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I have small boobs and its getting me down how can I................

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MuppetsMuggle Sun 12-Apr-09 20:04:52

Enhance them without paying for surgery as I can't afford it

They were bigger before I had DD but decreased in size afterwards, they seem to be getting smaller and I feel really self consious. I would love to be able to fill a nice top iykwim.

can anyone recommend anything apart from getting pregnant again LOL.

mrsmaidamess Sun 12-Apr-09 20:16:36

There are some great 'booster' bras around. Go to your dept store lingerie dept (not M&S, I don't rate them) and they will be able to suggest things.

HotCrossGoober Sun 12-Apr-09 20:18:54

I bet mine are smaller than yours!

I usually just wear what they call a "T shirt bra". Anything else just looks unnatural.

LoveMyGirls Sun 12-Apr-09 20:19:35

I got a fab bra from debenhams for when I want more norkage grin

The sad thing for me is that I used to be a G cup then I had a breast reduction on NHS due to the back pain and heaviness and they took them down to a C even though I said a D would be fine, then I had dd2 and now it seems I have more stomach than boobs, I thought if I lost weight I would have a smaller stomach but I'm 9.9 and though my boobs are slightly bigger than my tummy it's still not as much as I'd like but maybe with enough sit up's I'll get there!

kittywise Sun 12-Apr-09 20:20:35

No mine are smaller. Actually I haven't got any[hmm} a cup, possibly smaller even!!!!!!

have you heard of those herbal things that you take and they make your boobs grow??????

MaureenMLove Sun 12-Apr-09 20:21:12

I have been norkily challenged for many years Muggle! Lots of padding is the only answer. Peacocks do some good padded bra's and the old chicken fillets are a must!

TBH though, there is as much nice top envy for those with big boobs, as there are with little ones.

NancysGarden Sun 12-Apr-09 20:23:09

try gel bra from primark - just like a wonderbra but using gel pads, which mould themselves around you and feel more natural, good support too. (And best of all, only a fiver!)

MuppetsMuggle Sun 12-Apr-09 20:25:07

Thanks - trouble is with me the bottom of the boob is quite full its the part above the nipples blush where there seems to be nothing, so doesn't even fill a bra properly iykwim - I barely wear a bra esp in the summer I have no need.

Kitty do the herbal things work?
My GP put me on my particular pill as they are supposed to help breast growth, its been a year or so and doesn't seem to be working, i seem to be putting weight on my hips and thighs

Mo - Chicken Fillets I need to purchase a new pair lol, mine have gone amiss.

drlove8alltheeastereggs Sun 12-Apr-09 20:25:15

first thing you need to do is get great fitting underwear... then go for fitted or semi fitted tops. do not wear baggy t-shirts, you will look like a boy in them. i wouldnt bother with "chicken fillets " either as they are crapolia and can fall out. nothing beats a good ultimo .grin. but look on the bright side of things you'll never have to worry about them sagging or hitting the floor when you undress..... pendulum norks is sooo not a good look! better to be small and perky!wink

MuppetsMuggle Sun 12-Apr-09 20:26:12

Really Nancy mould to you? trouble is with Primark ours is always so busy and a mess I don't have the patience to go in there very often

mrsmaidamess Sun 12-Apr-09 20:26:35

Mine are flatter in the top part too, I wear a (not cheap) bra but it really lifts and gives a fuller shape. Its ssoooo worth getting fitted and trying on loads until you get the shape you want.

MuppetsMuggle Sun 12-Apr-09 20:28:17

DrLove - I generally wear tight fitting tops etc. I like the brightside of them not hitting the floor tho LOL

My DP says he's happy with the way I look which is a good thing - for me its a self consious thing esp as they got smaller after pregnancy

MuppetsMuggle Sun 12-Apr-09 20:29:00

MrsM - where would you suggest for fitting?

NancysGarden Sun 12-Apr-09 20:29:59

there's a layer of fabric between you and the gel pads, but IMO they are fab, tried one a year ago and never looked back. (I too once had proper big boobies, but breast feeding/ weight loss will sort that out for you, eh?)

MuppetsMuggle Sun 12-Apr-09 20:32:40

Nancy - I've always had a small frame but my boobs were a good size before. I'm going shopping in the week, as going on a much needed girls night out - first in I can't remember how long lol, will have to step into primark and have a look.

drlove8alltheeastereggs Sun 12-Apr-09 20:33:43

loads of places do fitting.... i am fond of debenhams because they've a huge selection of lovely frillies to try on! muppetmuggle your dh loves you the way you are ! and anymore than a handful is a waste dont you know! wink. another great thing about being petite is no backache! grin

MuppetsMuggle Sun 12-Apr-09 20:35:33

DrLove He says the same tbh anymore than a handful is a waste - but I don't feel I've got a handful. I go into Debenhams alot as La Senza is in our one.

mrsmaidamess Sun 12-Apr-09 20:38:42

Muppets I have always found John Lewis good (well, my branch is).. Also there is a huge department store in my town where I always get my bras. I usually seek out the oldest member of staff, as they have been fitting bras since time beagn.

MuppetsMuggle Sun 12-Apr-09 20:45:21

John Lewis is in a different town to me, although not to difficult to get too. anywhere else you recommend?

cositjustisok Sun 12-Apr-09 20:47:27

Right MuppetsMuggle...I so so have the answer as i have just had mine..previously a minus triple AAA cup boobs non surgically enhanced..... it worked for me and am willing to share the info...interested ???? wink

cositjustisok Sun 12-Apr-09 20:50:33

Jsut to give you more info...after my fourth baby I went ot M&S to get measured for a bra to "help" me with my boobs that looked like a few mini eggs were sitting in the bottom part of my boobs but only breast bone above my nipple area...think this is what you are now having. Anyway the lady was lovely but did tell me my boobs looked like an 80 year olds...Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I cried for weeks. Same lady would not say that now if she seen me in the buff!!!!!

MuppetsMuggle Sun 12-Apr-09 20:52:29

I sooo want the info grin

I don't want to look 80 - I want to feel the 26yr old that I am hehe

cositjustisok Sun 12-Apr-09 20:58:56

Well just to add to my details ..I am nowhere near 80...think i was 38 though and years of breastfeeding and pregnancy had played havoc with my saggy with nowt in them..honestly they where hideous looking and I spent a small fortune on gel bras, chicken fillets, air filled name it I tried it, it consumed my life, thinking of my crap boobs and what I used to have where so good and i was left with 80 year old boobs....(but 4 great kids did help with the pain) i just go "au nauteral"..(Sp)...Anyway what worked for me do not want to put you through any more waiting was the Mirena coil......I am now a good BIG FULL B.......YES a B cup....might even squeeze into it at that. They are perky and full and I now have breast tissue above my nipple...granted not to my pre baby boobs of a young 20 year old but they are fab for me and I did not even know it was a side affect.......they just happened after about 2 months after I got the coil put in......happy to answer any more questions ...

drlove8alltheeastereggs Sun 12-Apr-09 20:59:46

aw muppets ! your only 26 bless your wee self ....there's still growing time left.... everyone knows you dont get norktastic until you at least 30! unfortunatly it seams to come with a big arse too! sad.

MuppetsMuggle Sun 12-Apr-09 21:01:44

The coil hmm, i'm not allowed to have a coil fitted not allowed the injection, not sure about the implant tho, so will look into it, surely its the same type of thing?

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