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I don't have any dishwasher tablets, what else can I use?

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TeddyBear5 Thu 07-May-15 19:47:25

I know people before have used washing up liquid which has resulted in disastrous amounts of bubbles all over the kitchen floor but presumably they were filling up the whole bit where you put tablet in. Could I just give it a little squirt? Any other ideas?

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Thu 07-May-15 19:49:38

Can you hand wash this once? Dishwasher tablets have really strong chemicals in the!, and I don't think there are any obvious substitutes? Can you borrow from a neighbour?

Mintyy Thu 07-May-15 19:50:55

No, don't put any washing up liquid in! Can't it wait til tomorrow when you can get to the shops?

TeddyBear5 Thu 07-May-15 19:51:48

I could hand wash. I don't want to but I could I guess grin

Bunbaker Thu 07-May-15 19:53:13

Can you just hand wash what you need for tomorrow morning and then buy some tablets?

MrsGuyGarvey Thu 07-May-15 19:53:47

I've put the dishwasher on without a tab in similar circumstances, the water is very hot so it should be ok. It doesn't get things perfectly clean but it's really not too bad.

AmyElliotDunne Thu 07-May-15 19:54:29

Ask a neighbour for a dw tablet. I'm always going round begging for them and people are happy to oblige.

Petallic Thu 07-May-15 19:55:53

No! I used the smallest tiniest hint of washing up liquid once and I got mutant non-popping bubbles pouring out of my machine. Had to use a broom to sweep them out of the house as they just wouldn't pop/dissolve. If just run it through on a hot wash and hand wash anything left dirty.

TeddyBear5 Thu 07-May-15 19:57:14

What about a (clothes) washing tablet?

Putting it on a hot wash with nothing might be my best bet.

LizardBreath Thu 07-May-15 19:59:00

I've done it with a tiny smudge of washing up liquid before, was fine, no bubbles out only a few left in the drain / bottom of dw.

JaniceJoplin Thu 07-May-15 19:59:03

I did the washing up liquid thing once. It was awesome like something from a cartoon I literally could not see inside my kitchen for the bubbles grin

TwiceAsNiceAsIceAndaSlice Thu 07-May-15 20:01:21

Just do it on a hot cycle without detergent as others have said.

Mintyy Thu 07-May-15 20:02:39

Jesus! what a fuss.

NonDom Thu 07-May-15 20:03:56

hand wash

heronsfly Thu 07-May-15 20:04:33

I used a denture cleaning tablet in mine once blush dishes came out sparkling smile

ClareAbshire Thu 07-May-15 20:15:17

I've done it with a washing machine one before and it worked well.

TeddyBear5 Thu 07-May-15 20:25:41

Thanks for the tips smile

MissBattleaxe Thu 07-May-15 20:28:50

You can't go wrong with lemon juice and a bit of bicarb. Or even a sterilizing tablet. I'm obsessed with them.

dementedma Thu 07-May-15 20:30:23

I wonder how those of us without dishwashers actually survive?

QOD Thu 07-May-15 20:31:46

Massive squirt of washing Up liquid


Perfectlypurple Thu 07-May-15 20:32:47

My dsd didn't read the box when doing her own washing and used up all the dishwasher tabs washing her clothes. I only noticed when I realised there was only one left in the box. She doesn't take in information very well (she is almost 18) so just had an idea that she needed to use wasking tabs but didn't bother to read the box.

MissBattleaxe Thu 07-May-15 20:33:19

QOD- But everyone says it's like a 1950s disaster movie if you do that!

Out2pasture Thu 07-May-15 20:35:53

low suds clothes washing soap...the kind that goes in front load washers. I've had to do that a few times.

IDoAllMyOwnStunts Thu 07-May-15 20:35:55

Use a Little bit of clothes detergent or soda crystals. I've used both in past and been fine. Also used washing up liquid mind you, NEVER AGAIN!!!

RitaOrange Thu 07-May-15 20:36:54

Run it with no detergent.
There will be enough residue to get your dishes clean.

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