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supakids Wed 17-May-06 11:54:41

I was cajoled into entering the Race for Life which of course I have no problem with. EXCEPT most of my family havent sponsored me and my dh who was going to put it round his place of work hasnt managed to get permission to do so.

I was just hoping [grin} mumsnetters would give me a hand. Mmmmm I got to thinking if everyone on mnet sponsored just a £1 each it would make a respectable sum to hand over. Pleeeeeeeeeeease

supakids Wed 17-May-06 11:58:21

I will try that link again here

supakids Wed 17-May-06 12:51:13

unashamed bump

Riddo Wed 17-May-06 13:17:23

Done it!

supakids Wed 17-May-06 13:24:19

Ahh thankyou Riddo,<on my knees bowing to you>

supakids Wed 17-May-06 13:39:45

bump again ( i think their can only be a couple of us on the site at the mo) Other than that their all as tight as my knicker elastic. May give it a bump tonight too.

Riddo Wed 17-May-06 13:50:07

I'm sure you'll have more luck tonight. Hope the run goes well.

supakids Wed 17-May-06 21:25:49


supakids Wed 17-May-06 21:34:19

I aint begging anymore

supakids Wed 17-May-06 21:37:33

whistles whilst looking up to the sky and tapping foot.

Chloe55 Wed 17-May-06 21:41:15

I will sponsor you tomorrow - dh has my bank card tonight

supakids Wed 17-May-06 21:43:05

Ahh bless you Chloe55

supakids Wed 17-May-06 21:46:12

Am I driving you all mad yet? Never let it be said im not a tryer!!!!

LadySherlockofLGJ Wed 17-May-06 21:48:28

Not bad for a site that has gone down hill.

Esmummy Wed 17-May-06 21:48:36

I have done it too Supakids. Good Luck

supakids Wed 17-May-06 21:50:01

Thanks Sherlock, do you know how hard it is bumping all day

LadySherlockofLGJ Wed 17-May-06 21:50:21

Just to Clarify

supakids Wed 17-May-06 21:50:38

Thanks Esmummy, eternally grateful.

LadySherlockofLGJ Wed 17-May-06 21:51:55

Think you have a cheek TBH, you posted slagging off MN the other night and now you want our support ?? LGJ wanders off very, very, confused.

supakids Wed 17-May-06 21:55:08

Well Sherlock it just goes to show that I am not all bad eh! Many have relied on mnetters to help with charitable events in the past but maybe you were not one of them. Thanks for your support all the same.

supakids Wed 17-May-06 21:56:45

that you hijack my thread and that you must be so evil to detract away from a good cause with this petty minded intervention.

cod Wed 17-May-06 21:58:34

Message withdrawn

cod Wed 17-May-06 21:59:34

Message withdrawn

LadySherlockofLGJ Wed 17-May-06 21:59:50

Oh you would be surprised who I have supported on this board, both by sponsorship and sums of money to bank accounts when needed, no names, no pack drill.

It is a bit much to slag of MN on Monday, and ask for money on Wednesday, IMO.

supakids Wed 17-May-06 22:03:11

The money isnt for me is it? its to help cancer research and suffers.

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