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Does this sound like a mad recipe?

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tobee Sat 09-Nov-19 20:39:34

Dh needs to eat more vegetarian food at the moment so I've been enjoying myself inventing Sunday lunch vegetarian options (I love cooking!)

Does this sound a terrible idea:- tomatoey Mediterranean roasted veg with a puff pastry topping served with a jug of cheese sauce like you would serve gravy?

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PurpleDaisies Sat 09-Nov-19 20:43:05

It sounds a bit odd. Are you serving it with anything else?

What’s the reason for needing to eat more vegetarian food? If it’s health, that doesn’t sound like a healthy option.

Bloodybridget Sat 09-Nov-19 20:45:49

It sounds horrible to me. Why the cheese sauce?

CatUnderTheStairs Sat 09-Nov-19 20:46:34

I think I’d rather have a puff pastry tart with roasted veg or med veg in baked cheese sauce...

But it would probably be tasty.

moreismore Sat 09-Nov-19 20:46:41

I think the cheese sauce is redundant and I’d be inclined to make the puff pastry the base and add eg goats cheese on top instead

tobee Sat 09-Nov-19 21:04:49

Ok thanks for the answers! I was suspicious because there was nothing similar in recipes I googled!!

Dh did a trying to cut down on creatinine at the moment, so it's not for reasons of fat etc. He's underweight. He has lots of diet restrictions atm and I'm trying to use this to inspire me rather than be defeated.

I was just concerned about the veg drying out a bit so thought of cheese sauce.


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tobee Sat 09-Nov-19 21:05:38

*Dh is trying to

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PurpleDaisies Sat 09-Nov-19 21:06:19

If the veg are in a tomato sauce, they won’t dry out.

tobee Sat 09-Nov-19 21:07:26

I was going to accompany it with green salad

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tobee Sat 09-Nov-19 21:11:57

I hope the won't Purple but in the past when I've done similar it's either been too watery or too dry blushsad

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Ginfordinner Sat 09-Nov-19 21:18:43

Roasted vegetable tart with crumbled cheese on top?

HobbyIsCodeForDogging Sat 09-Nov-19 21:29:58

It sounds horrible, sorry. I agree the cheese sauce is redundant and I'd probably bypass the pastry too. Maybe if you share the dietary restrictions you can get some good suggestions?

charactersonclothesaretrashy Sat 09-Nov-19 21:35:17

Sounds awful op.
I mean, a jug of cheese sauce with pastry and tomatoes?thlhmm

Think of the constipation.

WhoKnewBeefStew Sat 09-Nov-19 21:43:34

I often roast a load of veg then puree it with tinned tomatoes, herbs and garlic etc then freeze, makes for a really healthy (sometimes 5 a day) Bolognaise/tomato sauce. This can go with meat or a veggie substitute

tobee Sat 09-Nov-19 22:08:12

@charactersonclothesaretrashy grin

Thanks for all the answers. Looks like it's lucky it's just in my head at the moment!!!

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AdaColeman Sat 09-Nov-19 22:26:08

I agree with pp that the pastry topping plus the cheese sauce isn't a good idea, but a roast vegetable tart would work. Roll out puff pastry and cover with cooked vegetables and blobs of mozzarella, bake in a hot oven.

Or if you made ratatouille you could put it individual pie dishes and top with cheese sauce and bake like a gratin, as you would a cauliflower cheese.

tobee Sun 10-Nov-19 00:00:00

@AdaColeman, and anyone else, would you blind bake the pastry first?

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CatUnderTheStairs Sun 10-Nov-19 05:24:38

You could make a quiche with roasted veg and cheese::::

HeronLanyon Sun 10-Nov-19 05:33:08

If you keep the veg part as dry as poss then no need to blind bake - would avoid courgette/mushroom or too much wet tomato. Blind bake if veg mix is wetter.
Agree the cheese sauce sounds odd and agree simply to put mozzarella or grated Parmesan on top of tart/tartlets. You could do a white sauce/cheese sauce for the veg part of the tart and then a chunky/spicy tomato ‘salsa’ type sauce - for some reason that way around sounds better.
Easiest of all simply to do puff pastry tarts with the square of pastry below and cheese on top. Or puff with eg asparagus/broccoli and a cheese sauce.
Good luck op.

tobee Sun 10-Nov-19 12:28:08

Ooh these sound like lovely suggestions, thanks! Now what to

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AdaColeman Sun 10-Nov-19 15:51:40

If you're making a puff pastry tart with roasted vegetables and slices of cheese, no need to bake blind. Just assemble and bake.

AdaColeman Sun 10-Nov-19 15:57:24

Look on the BBC website Food section for lots of ideas for puff pastry tart, or Mediterranean puff pastry tart, they will give you help for timings etc.

ErrolTheDragon Sun 10-Nov-19 16:10:45

If he really likes cheese sauce, then roasted med. veg lasagne would be good.

MyGhastIsFlabbered Sun 10-Nov-19 18:02:04

What about a vegetable wellington? Would go well with gravy if doing traditional roast trimmings

tobee Sun 10-Nov-19 18:17:28

Thanks for all these ideas. I'm going to save these suggestions.

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