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What makes lasagne sauce taste sweet?

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mynameiswah Thu 09-Jan-20 21:02:21

When I make it it doesn't ever have that 'sweet' flavour I get in restaurants and bought lasagnes - what is it that they use? Marinara sauce or something? I've looked at recipes online and I just can't see anything specific... They usually just say tomato sauce.. and white sauce with milk.. is it the right combination of the two that creates that sweetness? Just curious!

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YourOpinionIsNoted Thu 09-Jan-20 21:03:20


Redshoeblueshoe Thu 09-Jan-20 21:04:07

Put a bit of sugar in your tomato sauce, delicious

Mum2jenny Thu 09-Jan-20 21:04:14

Sugar definitely.

SisterAgatha Thu 09-Jan-20 21:04:41

They add sugar. Most tomato recipes call for sugar. Even if personally you do not add it, a lot of chefs will.

INeedNewShoes Thu 09-Jan-20 21:05:13

Time! You want the tomato sauce to simmer very gently for a minimum of 1.5 hours before you even assemble the lasagne.

Loopyloopy1 Thu 09-Jan-20 21:05:46

Yep, sugar when making the tomato sauce!

Or you could add balsamic vinegar?

TheHumansAreDefinitelyDead Thu 09-Jan-20 21:05:59

Sugar! A jar of Dolmio sauce contains 5 or 6 spoons of sugar grin

How come you did not know? grin

slipperywhensparticus Thu 09-Jan-20 21:06:58

Brown sugar x1 spoon or white x2

CheddarGorgeous Thu 09-Jan-20 21:07:55

They add sugar! Ingredients for Dolmio lasagne sauce:

Tomatoes (76%), Tomato Paste (15%), Modified Maize Starch, Onion, Sugar, Salt, Basil (0.4%), Garlic, Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid), Herb, Parsley, Spices

mynameiswah Thu 09-Jan-20 21:08:17

Really?! As simple as that? grin There's me thinking there's a specific type of Italian sauce that I didn't know about!

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Thekindyoufindinasecondhand Thu 09-Jan-20 21:08:45

I always add 2 sweeteners to any tomato based sauce. Adds a sweetness and no more calories.

(Yes I know sweetener is full of lots of chemicals blush)

mynameiswah Thu 09-Jan-20 21:09:40

I don't use Dolmio, I was making my own up with tinned tomato, herbs, vinegar etc. I guess I need to make it more tasty!

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AmazingGreats Thu 09-Jan-20 21:09:46

Yes a spoonful of sugar or two
The quality of tomatoes helps a lot too, and adding some tomato purée and/or letting the tomatoes cook for a long time

AnuvvaMuvva Thu 09-Jan-20 21:26:02

@mynameiswah You're adding vinegar to your tomato sauces? Why?

MrsMoastyToasty Thu 09-Jan-20 21:33:09

Heinz tomato ketchup (the regular one). About a tablespoon full.

eurochick Thu 09-Jan-20 21:33:32

Sugar and skip the vinegarshock

Mum2jenny Thu 09-Jan-20 22:11:17

If doing it from scratch, you need sugar to balance the acidity from the tomatoes. It doesn’t need to be much, but a pinch of sugar makes a difference.

doodlejump1980 Thu 09-Jan-20 22:12:54

I was going to say nutmeg in the white sauce.

Palavah Thu 09-Jan-20 22:43:52

Sugar, plus cooking the tomatoes long + slow enough to reduce down and release their natural sugar. Plus salt to bring it out...

Palavah Thu 09-Jan-20 22:44:47

Balsamic vinegar works but you need to let the acidity cook off.

SingingMyOwnSpecialSong Thu 09-Jan-20 22:45:29

I put a little bit of treacle in mine, half a tsp. Gives it a nice deep colour too.

Fortheloveofscience Thu 09-Jan-20 22:45:29

I was going to say nutmeg in the white sauce.

Me too!

SwedishEdith Thu 09-Jan-20 22:46:48

I add a dollop of redcurrant jelly.

notapizzaeater Thu 09-Jan-20 22:48:56

Me three

I was going to say nutmeg in the white sauce.

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