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Marie Kondo method - did it work for you?

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Namelesswonder Mon 15-Jun-15 14:52:19

So, did the Kondo method work for you? Or am I just wasting money buying another book to stuff into my overflowing bookcase? Thanks!

Pantsalive Mon 15-Jun-15 16:59:44

8th Marie Kondo thread here.

I'm sure there will be lots of people who will be happy to tell you their experiences.

chumbler Mon 15-Jun-15 17:04:33

yes! although I regret chucking my books and some sentential things, and watch out for her advice on paperwork - dont take it too far.

on the plus size my house is still organised 4 months on, I reduced my wardrobe by 50% and under the stairs rubbish by 50%. I can also see more I could get rid of so my attitude is changing. I would recommend it!

chumbler Mon 15-Jun-15 17:05:14

supposed to say - sentimental!

chumbler Mon 15-Jun-15 17:05:40

gah and side not size blush

Yorkshiremummyof4 Mon 15-Jun-15 19:47:47

I'm still slowly implemting it, I love the insight it gives me when looking at things. We've posdibly of got rid of 40% of stuff, still a way to go. Especially in the barns and sheds.

Viviennemary Mon 15-Jun-15 19:54:34

I think it is worth reading. I've got it and tried it for a day or two then fell by the wayside. But if you can keep it up then I think it would work. But I agree with getting rid of stuff. Instead of just shuffling it from one room or cupboard to another.

Namelesswonder Wed 17-Jun-15 21:32:14

Thanks everyone. I put my name down for a copy of the book in the library but am 35th on the waiting list. I think I will just go and buy the book....

HopeClearwater Sat 20-Jun-15 20:51:15

If you've got a Kindle, you can get the book in that form.

4kidsandaunicorn Mon 22-Jun-15 11:06:20

I would just buy the book OP, by the time you have waited on the list you could have done half of your house!

The book worked for me, it did make me laugh in places but it did change my attitude to keeping 'stuff'.

AdventureBe Mon 22-Jun-15 11:09:25

It's helped. My wardrobe is way better, in fact all "my" stuff is much better. The house is still a tip though because I can't make it work for DC's stuff.

And I never did manage to work out how to do the folding thing.

JamHoneyMarmite Mon 22-Jun-15 14:04:20

Worked for me too - did it last autumn and the house still looks pretty much the same as when I'd finished (total miracle since DD is 4 and into everything). Haven't yet regretted anything that was chucked/recycled/passed on. I love the nice empty garage (was full to the roof pretty much). Cleaning takes almost no time, tidying takes five minutes, and paperwork is quicker too.

I have to admit I had never tried any other system, just sort of bumbled along keeping it "good enough" and hiding stuff in cupboards if visitors were coming, but this has been brilliant.

Shetland Mon 22-Jun-15 14:24:08

I haven't managed the folding yet either!
I took a lot of good tips from it, and also discarded a bit as not workable.
It is simply not possible to only keep things that being you joy - life isn't like that, especially if you live with others. But it's a good starting point and did help me start to get rid of stuff. And it's then been easier to carry on getting rid of stuff, just not with the same criteria.

It's worth a read.

Shetland Mon 22-Jun-15 14:25:01

* bring you jou

Shetland Mon 22-Jun-15 14:25:31

Ffs joy

LMGTFY Mon 22-Jun-15 14:33:41

I started off great guns last year and. although the socks are no longer folded, the amount of stuff I have managed to part with thanks to the book (I am a hoarder) has made my life so much better. Think I'm ready for a re-read.

SnozzberryPie Mon 22-Jun-15 14:34:11

I did this. It worked well for clothes, i only half-followed the rules about paperwork (although it did inspire me to do a much needed clear out), and I am still slowly working my way through photos and sentimental items. The system works best when you are sorting stuff which is just yours, less so when dealing with partners and children. However our house is so much tidier than when we started so it is definitely worth doing.

MitzyLeFrouf Mon 22-Jun-15 17:35:17

I've just bought the book. Quite excited to get stuck in to be honest.

mayfridaycomequickly Mon 22-Jun-15 17:36:39

I've done tgethe clothes folding thing and I stick to that... erm, that's all I've done!

Namelesswonder Mon 22-Jun-15 17:39:10

Thanks all, you have inspired me to download the book.....just got to read it now!

holmessweetholmes Tue 23-Jun-15 16:34:34

Didn't work for me because I didn't stick to it! My problem isn't that I have too much stuff, it's that I am lazy and not good at sticking to good habits (such as tidying up after myself ). I love nothing more than an immaculate house, but just can't seem to keep it that way!

MangoBiscuit Tue 23-Jun-15 18:38:33

Hmm, yes and no. I too have let it slide, but we've had a lot on in the last few months. All of our clothes storage is still looking lovely, just not been as fast at re-filling it with clean laundry. Surfaces are cluttered again, but they're much easier to tidy now that everything has a home, and I know where that home is. Other plus points have been finding things I'd totally forgotten about, some jeans that fit perfectly now the baby weight has gone, gift vouchers, craft supplies etc.

Things should hopefully be a little calmer soon, so I'm hoping it will be quicker and easier to reign everything back in.

Iggi999 Tue 23-Jun-15 18:40:48

I haven't finished it yet (the system, not the book) it does take time so I'm saving some for the summer. But I've been folding clothes since January (in my newly deck uttered drawers) and the kids' toys are 50% better, so not there yet. I find it much easier to throw out things I don't want now.

clevernickname Wed 24-Jun-15 19:25:00

Does the book - or anyone - have any advice for decluttering DH's stuff? I'm not too bad at controlling my own and the children's clutter but his crap is practically fossilised. Doesn't help that he lived in the flat alone before we met and children were born. Being surrounded by towers of papers, books and just plain junk gives him a sense of security, also shores up the belief that he's too busy and important to be tidy.

Gdydgkyk Wed 24-Jun-15 19:30:34

Clever - buy him the book!!

It radically changed my house! My life is so much easier as a result.

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