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any beauticians or skin care professionals on Mumsnet tonight?

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mckenzie Thu 12-May-05 21:41:51

hi all

I'm after some advice please. I'm 39 and have 4 year old DS and 9 week old DD. I'm fit and healthy but i think that this time round my body, or more particularly my skin, needs a bit of extra help to get rid of the saggy bits etc. I'm back exercising again and I've always eaten fairly healthily but I've never taken great care of my skin.

Can anyone recommend a product please that I can use along with exercise and a healthy diet to try and get my body back to how it was, or even better maybe??

Any tips gratefully recieved.

pixiefish Thu 12-May-05 22:15:01

not a beautician or anything mckenzie but this was about to slip off the active convos.

Dh's gran is 92 and her skin is fantastic. she swears by oil of ulay

Gobbledigook Thu 12-May-05 22:18:04

Pixiefish - dh's nan was exactly the same (unfortunately she died last year) - she was in her 80's and her skin was amazing - she also swore by Oil of Ulay!!

mckenzie Thu 12-May-05 22:37:12

but will that help with the sagging bits do you think? Or will that just make my skin soft and smooth? I think i need something with some tightening effect?

mckenzie Fri 13-May-05 09:01:33

bump for the morning crew

mckenzie Fri 13-May-05 13:43:13

bump again

DillyDally Fri 13-May-05 13:50:00

I am not a beautician or professional in any way but i love decleor and they have a toning concentrate
Decleor tonilastil which looks good - but i stress I have never used it - i use the prolagene for my stretch marks though and love that product.

mancmum Fri 13-May-05 14:19:09

speaking as a non beautician but skin care addict... I would say it is very difficult to get rid of saggy skin other than by toning up the underlying areas... easier done on your bum than face... but there are some good facial exercises that you can do...

for my face, I swear by Eve Lom.... expensive but it makes my skin glow and hopefully you can forgive any sagging caused by 40 years and 2 kids... I also like RoC eye creams for reducing puffiness under neath... I have found that a consistent skin care regime (and I mean regime -- can not slack at all) does help improve skin tone and appearance amazingly... and there are some good facials like CACI that help with toning...


mckenzie Fri 13-May-05 16:45:25

thanks guys.
Dillydally - someone else recommend Decleor so I might have to try that.
Mancmum - it's not my face i'm concerned with really, it's my tummy, upper arms and things.
I'm working out in the gym to tone it all up but think the skin itself needs an extra helping hand.

mancmum Fri 13-May-05 17:20:34

OK in that case, best thing for body toning and saggy bits is pilates and lots of it!!

I have good results with l'oereal perfect slim - found it really made difference to my skin around legs and bum

highlander Fri 13-May-05 17:31:33

I've read interviews with a number of dermatologists and they all say the best way to prevent facial lines is not smoking and wearing a moisturiser with at least SPF15.

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