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Mirena coil users poll: good experiences as well as bad please

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GiraffeGotTheLastRoomInTheInn Thu 07-Dec-06 00:33:32

I have been thinking sbout having one of these fitted and am a bit worried by the amount of stuff I am reading on here.

However, am wondering if this might not be representative of all the Mirena users (eg only the ones having probs post about it).

So if you use the Mirena coil, could you just post quickly to say good or bad, and I can get a better idea of what the true picture is.

Furball Thu 07-Dec-06 07:03:39

never mind good - fan bloody tastic is my opinion. But them I am slightly biased as I haven't had a period for 5 years!

mrsSnoah Thu 07-Dec-06 07:50:38

Dont have one but friend is recovering from perforated womb and subsequent infection from this so BAD

brightwell Thu 07-Dec-06 09:03:27

I'm now on my 2nd mirena IUD, apart from the discomfort of having it inserted, absolutely no problems, either very light or no periods for just over 5 years.

satine Thu 07-Dec-06 09:06:37

No probs at all with mine, other than decreased sex drive, but that could well be due to other reasons, I'm not sure. But I'm loathe to have it removed as I can't think of another type of contraception that is so easy and hassle free.

Cadeauxmum Thu 07-Dec-06 09:10:00

My friend needed to stay in hospital for an additional couple of days following the birth of their baby because they coudn't locate her coil... Needless to say the baby was a BIG OOPS and the worry during the pregnancy and the days that followed about the coil's whereabouts were rather stressful. Her dd (now 6 months) is much loved and perfectly healthy and they did eventually surgically remove the coil from my friend's womb. She is now on the mini-pill and would not consider the coil again.

wrappingpaperBOwZZAndribbons Thu 07-Dec-06 09:28:11

I had one in and it disappeared. It is believed that I must have flushed it down the toilet. I had scans (including an internal one) and an x-ray and it didn't appear on them. I attempted to have another but my GP couldn't manage to insert that one - apparently I have an anterior womb and a long cervix. So I wonder if she never inserted the first one properly, although I had a lot of bleeding afterwards so think it must have gone in to trigger that.

I do have a friend though who regards hers as the best invention ever and never has periods. And prior to that she was under a gynae regarding her periods. Also she says that her gynae claims that since the advent of the mirena his case load has gone down loads.

DingdongMegaLegsonhigh Thu 07-Dec-06 09:39:29

Love mine, have had it for just over a year and no periods (although I must admit to mooncup envy). Tend to have one moody,tearful day each month (twas yesterday)but otherwise have been fine with it.

Dophus Thu 07-Dec-06 10:11:45

Had one following DS1. I found it extremely painful when having it fitting.

no periods
no hassle contraception
no problems whatsoever
On removal I conceived again straight away.

Possible decrease sex drive (but could have been other factors e.g. bf, tiredness)
Possible increase diffiuclty losing weight (again not necessarily due to Mirena)

I will probably have one fitted again after the next one is born. Previously I had in depo injections - horrid. It took over a year for my periods to return.

LIZS Thu 07-Dec-06 10:26:23

I'm also on my second fitted 2 weeks ago. Fewer, lighter periods and minimal contraception worries are the biggest pluses. It seems odd at first not having a regular period and losing track of the cycle. Whilst my skin may have got worse initially last time it much improved and have had headaches from time to time. Like Dophus I have put on weight and am perhaps less energetic than I once was but then I am 5 years older, have 2 kids and my lifestyle has changed. Fitting was uncomfortable (clip on the cervix anyone !)but actually not as bad this time as I'd remembered from last.

wrappingpaperBOwZZAndribbons Thu 07-Dec-06 10:28:29

I get so when I read all these success stories.

GiraffeGotTheLastRoomInTheInn Thu 07-Dec-06 10:31:21

LOL at mooncup envy!

Yes, was wondering if the mooncup would become defunct.

Not sure it can be considered a con though!

foxinsocks Thu 07-Dec-06 10:32:41


(won't post whole story because if you've read the mirena threads, you've probably seen my posts!)

HowTheFillyjonkStoleChristmas Thu 07-Dec-06 10:35:26



in that I got ds out of it...

Celery Thu 07-Dec-06 10:37:01

I like mine, I think. It's a little too early to tell. I've had it in for 7 months. It didn't hurt when it was put in, then I had cramps for a week and a three week bleed, and then nothing since.

I think maybe my sex drive is effected a little, but certainly not as much as when I was on the pill - I mean, I still want to "do it" so my libido is still there, I just don't have that "horny week" you get when you're not on any hormonal contraception, if you know what I mean!

Time will tell on that though, because I'm knackered anyway. Undecided on the weight issue too - I'm not losing weight, but then I'm not trying particularly hard either.

I don't love it, but it's certainly not having any major bad effects on me, and the pro's outway the cons for the time being.

Sugarmagnolia Thu 07-Dec-06 13:45:43

Had one for a few months but didnt' get on with it. Bad skin, swelling in my hands and thrush-like irritation. I have a friend who has had one for 2 1/2 years now and loves it - hardly ever gets a period - but it does effect her skin AND she is on ADs which may or may not be linked to the mirena. She was never on them before and only started to need them about 6 months after getting the coil fitted. She's not convinced there's a connection but I'm not convinced there's NOT a connection if you knwo what I mean. Hope that's not too confusing!

lulumama Thu 07-Dec-06 13:51:46

love it........periods virtually stopped....was going to buy a mooncup, but last two periods have been 24 hours and sooooooooooo light.....only downside for me is my skin is more prone to breakouts than when i was on the pill

but for me, don;t want any more children , i am too young to be sterilised, as is DH, nothing to remember to take , strong family history of DVT..this was the absolute best option.......has it for 14 months now and am very pleased.....

GiraffeGotTheLastRoomInTheInn Sat 09-Dec-06 14:26:44

Thank you for these experiences, girls.

BuffysMum Sat 09-Dec-06 14:53:22

Def pros & cons

Minimal bleeding with periods (previously having to take medication for them & kept getting anaemic)
Weight loss (ie def no wieght can unlike with depo)
Highly reliable

Have been moody but don't know if that is down to coil
low sex drive - but usually like this anyway.

As someone who is not quite ready to be sterilsed then it's a good all round solution. Got it fitted at family planning clinic when dd4 was 5 weeks old and it didn't hurt at all.

christmosschops30 Sat 09-Dec-06 15:16:43

I've loved mine, its not caused me any problems

pros: nothing to remember
no periods
have lost lots of weight (not sure if thats related though)

cons: no sex drive
get period pain type backache a lot

GiraffeGotTheLastRoomInTheInn Sat 09-Dec-06 15:22:04

Ah- good to know not everyone seems to have weight gain.

GiraffeGotTheLastRoomInTheInn Sat 09-Dec-06 15:22:04

Ah- good to know not everyone seems to have weight gain.

Soupey Fri 09-Mar-07 12:53:13

Hi had coil fitted a year ago, really good has levelled out my pmt, I feel more in control of my life, only spotting and lower backache. Yes it has affected my sex drive i can only cope with sex every 2 weeks.
My husband has said if i have it removed he will leave me as my pmt was dreadful before!

BellaLasagne Sat 08-Sep-07 08:30:33

Could anyone add recent experiences here as my GP has recommended that I have one to help with heavy AF?

Like the OP, I've searched all relevant threads on MN and there seem to be a lot of people who have posted about bad experiences with it, so I need to balance those views against those who would recommend it, who tend not to post on these threads.

Thanks smile

cluelessnchaos Sat 08-Sep-07 08:51:31

I am on my third coil, only positive experiences

No Periods at all, have had 2 babies on the pill so def the best option for me, no noticable weight gain/hair loss/spots

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