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Quick dinner - what to make with gnocchi?

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BunnytheBee Wed 11-Mar-20 17:42:26


I haven’t taken any meat out of the freezer but I have gnocchi, some veg, mature cheddar cheese, Parmesan, pesto...

as well as some basics like garlic, tinned tomatoes, tuna, beans...

I have other things but listing what might go with gnocchi

Any ideas?

DH doesn’t usually like veg only meals and isn’t keen or tomato sauces

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user1483387154 Wed 11-Mar-20 17:44:37

not very healthy but I loved boiled gnocci with butter and parmesan

BunnytheBee Wed 11-Mar-20 17:46:44

Sounds delicious

I think “healthy” has gone out of the window today!

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NCParanoia Wed 11-Mar-20 17:46:51

I'd go with cheesy peas. Just make the gnocchi, save some of the cooking water in the pan with the gnocchi and lob in a load of frozen peas. Mix and add in a hunk of butter and a heap of parmesan. Salt and pepper. Delish!

BunnytheBee Wed 11-Mar-20 17:47:34

DH would want something with it though

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BunnytheBee Wed 11-Mar-20 17:48:30

I'd go with cheesy peas

Ooh never done that. Think I’ve got tinned peas.

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BunnytheBee Wed 11-Mar-20 17:52:44


Found a cauliflower and gnocchi recipe

We like cauliflower and macaroni cheese so maybe 🤔

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AliceThroughTheLookingGlass Wed 11-Mar-20 17:55:19

Have you tried roasting gnocchi before? It's a favourite in this house.

Oven at 230C, toss the gnocchi in light olive oil (melted butter would also work) add a selection of vegetables (we usually have peppers, courgette, baby tomatoes and onion, or sweet potato, beetroot, carrot and onion, but other veg mixes would work) season with herbs (I use Italian seasoning), salt and pepper and roast for 30 min stirring once.

Don't overfill the roasting tin or the gnocchi ends up soggy. You want the gnocchi to be golden brown and crispy on the outside.

BunnytheBee Wed 11-Mar-20 17:58:13

I’ve boiled and shallow fried but never roasted it

Sounds like it could give a crispy finish like frying

Thanks for the replies

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TenToTheDozen Wed 11-Mar-20 18:17:49

I like making a sauce with tuna, tomatoes and garlic. Ideally with some onions too if you have them. Mix with the gnocchi and then add grated parmesan. Bon apetit! :-)

BunnytheBee Wed 11-Mar-20 18:31:50

Oh I have onions! 🧅

My pantry really isn’t as bare as I’ve made it sound. The main issue was that I don’t have meat (other than frozen) and DH doesn’t usually view something as a meal if it doesn’t have meat in it

But tonight he will have to eat what he is given, unless he wants to cook!👨‍🍳

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