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A non-yellow, non-grey warm off white?

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Autumnleaf19 Wed 06-Nov-19 13:02:42

Does such a paint colour exist? In the middle of decorating a west facing room with hardly any natural daylight. All of the colour's I've tested are not right so I'm coming round to the idea it just needs to be white. But what shade of white? There are so many!

It needs to not appear yellow and I'd rather steer away from grey. I have Dulux Timeless elsewhere in my house and I don't think it contrasts quite enough against the white woodwork.

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helpasisterout Wed 06-Nov-19 13:06:59

From the Farrow & Ball colour chart. Hope this helps!

I just choose a shade and get them mixed at the Valspar counter in B&Q as it's so much cheaper, I find the quality really good and they can alter the shades slightly too.

HugoSpritz Wed 06-Nov-19 13:07:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HugoSpritz Wed 06-Nov-19 13:09:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

gerispringer Wed 06-Nov-19 13:34:07

Pay the extra for Farrow and Ball. It’s made in the U.K. and uses natural pigments unlike the B and Q gloop which comes from China.

minipie Wed 06-Nov-19 13:34:46

Look at Paint & Paper Library (can be colour matched at Johnstones if your budget doesn’t stretch though it’s great paint)

Their Slate I or II might fit your bill very well. If not then one of their other neutrals might.

The beauty of their stuff is they do many colours in 5 different depths so you can see the undertones by looking at the darker members of the “family”. For example Slate V is a stone kind of colour which means Slate I and II have those undertones but paler.

If you want something that is closer to white then try Shirting by Little Greene or Pointing by Farrow & Ball. Both really lovely and seem to go anywhere.

Autumnleaf19 Wed 06-Nov-19 13:34:57

Thanks - I've got a colour chart but they never seem to match.
Cornforth White is sludgy on my walls, and Slipper Satin is Magnolia.

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Batqueen Wed 06-Nov-19 13:37:20

I spent ages finding the palest of pinks because I didn’t want ‘it’s a baby girl’ pink. Most people don’t notice it’s not actually white but it’s lovely and adds warmth which I wanted with a blue sofa. Shaw paints - dulux was rubbish!

NuffingChora Wed 06-Nov-19 13:38:38

F&B Strong white. Agree about slipper satin looking magnolia in some lights - Strong White in my experience shouldn’t.

Autumnleaf19 Wed 06-Nov-19 13:44:49

Does strong white contrast against normal white i.e. the woodwork?

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clapandwhistle Wed 06-Nov-19 13:46:31

Strong white is a great colour but definitely has grey undertones in my house.

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 07-Nov-19 15:54:18

Agree James white has green in it.

Lyingonthesofainthedark Thu 07-Nov-19 16:08:52

I used to like barley white from crown for that purpose.

Baxdream Thu 07-Nov-19 19:45:35

We've just bought shadow white, it goes up next week but the sample looks warm/green tinge. Definitely no grey

rosegoldwatcher Fri 08-Nov-19 22:26:31

I used Chinese White - Craig & Rose in my North facing bedroom. The tone is warm and looks off white in isolation but very, very pale pink against brilliant white coving.

GatherlyGal Fri 08-Nov-19 22:28:22

Dulux Egyptian Cotton

loudnoises1 Fri 08-Nov-19 22:29:36

Just done my dining room in Wimborne White and it's bloody lovely

MediocreOmens Fri 08-Nov-19 22:37:35

Which direction does the room face? This will make a difference to the undertones being picked up in various shades of white.

iknowimcoming Fri 08-Nov-19 22:38:22

I've got F&B shaded white (well Dulux colour matched) in my hall and it's a lovely greeny/greyish/beige depending on the light

moreismore Fri 08-Nov-19 22:44:45

Wimborne White is lovely but I’d say it’s warmth comes from yellow, very subtle though. Email F&B what you’ve posted above, they’re very helpful.

Puffthemagicdragongoestobed Sat 09-Nov-19 04:09:23

I am surprised pointing by F & B has not been mentioned yet. A warm creamy white.

NuffingChora Sat 09-Nov-19 13:10:23

@Autumnleaf19 not sure if this picture picks it up well enough, but yes, I’d say so.

Ambydex Sat 09-Nov-19 17:30:03

Strong white looks grey in our house.

I like Dulux nutmeg white. It is a bit taupe-y, erring towards pink rather than yellow but less pink than slipper satin. It looks like "a colour" against the white ceiling, rather than grey or white.

burritofan Sun 10-Nov-19 17:26:22

Pointing came up magnolia in my kitchen, covered the lot in bog-standard brilliant white – bit bright and clinical but preferable to the yellowyness

TiddleTaddleTat Tue 12-Nov-19 21:52:39

Slaked lime or slaked lime mid by little greene
It's a very pale off white. It's a warm-ish brown undertone but very subtle. We have in a west facing room and it's lovely.

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