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New windows

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toastytea Mon 16-Dec-19 15:03:32

Is anyone able to advise on the cost of having a new bay window? I want noise reducing upvc but no idea what I can afford. Currently not happy with windows cos they aren't safe for my little ones as they open wide. They also whistle when the wind blows!

Im aware i might be able to get a better deal if I have several windows replaced at once. Has anyone recently done this?

I'm getting two companies out this week for quotes but wanted an idea before they came. Will happily share the quotes when I get them if that's of any help to anyone else.

Will be grateful for any information!! Thank you!!

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TiddleTaddleTat Wed 18-Dec-19 21:59:02

Iirc the quote for our (5 sided) bays was more or less £1000 each from 2 different companies. We haven't gone ahead and our repairing and repainting the wooden windows we have instead.

toastytea Sun 22-Dec-19 09:47:11

@TiddleTaddleTat that's interesting - I got a quote and it was 3k per window!! They're 6 pane. That's after the usual, "let me phone my manager and see what I can do".

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TiddleTaddleTat Sun 22-Dec-19 11:03:52

Our quote was for standard DG uPVC, maybe noise reducing is that much pricier?
This is in the north of England btw. I thought it was expensive !!

toastytea Sun 22-Dec-19 11:18:17

This wasn't even for noise reducing! we are also living in a cheap area. Hmmm, might be worth getting more quotes then!

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TherapistInATabard Sun 22-Dec-19 11:20:07

Are you looking at local companies or national ones? Local ones tend to be cheaper.

toastytea Sun 22-Dec-19 12:34:27

@TherapistInATabard it was a national one!! I thought local would be more expensive!

Worth a try tho.

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TiddleTaddleTat Sun 22-Dec-19 13:06:38

Ours were both local companies. When I approached a (local) timber window specialist they indicated 4-5k for the bays. That's hardwood. I'd def get more quotes !

StillNumb Sun 22-Dec-19 15:22:27

Definitely try a local company. I have just had a French door put in, and chose a local company which were recommended to me. The prices were very competitive, and I was really pleased with the work they did.

toastytea Sun 22-Dec-19 16:56:25

@StillNumb would you share how much for the french door?

We also got a quote for wooden shutters and that was a local company. Around £1250 per window 😫

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StillNumb Sun 22-Dec-19 17:46:34

toastytea They were £1200. They are not very wide, about 145cm, and the standard height. They are Secure By Design, so should be secure. I paid extra in the price for toughened glass, although the supplier didn't think I needed it. They are really sturdy, and we are pleased with them. They look loads better than the neighbours! That was to fit an existing opening btw.

UncomfortableSilence Sun 22-Dec-19 18:43:04

We've just had 2 5 window round bays and smaller bedroom window replaced and also a new front door and side glass. We have gone for a new style double glazing called flush casement which is very streamlined. It came to just under £7k for all of it.

We used a local company much better value.

UncomfortableSilence Sun 22-Dec-19 18:44:40

Oh and our quote for shutters was £2.5k so we went for extra wide Venetians with tapes that look just like shutters from outside and they cost £900.

crosstalk Sun 22-Dec-19 18:51:45

Hi OP if you can get them made to look like the originals would have been. There's nothing worse than on selling a house with blank windows which don't suit the building.

As a temporary measure have you thought about putting up inner insulation (google) which would stop your children falling out and insulate over the winter. Now is not the time to rush into having windows knocked out.

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