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Can't breathe and can't sleep, what's wrong with me??

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Maria53 Sun 25-Aug-19 01:55:10

Started 2 days ago during a trip with a friend. We napped during the day no problem. That night I was still awake at 6am unable to inhale properly (only shallow breaths). I've had 3 hours sleep both nights of my trip and now its 2am and I cant breathe and have been in floods of tears because I'm so exhausted.

I feel I'm holding my breath all the time and like I just want to die basically. Lying in the dark after several hours I feel like screaming and very claustrophobic. I Cant explain it. The only thing that has changed in last few days is I started new.pill gedarel. Symptoms dont seem like normal side.effects tho

I almost had a nervous breakdown a few months ago but have honestly been feeling better and more relaxed. Help!!

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Maria53 Sun 25-Aug-19 01:55:36

I am mildly asthmatic, took emergency inhaler and made no difference

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INeedNewShoes Sun 25-Aug-19 01:57:41

I have no experience but it sounds like it could be a panic attack or hyperventilating.

I can't be of any help really but you could Google those things and follow advice. If you don't improve, get medical help!

Maria53 Sun 25-Aug-19 02:02:27

Isn't a panic attack a more short term thing though? I have been like this for 3 days chronically.

I did have 2 panic attacks a couple of years ago which involved laboured breathing.

I cant bear this level of sleep.deprivation and feel so unwell. Cant bear the thought of going through this another night

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INeedNewShoes Sun 25-Aug-19 02:05:30

Phone 111 and see if you can get an out of hours appointment?

NoShitHemlock Sun 25-Aug-19 02:21:06

Could it be allergies OP? I am mildly asthmatic too so always have an inhaler but I also have lots of allergies and can get the symptoms you have described when I have been in a friends house who has cats/outside when the grass has been cut/in a dusty environment.

Might be worth trying antihistamines.

Hope you feel better soon smile

MrsKHB Sun 25-Aug-19 02:21:08

Sounds like anxiety OP.
Are you still away? If so, hopefully things will improve when you're back at home.

Breathing is the key to relaxation. Can listen to music or any kind of meditation?

FelixFelicis6 Sun 25-Aug-19 02:25:17

Definitely contact your GP. Have you not sought any medical advice?

BusterGonad Sun 25-Aug-19 02:56:43

Are you back home now or still away?

checkeredredshorts Sun 25-Aug-19 04:30:23

Sounds very much like a panic/anxiety attack.

To me it feels like i can't take a satisfying breath, not gasping for breath but just not getting that fulfilled feeling after breathing in/

I find yawning helps. Mid yawn I can take a good deep breath during an attack. Also deep breath in nose and exhale through mouth.

Sometimes I get like this and there's no obvious reason why.

Perhaps being away from home has triggered it?

3kidsnomore Sun 25-Aug-19 04:41:38

it sounds very much like a panic attack,breath in through your mouth and out through your nose and it should calm down

3kidsnomore Sun 25-Aug-19 04:51:16

Maria53 Sun 25-Aug-19 16:39:45

Thanks folks. Sleeping tablets knocked me out but when I woke I still couldnt breathe properly.

Called NHS and got an appointment. Doc listened to my chest and said she thinks it's an infection. I've been given antibiotics and an inhaler.

I am hoping this works! I did consider panic attack but it is on going and I felt I was panicking due to not being able to breathe properly.

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orangeshoebox Sun 25-Aug-19 16:43:00

I'm glad you saw someone.
I was coming on to say that my asthma sometimes feels like that.
sleeping very upright and using both reliever and steroid inhaler helps me,

BusterGonad Sun 25-Aug-19 18:13:27

Carbon monoxide poisoning?

Maria53 Sun 25-Aug-19 19:10:10

Took an inhaler with a spacer half an hour ago and dont feel a difference sad chest feels as tight as ever. also took 2 antibiotics and hoping it kicks in soon!

Feel so miserable. They asked if I have anxiety and I said not prescribed but have had symptoms previously. Having a gin to cheer me up :')

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bobstersmum Tue 27-Aug-19 20:19:53

How are you today?

justasking111 Tue 27-Aug-19 20:23:11

DH had this led to pleurisy, frightening. Glad you have the antibiotics now.

Maria53 Tue 27-Aug-19 22:07:42

Hi since taking the antibiotics - this is day 2 - I am breathing easier during the day but still struggling at night (also using inhaler with spacer).

I am still feeling constricted and like I wont go back to normal. I have an asthma review next week.

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INeedNewShoes Tue 27-Aug-19 22:59:19

Try sleeping propped up a bit on pillows. That might help a little.

bathorshower Tue 27-Aug-19 23:03:30

Which inhaler do you have? I use a purple one (Seretide) and the improvement in my life over just having a brown one is enormous. When I have a chest infection, I feel like you, but using the inhaler regularly really helps (and does so within an hour).

Maria53 Tue 27-Aug-19 23:37:25

Thanks - I am sleeping propped up in several pillows atm. Helps a little.

bathorshower - they gave me the blue ventolin. I personally don't feel it making much of a difference. Is it meant to be quite effective?

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justasking111 Tue 27-Aug-19 23:43:25

The ventolin is not a preventer I have the seretide for that and the blue one for when I need it with a cold or bad chest. They may look at giving you a preventer when you see the asthma nurse next week.

INeedNewShoes Tue 27-Aug-19 23:45:50

I second the Seretide recommendation. I take Symbicort which is a combination I think of pulmicort (steroid) and Seretide. This medication was a game changer for me. I swan around behaving like a non asthmatic person and if it weren't for taking the inhaler twice a day would forget entirely that I'm asthmatic!

katewhinesalot Tue 27-Aug-19 23:47:58

Are you still away from home?
It could be an allergy as a pp suggested. Perhaps animal related.

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