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How do I cook a stirfry?

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hughjarssss Mon 01-Sep-08 15:42:36

I know its just veg and meat sauted in a pan but what sauces do you use and has anyone got any tips?

DrNortherner Mon 01-Sep-08 15:44:20

I normally chuck my meat/fish in then my veg than my noodles.

You can buy stir fry seasoning of all different varieties.

I always chuck a load of soy sauce in too.


lucysmam Mon 01-Sep-08 15:45:53

you can buy sachets of sauce for stir fry for about 37p, think they're 'blue dragon'. just as yummy without though with soy sauce

Carmenere Mon 01-Sep-08 15:45:54

What I do it cut everything to the same size and usually into quite thin strips. Use a LARGE wok or pan over a very high heat and stir-fry the meat first, then add the veg and then what ever sauce you want. I usually marinade the meat/chicken/fish first and then throw in the marinade as a sauce. a squeeze of fresh lime generally improves almost any stir-fry.

hughjarssss Mon 01-Sep-08 15:47:27

Does having a wok make a lot of difference?

abbieslife Mon 01-Sep-08 15:57:08

I use sesame oil to cook in. Flavour with soy sauce, thai seven spice, cumin, paprika and a tiny bit of chilli powder, or lazy chillies from a jar. Teaspoon of rice vinegar too if you have it.Lovely with chicken, bacon, mange tout, baby corn and straight to wok noodles.
Very quick and easy dinner!

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Mon 01-Sep-08 16:02:29

i use blue dragon black bean or terriyaki sauce in mine. yum.

i do chicken with noodles, beansprouts, peppers, muchrooms and baby corn.

Carmenere Mon 01-Sep-08 16:03:33

I think having a wok makes it easier but it is not essential

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Mon 01-Sep-08 16:05:20

oh no if you dont have a wok just use a saucepan. if you use a frying pan all the ingrediants will fall over the sides while you are stirring it. i have done stir fry in sauce pans loads of times. dh keeps throwing out the woks when they go a bit black <they are meant to go a bit black adds to the flavour>

hughjarssss Mon 01-Sep-08 16:11:47

Fab! Thanks everyone. Some really good tips!

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