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Crappy Lawn Club, trash your turf!

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gscrym Fri 25-Feb-05 15:51:52

There seems to be a few questions about this on the site over the past little while. Seeing as the 3.5 hours of spring and summer will be upon us soon, I need all the help I can get. I've just de-pooped the remaining blades of grass and I'm ready to ban the dog from the garden.

I have very bald patches and it's very swampy out there. When can I start to fix it.

Mirage Fri 25-Feb-05 21:31:03

March onwards is the best time to sow lawn seed.As for the swampyness,is it always like that or just this time of year?Does the wet bit have a lot of moss growing on it?

I'll get my 'lawn expert' book out & see what it advises.

AuntyQuated Fri 25-Feb-05 21:37:20

here is the cure to all lawns

worth every single penny

we ahve a lot of grass and it's about £25 per season. we used to have soggy moss in 95% of the garden now we have lush lawns in 98%

Anteater Sat 26-Feb-05 16:59:25

Try leaving a little more length to your grass. If you have moss potassium sulphate wil kill it and tend to bring on the grass

mrsflowerpot Sat 26-Feb-05 17:04:07

that looks interesting, AuntyQuated - our lawn is a total mess of moss (shady garden). How often did you have them out before you saw a difference?

AuntyQuated Sat 26-Feb-05 17:31:09

we saw a difference after one treatment
the big down side is that grass grows quicker and thicker than moss but is much softer on the feet

mrsflowerpot Sat 26-Feb-05 17:32:57

Sounds fab, and even better if we don't have to do it ourselves... think I may get them out to us.

AuntyQuated Sat 26-Feb-05 17:40:50

they come and do a free survey to see what you need, and they seemed pretty honest.

we thought ours was horrendous but they said not and that we needed only the bacic treatment

the stuff they use doesn't need watreing in, is fine for the kids and they come regularly, you don't have to remember to book them.

deegward Sat 26-Feb-05 18:28:20

I have requested them to contact me, our lawn is covered in worm casts and I will be interested to know if they can do anything.

Issymum Sun 27-Feb-05 15:48:53

Another vote for Greenthumb. We have quite a lot of lawn and I'm reasonably convinced that it wouldn't cost us much less if we bought the fertilisers etc. and did it ourselves. After a year of treatments the lawn is looking much much better.

hub2dee Mon 28-Feb-05 22:50:33

deegward, will you post any comment on worm casts ? I'd be interested in their (and anyone else's) advice. Thanks.

pedilia Mon 28-Feb-05 22:55:30

thanks aunty quated i am waiting for them to contact me.

expatkat Mon 28-Feb-05 23:02:47

Our lawn is crap too. In fact, when we first moved in to our house, I said to the neighbors, who had a fab, lush, rug-like lawn, "You guys are proof that the grass IS greener on the other side." But soon the neighbours' lawn went crap too, as that's the way in our shady, poorly-drained neighbourhood of gardens. I found it more effective to change my attitude, not the lawn. I do sympathize, though!

AuntyQuated Tue 01-Mar-05 13:49:55

oh, i ought to get commission!
epatkat - our back lawn is exactly as you describe plus under an umbrella of trees ...but now lush lawns.
are yoy expat here or expat abroad? give them a ring

gscrym Sun 13-Mar-05 16:22:02

I've just raked out the burnt bits and re-seeded using that Canada Green stuff. Have I done this too early? It's just it was sunny and DS was having a snooze. I'm also going to try the tablets to stop bitch wee burning out on the dog.

SoupDragon Sun 13-Mar-05 16:28:18

Pa! They're not in our area. Our lawn is a disgrace!

CountessDracula Sun 13-Mar-05 17:11:12

gscrym we had this problem too.

Last week 3 nice men came and paved our garden with indian sandstone I am so happy, no more grass!

Anyone want to buy a small flymo? Only used twice

Cod Sun 13-Mar-05 17:34:42

Message withdrawn

gscrym Sun 13-Mar-05 17:46:54

I did suggest having paved with some of that soft playground foam stuff for DS but DH wants grass. Doesn't like the idea of the little guy playing in the garden and getting loads of skint knees.

CountessDracula Sun 13-Mar-05 20:08:35

Yeah but Cod you don't have (a) a garden the size of a postage stamp and (b) a big dog who wees on the lawn and trashes it and makes it unhygenic.

Believe me this is the best way

Astroturf is available to be rolled out as required

hatsoff Thu 17-Mar-05 18:51:06

so, if you fancy yourself as a gardener (but one with 2 small kids and not much more than no time) is Auntyquated's idea admitting defeat? Lawn care bores me really - give me a pair of secatuers rather than a rake ANYDAY. But getting someone else in seems a bit defeatist...maybe if I just don;t tell anyone...

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