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Loz123456 Sun 30-Sep-18 08:20:54

So.. I'm 21 yrs old I and have a child who's is 1. Am thinking about careers and I'm really thinking of going to do midwifery.
I now it will take time to train as one and but I just need that boost, I don't have any friends, so I don't really have support,

I know for me to achieve this qualification
I will need to take GCSE English and Science. Then take 2 A-leves and then 3 yeas at university.

What made want me want to do this was, after the birth of my child. I had realised that I really like helping pregnant women and giving that support they need to help them through the happy time, but most importantly difficult times too. I could go on forever but it too much to write 😊

I just need a confidence boost and just some advice and support.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

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LIZS Sun 30-Sep-18 08:26:11

Could you do an Access course rather than A levels? Then you would be with other mature students, also wanting a similar career path. Have you enrolled for the gcses yet?

MelbourneClown03 Sun 30-Sep-18 08:50:20

I think you should totally go for it. You're still young. Like a PP said, look in to alternative routes to higher education.

You may find you have more support around you via a non traditional route of education.

Loz123456 Sun 30-Sep-18 09:16:29

I haven't enrolled yet, but I never thought of an access course. it Knowing where to start to get you on the right path If that make sense, but I will look into an access course. I will probably go into collage for more advice. There's so many learning routes to choose from but its just choosing the right for myself

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BenjaminTheDonkey Thu 04-Oct-18 07:16:18

It's worth contacting the admissions tutor at your nearest school of midwifery to find out whether A-levels or Access will be the better route for you. Be prepared to be told that entry to midwifery courses is very competitive, so there is a chance that you won't get a place even if you have all the required qualifications; you need to have something else you would use the qualifications for if midwifery doesn't come off. This becomes even more if an issue if you can only apply to a limited number of universities because of travel distance.

BenjaminTheDonkey Thu 04-Oct-18 07:19:36

...of an issue...

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