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anyone like to join in a 'what if' thread?

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FloPen Thu 11-Oct-18 17:29:26

I think history is full of interesting 'what if's'.
Mine is, what if Henry VIII hadn't married Catherine of Aragon? But would be interested to hear other's.

ScienceIsTruth Thu 11-Oct-18 17:32:37

What if Germany had won WWII?

Blueemeraldagain Thu 11-Oct-18 17:33:57

My what if is similar to your’s, OP. I want to know what would have happened if Catherine of Aragon has had a surviving son or two.

ScreamingValenta Thu 11-Oct-18 17:35:45

What if the Restoration hadn't happened and we'd remained in a Protectorate? Would it have happened later - might we have ended up with a different line of succession if so? What would this country be like if we'd been a republic for the last 370 years or so?

SurelyYoureJokingMrFeynman Thu 11-Oct-18 17:39:11

What if being gay/lesbian hadn't been taboo?

All those duty marriages which wouldn't have taken place. All those marginalised outsiders who wouldn't have been. Blackmail and murders committed around the secretiveness of people's sexuality... all unnecessary.

AornisHades Thu 11-Oct-18 17:45:05

What if Edward Vi hadn't died young? He was a staunch Protestant, far more so the Elizabeth. We wouldn't have had Mary or Elizabeth as Queens and a whole different history possibly without the American colonies.

SurelyYoureJokingMrFeynman Thu 11-Oct-18 17:45:10

Similarly, what if children being born outside marriage hadn't been considered disgraceful and worthy of punishment in so many places?

The lives that would have been so, so different...

kennelmaid Thu 11-Oct-18 17:48:36

what if the princes hadn't been murdered in the tower (by, or not by, Richard III)

FloPen Thu 11-Oct-18 18:01:45

I'm not up on the princes in the tower, but did the future henry vii invade claiming his line of inheritance was stronger than Edward iv and Richard iii. So, if the princes had survived, they were just as vulnerable.

Dontfeellikeamillenial Thu 11-Oct-18 18:04:01

What if communism had actually taken over in the early 30's/40's? Apparently the powers that be in Europe preferred socialism to communism, hence the rise of the nazis....

Would Britain still be a monarchy?

PierreBezukov Thu 11-Oct-18 18:09:34

What if President Hindenburg has refused to appoint Hitler as Chancellor in 1933? Support for the Nazis was falling and the German economy was starting to recover. Had they peaked as a political force? Would they have faded out of history if Hindenburg hadnt gone against his own judgment and been persuaded to appoint Hitler?

ScienceIsTruth Thu 11-Oct-18 18:13:57

I often wonder what the world would be like our the computer hadn't been invented, or if we hadn't made such strides in medicine. Eg, no antibiotics.

ScienceIsTruth Thu 11-Oct-18 18:15:29


Gigis Thu 11-Oct-18 18:17:10

What if Harold Godwinson had beaten William?

AlpacaLypse Thu 11-Oct-18 18:20:20

I've often wondered about the various Princes of Wales who died before they inherited the throne. Arthur Tudor (Henry VIII's elder brother and Katharine of Aragon's first husband) and Henry Stuart (Charle's I elder brother) both died as older teenagers so something of their character is known as they'd both entered public life. I suspect both of them would have done a better job than the 'spare' that actually ended up on the throne each time!

ScreamingValenta Thu 11-Oct-18 18:56:34

What would London look like now if the Great Fire of 1666 had never happened?

April2020mom Sun 14-Oct-18 18:55:05

What if Hitler was Jewish?

cushioncovers Mon 15-Oct-18 20:47:24

What would the world population be if the plague hadn't struck.

What would Australia and America be like if the British hadn't gone over and took over.

ivykaty44 Mon 15-Oct-18 20:48:53

What if the 2nd world war hadn’t happened?

ReggieKrayDoYouKnowMyName Mon 15-Oct-18 20:53:00

Henry VIII changing the countries religion is the one I think about, had it not happened- either via Arthur Tudor not dying or Catherine of Aragon having a surviving son.

Hedgehogblues Mon 15-Oct-18 20:58:25

What if John Smith (labour leader) hadn't died when he did?

WheelyCote Thu 18-Oct-18 06:10:21

What if the land to the south of England and east of England was still above sea level. We'd still be attached to Europe

QueenOfTheAndals Thu 18-Oct-18 06:13:10

@AlpacaLypse I'm not so sure about Arthur but Henry Stuart seems to have been a remarkable and talented young man. I suspect there would've been no civil war had he lived, he was far more able than his younger brother.

TonyTodger Thu 18-Oct-18 06:25:13

What if Rod Hull hadn't needed to adjust his TV aerial? #EMU

QueenOfTheAndals Thu 18-Oct-18 06:34:44

What if the Romans never left Britain and their empire never collapsed?

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