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Butler sink....anyone know of a "portable" draining board

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Back2Two Sat 25-Aug-12 21:00:10

Moving to a house with a butler sink. I don't like them (they look nice but that's all)

So, there's no draining you know of a (nice looking) sort of thing I can just put on the (wooden and I wish it wasn't!) counter? A portable draining board?

I hate the thought of a constant t- towel under our washing up. I'm crap at drying up too!

wigglybeezer Sat 25-Aug-12 21:03:29

I saw a few in Lakeland the other day, at least one looked nicely designed.

StevieNicksStuff Sat 25-Aug-12 21:04:34

Use a large tray.

Back2Two Sat 25-Aug-12 21:04:35

Thanks, I'll have a look. Ideally I want something with a rack on as well as a drainer.

CMOTDibbler Sat 25-Aug-12 21:11:58

This ?

janek Sat 25-Aug-12 21:14:40



my friend was delighted when she got one of these

we have one of these, but you'd need a tray

Back2Two Sat 25-Aug-12 21:15:36

Yes, thansk, thAat's good but then I still need a tray under it. I'm scanning Lakeland now for options.

Back2Two Sat 25-Aug-12 21:21:17

Ooo. Janek. Now, I'm suddenly warming to the idea! I love that green snazzy one but I'm thinking it's a bit too pricey.

janek Sat 25-Aug-12 21:24:02

i don't think it's big enough! look at the number of plates you could drain. unless you'll have a dishwasher in your new abode, in which case it doesn't matter...

Back2Two Sat 25-Aug-12 21:27:08

now i've gone to looking at john lewis and I want this but it's so expensive

Back2Two Sat 25-Aug-12 21:27:59


Back2Two Sat 25-Aug-12 21:29:07

Oh have failed at link's a bamboo draining thing that looks great but cost £80!

janek Sat 25-Aug-12 21:39:01

did you mean this?

you can't spend £80, that's ludicrous! imho. the first one CMOT linked to had a drip tray fitted i think, it just didn't look like it in the picture - that's probably your best bet. although i admit not as stylish...

Back2Two Sat 25-Aug-12 21:45:29

Yes, I liked that but, YY it's price is ridiculous. I didn't actually realise that that CMOT one had a drainer attached, it is deffo a good option. We are buying her old dishwasher too so this is for pots, pans and all that stuff.

Well, I'm pleased there are loads of the things anyway. Thanks a lot!

Unitedwestand Sat 25-Aug-12 22:36:24

Back2Two Sun 26-Aug-12 08:14:28

That's a good one united, but I can't see a price.

Zhaghzhagh Mon 27-Aug-12 12:04:48

I've got this one [[ Black-Blum] for all those things that won't go into the dishwasher.

Zhaghzhagh Mon 27-Aug-12 12:05:23


Zhaghzhagh Mon 27-Aug-12 12:11:46

The Simplehuman 80 quid one looks nice but I wonder how practical the bamboo is (won't it get wet and rotten?)

janek Mon 27-Aug-12 12:41:29

i like the black blum one, but why does everything vaguely 'modern' have to be that green colour?!?

Zhaghzhagh Mon 27-Aug-12 13:04:27

Mine has a gray tray and a cream coloured rack Janek but 'tis true. Green seems to be the new black in the kitchen - this year.

ceres Mon 27-Aug-12 19:08:38

if you google 'ceramic draining board' you will get lots of results for draining boards to match belfast sinks. you can then use any rack you like on it, same as normal draining board.

this one is reduced

we have wooden worktops and they are easy to look after. we have osmo polyx hardwax on ours - very easy to top up without sanding, just wipe on with a lcoth. used to have danish oil and that was a pain to re-oil.

Back2Two Mon 27-Aug-12 21:04:43

Oh great, thanks Ceres, and I like the blackblum one as well (though might not be great for pans?)

I've found this one too which might be nice but not sure how long lasting?

Uppermid Tue 16-Apr-13 19:07:42

Just put pretty much the same question on google and the 1st thing that comes up is mumsnet - gotta love this site!!!

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