppaismysaviour Thu 05-Oct-17 12:53:51

Today I'd dropped off five big toys to charity shop, packaged two items and sent off at post office and sold some shoes and had them picked up before 11am. My motivation has gone and the toddler is not well. Give me some quick and easy areas to sort so I feel better!
I do not envy the move but think positive, least it will be all sorted for Christmas!

Medwaymumoffour Thu 05-Oct-17 14:45:12

Smallest rooms are always the quickest win Peppa - tackle your hallway, porch or bathroom. Is there any mail in the hall? Costs? Shoes? Unused toiletries in the bathroom?

Or just walk around the house looking for five things for the bin, five for charity shop.

Says me, nothing out so far except the thing I sold yesterday on FB. I'm going to grab five toys and put them in the charity sack right now!

teabag20048 Thu 05-Oct-17 15:41:30

I'm in!! Already started last week, sold some bits, 3 bags to the charity, done loads of shredding of paperwork, filed some more. I don't know what's got into me! Feel like now is the time to get my life in order as we have far too much stuff!

Peppaismysaviour Thu 05-Oct-17 19:18:22

Yes teabag it's like I finally feel need to grow up and sort my shit out!

Medway how did the five things go?

NoNamesLeft86 Fri 06-Oct-17 18:53:01

Im in! Ive been doing it for a week or 2 already. Today ive given 2 bin bags full of the nicest toys to my sons special school. I found it essier to just let them go for free, knowing my son and his classmates will benefit.

I'm also hoping to talk to my other sons nursery next week to see if they want any new toys.

I feel like im constantly getting rid of stuff and I still seem to be surrounded by junk. I think I bring too much in. Well me and the kids all do.

teabag20048 Fri 06-Oct-17 20:35:37

Another bag to the charity shop, unfortunately I did buy something in there though 😂 oops!!

Medwaymumoffour Fri 06-Oct-17 21:52:02

Nothing out today as was busy busy. But I'm doing ok with not buying. I have bought some crafting things for a adult ed course I'm doing - but I need them for the course. I will aim to get rid of 15 things over the weekend minimum as that five a day plus catch up from today.

Quick wins are taking five things out of the toy mountain...

Also my dds nursery are very grateful for spare clothes so I'm going to re go through the clothes to donate the less painful to part with. Then on Monday ( or maybe this weekend) go back to look at the things I struggle with which is the kids clothes. Everything is sentimental and I don't like the idea of no more kids. Getting rid of baby clothes for that reason is painful. Also acknowledging they are growing up too fast.

I think I need to feel all of this pain. It stops me when I want to buy more which is problem for me too. I want to look at my next unessesary purchase, remember how I feel right now ( suffocated by the shear volume of tat) and walk away.

Good luck everyone!

Oh2beatsea Sun 08-Oct-17 07:14:32

I will offer up.....The Life Changing Magic book by Marie Kondo. Very quick to read and totally life changing in a long term way. All about decluttering and it changes your outlook on letting stuff go. Good luck.

divafever99 Sun 08-Oct-17 07:28:11

Hi op, I'm going to join you! I've already this week filled a bin bag for the charity shop and today I'm tackling the loft to clear out the baby stuff to sell at a PTA table top sale in a few weeks. I'm feeling quite sad about this, there will be no more babies, but I will be glad of the space!

Afreshstartplease Sun 08-Oct-17 07:30:23

Ooo im in!

Yesterday i sorted all the hats and gloves and got atleast 20 items in a bag for charity (family of 6)

Medwaymumoffour Sun 08-Oct-17 13:39:28

I'm a family of 6 too! Possibly why it's gotten soout of hand as there's not much spare time with four kids!

I have the Marie Kondo book too. I feel like I need to make some real space before I can sort via her method though. I can't get to my wardrobe yet to to open it as there are the boxes of baby clothes in front of it.

I aim to do this hard "thinking out" get minimum Christmas bits then do the Kon Marie in 2018

Off to the charity shop today, will update with numbers out later on

Medwaymumoffour Sun 08-Oct-17 14:07:13

25 things easily into charity bags today. The more you part with the easier this gets ( possibly as I have so much out grow clothes and tat) must do a tot up but I think I have already reached my 200 goal but I'm not stopping this month! Hopefully I can keep going until Christmas

Medwaymumoffour Mon 09-Oct-17 11:35:01

How is everyone doing?

I'm realising that selling the kids clothes on isn't going to generate much so I'm trying bundles on eBay. Starting them off at what I want ( (£5 for 20 items say) then if they don't go I will do a low starting bid with a short listing. Then I'm thinning out and they can go back in the loft while I look for some easy wins and I will tackle them again in the new year.

I'm doing my bedroom today! Aim is get everything off the floor and away / gone as I haven't shut my wardrobe in a few months ( the shame it's been a dumping ground)

I'm not at 200 items yet so not doing as well as I thought. New target is 300 as if I bought in five items a week for a year that's just under 300.

Wish me luck!

Peppaismysaviour Thu 12-Oct-17 23:26:40

Good luck! I definitely need to make goals. Might actually get somewhere!

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