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educatingarti Sun 02-Jun-13 15:47:55

This is the new minimalist/decluttering thread! I hope everyone likes the minimal title!

educatingarti Tue 25-Jun-13 12:15:46

Sokmonsta Would the sleep suits fit a doll or teddy bear? that way you could keep them but the dcs could get play value out of them too! I loved having "real" baby clothes for my dolls.

ArtemisatBrauron Tue 25-Jun-13 12:35:57

wow, Sok you've been busy! grin I love the name Emily, btw, one of my favourite girl's names. Have you ever read the book Emily of New Moon? I think that is why I like the name so much.

grin I will my DH is very proud of me and suggested I add the pink race for life ribbon to the keys as a lanyard. I pointed out that then I would basically be wearing my medal around my neck to work every day, except with my keys attached. Not a good look grin

fuzzpig Tue 25-Jun-13 14:39:13

Blimey it's a lot of presents when you put it like that. I often feel a bit sad about having a tiny family (I'm an only child and no aunts/uncles/cousins etc) especially at Xmas, but an advantage is that we don't get huge piles of stuff each year! And of the few relatives we do have, my PIL send a few clothes/jammies, and my parents and nan/grandma all hate choosing gifts so just give money and never put any conditions (you must spend it on x) on it, so we are free to choose whatever we think is best. So no tat!

Your medal keyring sounds fab Artemis!

I feel rough both physically and mentally today so I'm going to read SP a bit until it is time to collect DD. I am about to start the 'filtering out the adult world' chapter which I suspect will pretty much be preaching to the choir grin

clearsommespace Tue 25-Jun-13 15:20:25

It is isn't it. I hesitated about posting, it seemed a bit dull and show-offy at the same time. But that figure really struck me.
About 120 things per child, many of which are comprised of lots of pieces (Lego, playmobil...)
It's such a lot of stuff.
And that's just two of the many fortunate children in the world.

buildingmycorestrength Tue 25-Jun-13 18:41:05

Victory with DD...she agreed to throw away a broken hula hoop! Said we would replace it and she just said, "Yep, okay." like it was no big deal.

Result! Normally, she hangs on to every tiny scrap of rubbish for dear life.

educatingarti Tue 25-Jun-13 20:21:24

Just finished work. Really achy now!
I need to find my daily throw away/put away/give away item!

fuzzpig Tue 25-Jun-13 21:19:36

I only managed some paper recycling today (old workbooks etc) - I say 'only' but that's still more than what I was doing before this thread!

IWillDoItInAMinute Tue 25-Jun-13 21:38:08

Congrats Building my DD is the same, she has hardly any toys, mostly books and craft things -and a lot of small pieces of torn paper- let me know your secret!

I have suggested we box up the things she doesn't need -hasn't read/used in years- and they can live in the loft. She has agreed to that, but it means more-tat- up there taunting me!!

2 bags of missing/broken bits out of DSs room. Haven't finished yet...

SlightlyItchyBraStrap Wed 26-Jun-13 02:38:38

Just caught up with the thread. You are all making amazing progress! As for me, I think I'm suffering from a bit of decluttering burnout. When I look around my space, it still looks really cluttered to me. But when I look at individual items, I can't decide what to get rid of.... It seems like if I get rid of too much, it will actually make my life harder because I will end up having to replace things iyswim?

Example: my 2 year old's toys. He plays with all of it, but it takes up a large part of the living room.

Box of trucks & cars
Box of small miscellaneous toys
Box of Lego
Train set (yes, in a box grin )
Tonka truck
Tonka digger
4 wooden puzzles
1 shelf of books in the main bookcase
1 small foldout couch next to his bookshelf
Box of soft toys
Large stuffed horse
Small table with 2 chairs and a few pens/stickers etc

OK now that I've written it out, it seems like a lot! But as I said he really does use everything on a daily basis except for the soft toys which could go live in his bedroom I suppose. Currently he has no toys in his bedroom because he only uses it for sleeping.

Do you think that's a lot of things for a 2 year old??

fuzzpig Wed 26-Jun-13 08:37:21

I don't know really, although it sounds like a lot there's quite a wide variety. Could you store some in his room and just bring down what he chooses each day? That's the plan we have - which works to some extent although will be better once we have reduced the amount. I don't think I'll be doing much (though will still try to find one thing a day) this week, it is madly hectic and I have a cold sad

I was thinking about the whole culture of excess that SP talks about. DD was given a sticker album as a birthday present, in a set with over 100 stickers. I remember having a sticker album that was literally just a book, and then when we got given small sheets of stickers we would choose favourites to put in there, and swap with friends. But now stickers are even cheaper it seems like you can get hundreds in a pack, and if they are character based they all look virtually the same! And it just seems so much less special, and disposable because you can fill them up just from one pack instead of it taking years of careful collecting. Sticker overkill. I was looking forward to starting the whole sticker album thing with DD but it seems... different.

Please excuse my "when I were a lass" rant. I'm 26, btw hmm

cleverbit Wed 26-Jun-13 10:36:31

I've just started my second round of maternity leave with dd1 (nearly 2) and dd2 (nearly 6 weeks) and have decided the only way I'm going to keep sane is if we pare things down a bit a lot. I had a bit of a go at the living room the other day just getting rid of / reorganizing enough stuff that all the toys can actually be put away and I'm totally loving how when dd1 is in the bath with dh I can get the living room cleaned up in just a min or two and I don't end up with half a dozen bits in my hand that I can't figure out what to do with. Now I just have to get going on the rest of the flat.

So here's a question for all you experienced minimalists. How come when I was pregnant I only needed two pairs of trousers and half a dozen tops and now that I'm not pregnant my drawers are bulging with clothes?? I want to pare things down a bit but it feels wasteful to get rid of clothes that I can still wear (or could if my boobs weren't so huge from breastfeeding). Do you just pack some away for when current outfits wear out or do you actually get rid of things and buy new when the time comes? Although getting dressed was easier when I had so many fewer choices my clothes did show wear more quickly since they were getting worn/washed just about every week.

educatingarti Wed 26-Jun-13 11:04:43

Morning all! Itchy - I don't think that is loads of toys really - especially if he is playing with them all. I think the idea of moving the soft toys into his bedroom is great. Are there any of those that you he is not too attached to that could "go down the chazzer"?

Cleverbit I wouldn't say I'm totally minimalist with clothes but I have got rid of quite a bit. I'd suggest getting rid of anything that you could wear but actually in your heart know you will probably avoid wearing because you don't like it or you don't think you look good in it. Then get rid of anything that is really worn/past its best (except perhaps a couple of outfits for gardening/extreme cleaning/decorating etc.)

Apart from that I do keep the rest because I'm on quite a low income and couldn't actually afford to buy a lot of new stuff. I think either making sure you rotate what you wear so it does all get worn or packing some away for later would both be fine.

Could you pack away the tops that are currently too small in the "boob" department for now? Once you have finished breast-feeding you can get them out again ( the tops I mean!) and see what fits etc.

IWillDoItInAMinute Wed 26-Jun-13 11:16:39

Clever tricky situation...I'm not sure how helpful this is (there are far more qualified people on here) People I know -more organised than me- have packed away clothes in groups
• pregnancy clothes
• post pregnancy/bfing
• losing pregnancy weight/stopped bfing
• usual weight
Only keep out the clothes for the stage that you are at. Also go through your drawers and donate what you no longer need. Let another person have the pleasure of enjoying something you once did smile also your taste/style evolves.
If you donate it really isn't wasteful, good luck !

harrietspy Wed 26-Jun-13 11:18:35

I was having the same thought about sticker books, fuzzpig, having just unearthed 3 or 4 that have been half used then discarded... We now have a plastic wallet FULL of stickers from magazines, etc. They sometimes get used in the creation of birthday cards or to fix wrapping paper but I honestly don't think the dc would miss them if I chucked the lot. But that seems really wasteful. Maybe someone on freecycle might want them?

!!!!! nostalgia alert!!!! I remember when we used to buy tiny strips of stickers from Paperchase as young teenagers and how careful I was about choosing where to use them... (I am a lot older than 26).smile

IWillDoItInAMinute Wed 26-Jun-13 11:31:40

Ok I have a serious subject to -rant- discuss. De cluttering/organising sabotage. I think DH is a saboteur

Yesterday I made HUGE progress in DS's room. Binned quite a bit and relabelled and sorted out what was left. Showed DS's they were really pleased. I didn't have time to finish yesterday, 2 tubs left to do today. This morning DS1 asked DH if he could have the duplo out because they didn't at the weekend. (Duplo not out on school days as DS's get too involved in it and won't get ready for school)
When I went into room this morning there is duplo everywhere and I'll have to pack that away before sorting out the tubs!

But the ironic thing is DH is the one who moans about the toys all over the floor confused

Rant over !!!

SlightlyItchyBraStrap Wed 26-Jun-13 13:16:40

fuzzpig I had a sticker album like that too! I remember hoarding certain stickers - fuzzy animal ones and sparkly shiny ones..... (I am 35)

clever I am in exactly the same situation as you with clothing. I have been doing what I will describes, with things in various different boxes. It's working really well. Once my weight/shape stabilizes I'll declutter properly but it seems silly to get rid of clothes that might suit me in a few weeks.

I've moved the soft toys and stuffed horse into ds room... The living room looks less cluttered and ds was so happy, he started riding the horse and singing!

MrsPennyapple Wed 26-Jun-13 13:52:27

I'm 35 too - I had the Care Bears sticker album, you could get the little packets of stickers (about six or eight in a pack?), and filling up your album was at least a few months' work! Ah, them were the days.

I remember when it were all fields round 'ere... smile

IWillDoItInAMinute Wed 26-Jun-13 14:32:03

I'm 35 too, had the Care Bears sticker album (didn't complete it though and The Care Bears movie was the first cinema trip I remember smile

I too remember when it were all fields round 'ere grin

Another 2 bags out if boys room...doesn't look any different but I know it's no longer in there !!!

harrietspy Wed 26-Jun-13 15:09:00

Anyone got any thoughts on what to do with crappy biros that haven't run out but write horribly?

Ah. Just remembered that dc's school collect pens for recycling.

Why do we have so many pens? miss minimalist on her blog says she has one. I'd certainly take more care of my stuff if I only had one of everything!

IWillDoItInAMinute Wed 26-Jun-13 15:37:44

Harriet please no, not one pen, I love pens!!

I limit myself to ten pens, it sounds a lot I know, but really it isn't (I had a lot more) <clutches at straws>

On another thread they had a link to an organised home on YT. Her house was immaculate and she had a whole huge drawer full of pens <clutches harder>

fuzzpig Wed 26-Jun-13 15:47:33

I just chucked out any pens that didn't write nicely. You wouldn't end up using them anyway if there were better alternatives! Didn't know they could be recycled.

Clever - if you have lots of storage space then keeping clothes would be a good idea, but TBH I wish I'd just donated a lot of stuff earlier because actually my boobs never did get smaller again!

I remember fuzzy stickers grin

Harrietspy - cant remember how old your DCs are but do you know any nursery or primary teachers? I often give bulk lots of stuff to my best friend who teaches reception (eg a huge amount of mixed Xmas cards that my parents had hoarded for years) - she is on such a limited budget - often she spends her own money on resources - that she really appreciates random crafty stuff she can use with her pupils.

educatingarti Wed 26-Jun-13 15:58:37

I have loads of pens and "the biggest pencil case in the world" but I need them for teaching! they do all get used up eventually and the company I buy printer ink from (Stinkyink) send me a new pen each time I put in an order so I never have to buy biro type pens and the children like using something that says "stinkyink" on it!

harrietspy Wed 26-Jun-13 16:26:41

grin at iwilldoit. My name's Harriet and I'm a stationery addict.

I don't think I'll be limiting myself to one pen just yet. I adore pens. I write, I draw, I doodle. I love Pilot V5 and Muji 0.5 in particular but I have a nice collection of drawing pens too and a whole set of Stabilo Fineliners and I love the white-ink Uniball... You can get refills for Muji pens now so maybe I could whittle my black writing pen collection down to 2 (one and a spare).

It's like notebooks. I have so many on the go and consequently I never know where anything is. I sometimes try having a work notebook, a writing notebook & a random notebook but then I forget the right one and the notes get jumbled... If I only had ONE notebook and ONE pen, at least I'd know where my notes are. Or would I? Is this just fantasy?

fuzzpig my dcs are 10 & 7 & my sister is a primary school teacher so there's plenty of scope for offloading craft stuff. Sadly none of it is particularly pristine. I might see if the stickers would be any good for her. Maybe Doctor Who stickers would go down well with year 5s. smile

IWillDoItInAMinute Wed 26-Jun-13 17:28:09

I have serious pen envy Harriet and edu I agree fine liners are fantastic. We are also a notebook household. DH gave me a project book to try and rationalize my need for many smaller ones, bless him, it was a lovely idea, but I still need the others grin

On a de cluttering note, our dog has done a fantastic job of the shoe rack..3 pairs of flip flops, 2 pairs of crocs and DDs wellies !!

MrsPennyapple Wed 26-Jun-13 20:59:23

Ooh, I do love a nice pen. We don't have a muji here, I love their really fine ones. Actually, we have a pen shortage in this house. We've almost used up all the ones wot I robbed from work before I left two years ago. Should I buy some? I'm reluctant...

Iwilldoit I didn't complete my Care Bears sticker album either sad

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