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It's September so the Fledgings Fly, as we wave our clutter bye bye

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Welcome to the ongoing Fledgling Flyers thread for September, thanks to Bitchy who kept us posted through August.

<cuts and pastes>

Right, most of you should know how this works. It's a three pronged attack.
Phase one: The babysteps master these and you will be working like clockwork.
Phase two: Adding in Decluttering this will help you keep on top of the amount of stuff contributing to CHAOS.
Phase three: Missions Targeted activities to keep the chaos at bay and starting the deep cleaning.

The golden duster of Flying is stage 4: deep cleaning. This is for most me anyway, somewhat unrealistic and in theory you don't need to worry about it until you have finished decluttering that's never then. Just do it if you want to.

Now for those of you who are completely lost, lets rewind a bit.
CHAOS: Can't have anyone over syndrome. We've all been there

The fly lady approach works by breaking the house down into tiny activities which you do repeatedly until they become habit and don't feel like chores any more. The house is split into zones, each zone is tackled for a week before moving on and comes round again at the start of the next month.

There are lots of experienced Fledglings on here, hence lots of advice and support and chat about anything except housework some days. the main thing is that you can post any time you like even if you haven't lifted a finger around the house that day because with Flylady you just pick up again the next day and off you go again.

We advise against signing up for Flylady emails as they can lead to a great deal of clutter in the Inbox, each days steps will be posted on this thread to save you having to find them yourself.

In the meantime here is a link to the Flylady website for anyone who would like a browse.

Getting started Remember - don't subscribe to the emails!

Jamillalliamilli Sun 30-Sep-12 22:51:48

Wow Bitchy thanks, that looks fascinating! I did see Ade Adeptin trialling something less sporty but quite similar years ago, (just skating, not playing) but requests to be even allowed on the ice if I could get hold of one at our local rink (in a closed session) let alone them actually acquiring one, fell on deaf ears. They say insurance issue and I could only do it without other skaters present and that wouldn't be affordable, yet they insist I must pay as a spectator when d/s skates, because I am 'a potential ice user' as should I wish to pay extra, I'm allowed to be wheeled round the ice in my wheelchair, which they consider to be 'disabled skating'. (sorry but, oh Whoopee do!)

Wonders, not for the first time, how hard it would be to build one, it would be a lot harder to say no if I actually had one. grin

Dizzy, the best of luck!

Jamillalliamilli Sun 30-Sep-12 22:52:54


BitchyDragons Sun 30-Sep-12 23:23:02

They got funding for the sledges locally and have just built a team with it. It depends on your local one. Silverblades and planet Ice both seem to be promoting the sport. Not sure about council/other chains though. If you are happy to let me know (pm if you like) which is your local rink I can as some questions. I know people. And if they don't know the answer they will know who to ask.

swanthingafteranother Mon 01-Oct-12 14:18:45

nothing [mournful echo of whoknows as I've been laid up with a migraine all Sunday and this morning] Okay I sorted out ds's room.

feeling a bit better now, having taken a rainy visit to Senco of ds1's school to talk about ds2. He was quite helpful and said they could offer ds2 a day or 3 in school this term with year 7's to see how he coped, with a TA on hand! No-one else has offered that, it seems a very good idea, if slightly alarming! I could base my decision on what school to put first choice, on how ds2 reacted to the school environment.

DH has been slaving away dealing with children all weekend, loads of homework, twins a handful, so much washing too...Not used to migraines so thought it was a bug, next time I shoud be able to take a tablet I hope.

Choir in Westminster Cathedral went well, dh impressed! A long day though, and it transpired that ds1 choir practice on Friday had prevented him understanding anything about Charles I in history, thus making causes of Civil war inpenetrable. Ds still seems to be in some confusion about the religion of most of the monarchs of this period confused

Swan - we've moved to the Oct thread. Glad you're feeling a bit better now.

strictlycaballine Mon 01-Oct-12 21:15:42

[Waves to Swan]

New thread here

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